Thursday, February 9, 2017

Interview: Stormie Wakefield of Season of Arrows

Stormie Wakefield second from left.
The music that's been catching my ears lately has been large swaths of doom metal.

We appear to be in the middle of a spectacular renaissance for the genre.

Black Sabbath surely started it, but the certainly did not perfect it.

Their debut album was an absolute masterpiece pressed onto translucent blue vinyl, which may have well been outshined by their follow up, Give It To The Mountain which is due out next month on Argonauta Records.

Glacially Musical: Thank you for taking some time for me today.

I also want to specifically thank you for being in metal.

 My daughter wants to be a rock star and she needs heroes she can look up to and she loves your music.

Stormie Wakefield: Let me just say that's awesome about your daughter. We need more female rockers!

GM: Let's start at the beginning I suppose. What did the name Season of Arrows come from?

SW:  Our guitarist, Brandon, came up with the name. He is a very creative colorful person. He's is a D&D fantasy nerd and it fits the way our lyrics and music sound.

GM: There's been a definite theme with the two album covers. Tell me about the woman on the front. 

SW: Brandon's cousin, as well as our bass player's brother, Scott Van Dusen was the artist of the woman. Brandon gave his ideas of what the cover should look like and let Scott run with it. She changes a bit with the second album, but then so does our music.

GM: Tell me how Give It To The Mountain differs from your debut LP?

SW: On the second album we slowed down a bit and waded deeper into the water. We immersed ourselves into darker territory with darker themes.

GM: Is there any possibility of a vinyl release of Give It To The Mountain?

SW: That is in the works. We are hoping to have it ready by the release date of March 24th, if not, soon after.

GM: How have your albums been written?

SW: It's a basic collective of ideas that form a common goal. There is not just one way, but many. I don't mean to be vague here, but we try so many different methods to not try to sound the same or stale. We are trying to reach new ground with each creation at the same time keeping the "Season Of Arrows" sound.

GM: When you guys gave me a top ten of 2016, I got a top 25 instead. Is that your statement on where music is?

SW: Yes it is. There are just so many good artists to choose from and this seems like a great time for heavy music right now. We all just like a lot of stuff that is going on out there. We try to cover everyone's likes.

GM: What are the five most important albums of all time?

SW: Man, that's a hard one. It's kind of like the question of which five records would you take to a desert island. I love almost all of Led Zeppelin, so just pick one. The drugged out years of the Beatles. Give me Nothing's Shocking and Ritual De Lo Habitual from Jane's Addiction. Give me a late 70's era Heart record and The Lion and the Cobra from Sinead O'Connor and I am good to go. 

GM: When will we be getting tour plans?

SW: That's something we are working on right now for the fall, but we will let everyone know when we have the details about that.

GM: What did I forget to ask that we all need to know?

SW: What's my favorite color? Green

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