Thursday, February 23, 2017

Artist Playlist: Escape Is Not Freedom

Alice in Chains - "Junkhead"

Early Alice In Chains had the perfect combination of heavy and melody. This song encapsulates that really well. It's also a great example of how talented of a vocalist Layne Staley really was.


Soungarden - "Room a Thousand Years Wide" - "This song captures everything that was so great about the Seattle sound of the early 90's. Thoughtful lyrics with a heavy, straightforward catchy riff."

Hammerhead - "The Starline Locomotive" - "Hammerhead is one of those 90's bands that took the Amrep/Noise sound and created something totally new that was never done before or since. This is a great song and album that takes me back to a simpler time and the drummer is fantastic."

Song of Zarathustra - "Mess of Zero" - "This album and especially this song is one of my go to listens for when I'm feeling anxious and just want that extra boost of confidence. The guitar tone and energy of the song are simply awesome. Song of Zarathustra is one of my favorite bands."

Rabies Caste - "Got It From Blake" - "What I love about this song is it's heavy as all hell and it's not necessarily metal. Catchy riffs, tight drumming and angry vocals, what else can you ask for?"

The Big Sleep - "Pinkies" - "The melody of the vocals coupled with fuzzy guitars is something that always grabbed my attention. The hooks in this song are undeniable and really draws an emotion. That is the sign of any good art when it draws you in and takes you to another place."

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