Wednesday, August 10, 2016

LP Review: "Blood On The Keys" by James Leg

Blood On The Keys
My favorite guitarist in the world is Ace Frehley.

He serves as an inspiration to me. His ear for melody is far greater than that of mortal man. It greatly surpasses his drive to create music.

Aside from a few little jaunts into expressive and synths, his playing has been the same for the past four decades plus, and yes I have all his records.

But not everybody can get that sort of deal. It has to be an artist that was popular when you were a kid I think.

James Leg...

This is his sixth studio album and aside from Painkillers, it's largely been him, his electric piano, and a drummer. It would seem that musical growth would be at a premium and stagnation would be abundant.

James Leg
However, that couldn't be further from the truth.

This is an artist that's been doing his thing for years and years.

And after two Black Diamond Heavies records, one cover record with Left Lane Cruiser, and now his third James Leg LP, it's clear this man has not run out of tricks.

There was a four year gap between the his first two records, and we're already being entreated to the third.

As with the second, there's been no slowdown and no fall off. The good reverend continues to be an absolute force of nature on the keys. The piano tends to be a very expressive, emotive instrument and he's been able to turn his Fender Rhodes Piano into the carnival Billy Joel sang about.

This album features some extra musicians, as do all his records, but how many violas have been on his tunes? Add in some countrified tunes, some soft stuff, and once again Leg makes his mark in the highly competitive world of Electric Piano players.

Few people in the world have the boogie and the groove that Leg is regularly able to churn out. Blood On The Keys plays almost like a career retrospective. He takes bits and pieces from everything he's done, and whirls it up into something totally new.

The swamp under Washington, D.C. stagnates, but Leg continues to move forward creating new music.

Release: 9/30/16
Genre: Psychobilly Blues
Label: Alive-Natural Sound

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