Wednesday, July 10, 2019

DLP Review: "Our Riches" by Under A Full Moon

Our Riches
Do you ever go through a period where a certain kind of metal really catches you and without even realizing it...there are about 15 different Funeral Doom Metal records in the pile?

Certainly I'm not the only one right?

If you ask me, and you kind of did, we're presently talking about the most underrated subgenre in Heavy Metal.

Music falls into two major categories for me: background or foreground noise. Funeral Doom Metal is the only genre of music that allows you both options!

So there's that.

Today's subject, Under A Full Moon, is a side hustle from Evan of FVRLVRN and producer/soundsmith extraordinaire Gjøran. Both of them aren't precisely known for this kind of music. So, it's nice to see another side.

As for this record. This is the best band I've heard since UN fucked up my world. Our Riches is a bleak wasteland of morbid depravity. This record will crush your soul and possible suck out your will to live.

As it should.

Release 7/12/19 BANDCAMP FACEBOOK 

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