Friday, December 15, 2017

Double Vinyl Review: "The Last Bastion of Cowardice" by Northless

The Last Bastion of Cowardice
"Geez, Nik, it would be nice if you talked about yourself," said no one ever to me.

However, like Ice-T said, freedom of speech. I want the right talk and for personal reasons, I watch what I say.

So, this album arrived to me last week in the mail. It came the night before an outpatient procedure was scheduled.

That day was to be a recovery day of painkillers, beer, and records. During the purple haze I was attempting to create there was going to be some writing.

Well, the Oxycodone knocked me on my ass like I was washing my hair in a waterfall, (Inspired by Mitch Hedberg, RIP). After listening to Northless's The Last Bastion of Cowardice there was still two thirds of the STLIPA to drink and my computer screen was blank.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Video: "Zombies" by Galactic Cowboys

Who out there loves metal? And we're talking about the real metal that'll blow your hair back like being in a Corvette with the top down?

What about Zombies? Years before I had children, the plan was to teach them that zombies gotta be popped in the head to take them out. Side bar: Playing House of the Dead 2 gave my daughter nightmares, so we had to knock it off. We will have to get to that lesson later. Hopefully before the Zombie Apocalypse finally happens right?

In the mean time, check out the latest single from Galactic Cowboys. This is the second single from their new record, Long Way Back From The Moon. It's their first release since 1993!

Well, they made a new fan in me today. Though I wasn't around during their first trip, it's glad their back and ready to go. Pick up the vinyl HERE and check them out on Facebook.

XLP Review: "V-Oceans" by Slow

Groundswells of emotion are hard to take.

Like the Butthole Surfers said, it's pouring like an avalanche and it's comin' down the mountain.

When bleakness hits for me, it often feels like snow is falling all around me. Snow is the perfect metaphor for blackness, because to survive, you literally have to claw your way out.

Self-medication will always come into play here. That's not to say it's all booze and pills to fix problems, but we all have to find the spark that returns us to ourselves.

Music has always been a very cathartic experience for me because it's able to enhance, change, or simply alter my moods. Mood swings, though hopefully not outwardly apparent, have long been something that affects me.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Wrong Band Again...with Domestikwom

Jonathan Petkau of Domestikwom
Well, here we are. It's the second attempt to get this Metallica interview off the ground.

Last time, we were informed that our order of real human hair didn't go through, so the interview was sent down the ladder to band of a smaller stature than that of Metallica. Dealing with these PR Bootleggers is hard.

Unfortunately, they needed me to purchase their steel converters, which I don't even need because I'm writing about metal, oh.....I get it now.

They said the more metal I bought, the closer I would get to Metallica. So, they sent me back these answers, but even though it's not Metallica, Domestikwom answered it as best as they could...

As Metallica....

We're not quite there, but they assured me, I'm on the list.

Video: "Vicious Breed" by Lady Beast

You know what's awesome?

Flying V Guitars...regardless of the brand. These are just the most awesome guitars on the planet. Typically they're used to play some of the best genres of music on the planet, metal and blues.

Then add in some fast drums, angry melodic singing, and crank those amps to ten. Once this happens, it's the magic hour and that can last for days.

Lady Beast has all of these things. Something of a throwback to a modern day Judas Priest. You can hear the rest of the album on BANDCAMP and order the vinyl HERE.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Split LP Review: "Split LP/CD" by Bunkur and Mordor

Split LP/CD
Once more we go into our oft tread fields of Splits.

They've become one of my absolute favorite things to cover if we're being completely honest with each other.

Today though, there was a terrifying thought in my head as I was listening to this album.

Glacially Musical is, frankly, a cheerleader website. It's no secret that we only do positive reviews. My philosophy is that quality music is  not only being made, but being made in abundance.

This labor of love was started when it came to my attention that music was still worth a damn and The Big Four weren't the only ones still making music we all need to hear. It's actually a method of keeping my readership lower than it could be. No one wants to read about positive stuff all the time. So thank you for being here.

At the halfway point of the first side, it occurred to me, oh lord, what if side two totally sucks? Then what do I do?

Friday, December 8, 2017

LP Review: "Grotesque Offerings" by Druid Lord

Grotesque Offerings
My favorite thing about metal is how absolutely different one band can be from the next.

The various metal subgenres definitely get their fair, and unfair, share of sand kicked in their faces.

But picture Grunge...Stone Temple Pilots and Soundgarden weren't really all that different from each other.

(Come at me, Grungebunnies.)

When metal is considered (Fight me, Kim Thayil!), the lines that delineate what is and is not metal are far more blurred. Is Deep Purple metal?

