Friday, February 17, 2017

LP Review: "Altars of Devotion" by Harvest Gulgaltha

Altars of Devotion
One of my many maladies is insomnia. It's nothing new and has been treating me to sleepless nights and drowsy days for the past 25 years or so.

Thankfully, my insomnia is mild and rarely are entire nights lost to me, but you know how if you need to wake up early in the morning, you just turn in earlier?

I can't do that.

So, when it's time to turn in, emptiness of mind is what I seek. When my eyes close, my brain starts to work. This way, that way, thinking about that person who unfriended me on Facebook or this or that.

Rarely is it anything important, but this is why I read for a minimum of sixty minutes each night before going to sleep. There's often a record playing in the background too. It gives my mind that relaxing moment it needs to shut off before sleep.

Harvest Gulgaltha
Typically this information is stricken from the record, but it took about 35 emails to find an album I wanted to review today.

The tides of metal are often, shall we say, similar and monolithic. There were a great many albums today that were left in the wake because they were too busy.

Harvest Gulgaltha's record has some deeply heavy stuff, but it also has the space that my mind often needs.

One doesn't always need 500 words to make your point and your drummer doesn't need 500 blastbeats in each verse to make his. In metal, if you can make truth out of less is more, well, you're half of the way there.  Harvest Gulgaltha has an interesting take on black metal or is this death metal? It's getting hard to tell the difference anymore.

It's heavy. It's dirty. It's dark.

What this album lacks in virtuosity, it makes up for in song craft. Apart from a bit of dissonant melody lines, there's no real soloing here.

Altars of Devotion is the closest thing to The Book of Five Rings that the world of metal has ever created. At times there is no mind and at others, there is too many mind.

Allow Harvest Gulgaltha to take you somewhere, It may turn out that you need it just as much as me.

Release: 3/15/17
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Nuclear War Now!
Format: LP/CD/Digital

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