Wednesday, August 17, 2016

LP Review: "Give It To The Mountain" by Season of Arrows

Give It To The Mountain
The right music at the right time is a mantra to live by.

Today shook me up a bit and it's going to take some time to come back from that ledge. I will not elaborate, but I'll explain that myself, my loved ones, and our lives are not in any danger of any kind.

So, when choosing what to spin for a review, something new was needed. Something we've not all heard before.

But more than that, it had to match my mood. Trying to listen to old school Death/Grind was not what was going to get the job done today.

Then we could easily talk about the me too-ness of brutal death metal, which also didn't work. In laymen's terms, today I just needed some cold gin. Give It To The Mountain was just what the Doctor (Love) ordered today.

Season of Arrows
All Kiss references aside, because Season of Arrows has naught to do with the men in spandex.

Seriously nothing, except that Give It To The Mountain is the polar opposite of anything Kiss has done, save Music From The Elder.

The vocals start off buried in the mix, but as the album carries on, the vocalist comes out of her shell, only to retreat back into the safety of herself.

It's more artistic than most bands could ever be. This Stoner/Doom metal without ever stepping on the wah or the distortion. Imagine the Yardbirds, but with a bit more natural fuzz, but not much.

Anything Season of Arrows does, they contradict themselves only just a bit later to create their own personal heaven and hell. It's Metropolis and Bizzaro World at simultaneously.

The signpost, the first track, is clearly legible, if you can see behind the brush that's grown all around it.

Release: 03/24/17
Genre: Doom/Stoner Metal
Label: Argonauta
Formats: CD/Digital

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