Zeppelin? Sabbath? What about Kiss?

Then when you get into what individual metal fans like. There are folks I know that are as metal as the day is long on the Summer Solstice, but wouldn't ever consider listening to Carcass, Mayhem, or Fisthammer.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Fat Formats with Zero Fire

Our recurring interview about music, formats, and albums is yielding some interesting nuggets.

Today's guinea pig is Graham from Hamilton, Ontario's Zero Fire.

As with most of the bands we cover on these pages, they're a bit younger than me.

Graham's reverence for Silverchair is something that took me a little by surprise. I can remember their ups and downs in the 90's like it was yesterday.

Everybody's got something interesting down below.

Check out the rest and be sure to give them a virtual high five via Bandcamp.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Video: "The Challenger" by Cranely Gardens

Have you met Cranely Gardens? If not, you can check out this video.

The drummer has Storm Trooper heads on the kit, so that alone is worth clicking on this video. Let's take a look at the rest of it.

This is one of those super heavy tracks by a band that's very angry. This is something we can all pretty much get into here at Glacially Musical.

The band teamed up with Pure Grain Audio to release the track.

Check out the rest of the album on Bandcamp.

LP Review: "Viscères" by Bind Torture Kill

In an attempt to move forward and explore different genres today we're looking at Post-Hardcore.

This is new to me, so an exploration of what all of this is feels essential.

Hardcore Punk is punk rock that's harder and more aggressive than regular punk rock.

OK, this all seems rather simple and understandable. Punk Rock though, is pretty aggressive, so in my head, it would appear that Hardcore Punk is the link between Punk Rock and Grindcore.

Now, let's move onto Post-Hardcore.

It's described as something more creative and artistic than Hardcore and Punk Rock that incorporates essences of Post-Punk and Noise-Rock.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Video: "Love On The Highway" by Formosa

There comes a time in everybody's life when a good tub thumpin' good time is what the doctor ordered.

German Rockers, Formosa, have given us the soundtrack to that. We've all had the fantasy of flipping off our boss, blowing cigarette smoke in his face, and pounding a pint of German Pilsner.

Also, be on the lookout for the Gameboy Color!

Interview: Qoheleth

So recently, we were very lucky. There was an offer from some PR firm that I'd never heard of, but they assured me that their human hair wigs would do my stead well with the ladies.

Honestly, it seemed a little bit far fetched, but my wife did say that my slightly smaller forehead combined with the very brown hair I was then sporting made for a striking (my paraphrased) possibly even statuesque, and Dionysian

It was easier to believe them that for the low price of just $25, I'd be able to interview the MIGHTY Metallica!!! METALLICA METALLICA!!!

A quick paypal to later...and an email address was provided for the interview.

Now, there was a slight snag, and California's Qoheleth answered the interview instead, sure it was pointed towards the thrash legends, but it still works if you ask me.

NEXT time, Human Wigs of China promises to get the email to the right person as long as I send them a paltry $5 to make sure there are no snags.

In the mean time...

Monday, December 4, 2017

Video: "Poissa" by Vermilia

All the way from Finland, we have Vermilia.

They're a blackened pagan metal band peopled by a single woman. She's/they've just released their latest single.

It's brutally beautiful. It's black metal with a side of folk. In breakfast terms, If you're eating an omelette, the traditional elements are the side bacon you got for $2.

Be sure to get the single, available only on Bandcamp.

LP Review: "Suffer The Cold" by Circle of Salt

Suffer The Cold
As this is being written by me, it's the last day of November and it's 55 degrees F.

In my youth that was the weather in Mid-September. It's amazing how things have changed in that time.

Our definition of what is and isn't cold is changing by the day, because our weather and our climate is changing.

As my home is now, and basically always has been, St. Louis, MO in the middle of the United States, we've never had the winters of Minnesota, northern Illinois, or even Iowa, our neighbor to the north.

As each year passes, we wonder, will there be winter in St. Louis? Are we going to get snow? These days, it seems like we have ice storms more than snow. Well, at least in some ways our world is still grey at the proper time of the year....

Friday, December 1, 2017

Video: "Self Pollution" by Marty Friedman

It's time to begin giving thanks to Prosthetic Records for bringing six string master, Ageless Wonder, the creator of a thousand nightmares, and all around smart guy, Marty Friedman back to the United States.

Granted, he still lives in The Land of the Rising Sun, but at least he's sending letters back home to America. If you've not picked up his latest record, Wall of Sound yet, at least check out the single, Self Pollution, below.

The man is still simply a force of nature.