Thursday, July 11, 2019

Video: "Mamawawa" by Jimbo

Let's talk about some friends from the Great White North. Let's be honest, there's absolutely no nation on this Earth that's better than Canada.

They gave us ice hockey, skunky lagers, and toques. What they didn't know is that we're Americans and when you lend us something, we take it re-purpose it, call it our own, and then pretend like you didn't have a damned thing to do with it.

Also, the St. Louis Blues beat the Winnipeg Jets...the team most pundits were picking for the Stanley Cup.


While we're all still getting chills about the Stanley Cup here in The Lou, maybe you've heard Gloria one too many times because you're not in St. Louis.

Maybe you need some Proto-Post-Alterna-Grunge from Kingston, Ontario. If that's the case and you like your music a bit on the political side, Jimbo has a track you should hear.

Also, they've got a new EP coming out this month. Keep an eye on their BANDCAMP for the info.

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