Wednesday, February 8, 2017

EP Review: "Spellcaster EP" by Witchapter

Spellcaster EP
A long time ago, I wasn't cool and had very few friends.

That was pretty much how it was for me every semester in school. Until Fourth Grade, never did I attend the same school for two consecutive years and just for a semester was pretty common.

All of that upheaval though created something in me that has served me well lo these great many years.

It's really uncertain when your friend and humble narrator grew into his own skin. Until that point, putting on airs, finding ways to fit in, and doing so were rather important to me. Yes, my friends, it was once of great importance to fit in, to make friends, and to be something other than I was.

Because, when you're constantly the new kid in school, you just want to have at least one friend out there....

Once in awhile a doom metal band comes along that's so unique and so different...


These days, finding music that treads new ground is the most exciting thing out there to me.

Where Witchapter succeeds on that score, even in just a mere twenty minutes, is that they do not have a set system in place yet.

These Angol newcomers have given us three songs that have very little in common with each other.

There's a riffing rocker, a brittle epic, and just ground out doom metal. Music like this is best played in a sweaty basement or by candlelight.

Spellcaster EP... I've been spinning this thing for the last three days before I could put pen to paper to tell  you about it. It didn't immediately transport me, but it was always intriguing and good.

This is their first impression on the world. 

Fans of any style of doom or stoner metal fans are going to be a bit bedeviled upon first listen, but Spellcaster has that indescribable feeling that will bring you back again and again.

Give them forty minutes and they might be able to change the world.

Release: 4/7/17
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Black Bow Records
Formats: CD/Digital
No Social Media 

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