Monday, March 25, 2019

LP Review: "Opera Villains" by Glitter Wizard

Opera Villains
The world moves in strange ways. No let's say it's the multiverse.

Five days ago, on Twitter, I asked the question, is there room in this wide world for Stoner Glam Metal?

Well, Glitter Wizard is making a strong case to answer that question.

Just the name alone, Glitter Wizard, I mean, yeah, right there. That's Glam and Stoner all at the same time.

The songs don't have quite the same line of demarcation between the glammy and the hempy though.

Though it's not a clear half and half, there's definitely strong elements of both styles of music. Think of it more like the ratio of cream in coffee rather than cream and milk in half and half. You get where I'm going with this right?

Musically and lyrically verbose, Opera Villains contains enough melody to get Poison fans at least willing to listen, but they don't stop there. Strong strains of Electric Wizard and High On Fire will get the real metalheads on board too.

In fact, it's difficult to tell which side Glitter Wizard is really courting.


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

LP Review: "Anonymous Souls" by Manifestic

Anonymous Souls
During the election cycle of 2016,when Fake News from the Right Wing became the real news of the day, someone said to me, you listen to all this underground music, but you /only consume mainstream media.

Well, I could go into the reasons behind both the former and the latter example in that statement, but for now, let's just stick with music.

Mainstream Music is mean to be all things to all people. Humans have such wide differences in taste that Metallica had to dull their edges to go supernova.

Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd though, they're the exceptions.

One of my favorite underground labels is Punishment 18. They put it out on the table. Thrash metal is their bread and butter. Now, Germany's Maifestic, is a bit different. They're not your father's thrash. Unless you're dad is around my age, no, still true.

From the onset of the album, the men from the German Ruhr show two sides of what they're doing. Every song has a foot in the old school and another foot heading into a new idea and a new plane of existence for the longest running heavy metal sub-genre.

Definitely, get in on this one.


Classic Spins with Chris from Owl Maker

It's interesting how certain features become more popular than others. Classic Spins has apparently hit the sweet spot for the bands in the world as the answers  have poured in.
So, like Beer Thirty, I'm going to have to just put out more than just one per week. 
Hopefully you're all into it as much as the bands!
Today we're looking at Owl Maker.  Let's just get right to it, but check out their BANDCAMP would you?
1. My favorite kind of album is the concept album. The Wall is my absolute favorite. Beyond the amazing songs, it has spectacular nostalgia for me. What's your favorite one and why?
Man, there are so many to pick from. “Them” is pretty great. “Joe’s Garage”, “My Arms, Your Hearse” and “The Downward Spiral” have all gotten some pretty heavy listens from me as well. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Bookin' It with Space Coke

Space Coke
Let's get back to getting energetic in the universe!

It seems only right that my first work back after being sick in bed is something on Space Coke.

They're a doom metal band who had the audacity to put a dead knight on the cover of their album. I mean, this is a band that doesn't have any problem being right on the nose..

Or going up I right?

Well, their last record, L'appel Du Vide was a piece of absolute brilliance. You should get on that over at BANDCAMP.

But for now, it's all about books.

1. I try to read at least two books per month, and mostly fail, what's your goal and reality

Monday, March 18, 2019

Classic Spins with Runescarred's Tim Driscoll

Not long ago there was a band called Dead Earth Politics.

Remember them? Well, they have gone up in flames, or is it down in flames? But rising from the ashes of that band is Runescarred.

So, all the progressive metal and politics you can handle is back in business. Right now, it's only logical that you're hoping you could be hearing some of their amazing tracks where the groove on the progressive tip.

Check out their BANDCAMP page to hear the two singles they've launched thus far. For now though, let's get in with Tim Driscoll's classic spins.

1. My favorite kind of album is the concept album. The Wall is my absolute favorite. Beyond the amazing songs, it has spectacular nostalgia for me. 

What's your favorite one and why?

Oh man! Being an unapologetic prog rock and metal geek, I have quite a few concept records that rank highly for me, although I would have to hand the championship belt to "Metropolis Pt.2: Scenes from a Memory" by Dream Theater. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Beer Thirty With Erik Leonhard of KOSM

Again, because I'm cold it's time to check out another warmer weather band. 

So allow me to introduce you to Vancouver's own: KOSM.

Here's a band that loves HP Lovecraft. They just released a concept record based on Lovecraft's stories.

Personally, I haven't read any of the man's work, but his influence in pop culture and metal cannot be denied.

If you're into metal, beer, and Chutulu, READ ON! But, check out COSMONAUT while you're doing that.

1. My personal favorite beer style is the might Double India Pale Ale. The best DIPA in the world is STLIPA by Urban Chestnut. 

Tell me about your favorite style.

I like IPAs quite a bit. I think I lot of people dismiss them immediately because of the bitter taste, but there’s nothing quite as refreshing as an ice cold IPA on a hot day. 

Really though, my favourite style of beer is probably German Wheat Beer. I specify German mostly just because of their purity laws. 

I find that a lot of producers of wheat beer get really carried away with adding a ton of fruit flavours. There’s nothing really wrong with this, but in my opinion you can’t beat a plain wheat beer. 

My favourite is Franziskaner, which is tragically not available in B.C., Canada, where I live. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Bookin' It With The Mound Builders's Brian

The Mound Builders
After many splits and other releases, Lafayette, Indiana's The Mound Builders have released a full length, self-titled debut.

You can snatch that up on beautiful colored vinyl HERE. It's also available on CD and however these kids today are listening to music.

In the mean time, let's talk about books! Brian was even kind enough to give me a pre-interview answer which sums up this introduction nicely.

Brian here from The Mound Builders. Thanks for asking about our reading habits. Reading plays a pretty big part in what we do. We draw inspiration from ancient history, life in the midwest, and the mysteries of the cosmos. 

We all read quite a bit on these topics and it seeps into our lyrical and musical content.

Monday, March 11, 2019

EP Review: "You Will Know The Fear You Forced Upon Us" by Body Void

You Will Know The Fear You Forced Upon Us
So, yesterday I'm spinning I Live Inside A Burning House and really grooving to it.

As it turns out, Body Void is back and badder than ever!

Well, they're at least back anyway and their penchant for loaded titles has also returned in full force.

The funny thing is I didn't know they had a new album coming out when I spun Burning  House. So, let's call it kismet!

The band is calling this release an EP though it's nearly forty minutes in length. So, if you were hoping for some brevity from Body Void, you win...and lose.

It's two tracks. So, the release is shorter, but the songs are the same...about twenty minutes of sprawling, vibrating, swirling insanity. Their ability to balance on the precipice between songs and stream of consciousness is what makes these records so damned powerful.

They're avant garde something something metal. Body Void is by no means for the faint of heart or those desiring measurable vocal melodies. Amidst the swirls and screams, there is a band pushing towards the future.

The stomping is infectious.


Thursday, March 7, 2019

Five Minute Origin Stories with Mezzoa's Nacho Maldonado

In St. Louis, we are under siege, snow siege. 

Normally our average temperature in March is about 52 degrees F and that's not a weather that's conducive to snow, but this Sunday past, the high was NINE F and we got about 5" of snow which is still on the ground I might add.

Most folks know me as a cold weather kind of guy, but this year has just gotten my goat and it's time for the cold to go away.

When I'm worried about the cold, California over there with all their social programs and sunny weather just kind of pisses me off.

So, the smartest play is to look at a project called Mezzoa. Thankfully they're from....oh damn.

San Diego, Ca.Well it's only 63 degrees F there right now, but that's surely going to be able to create some great metal isn't it?

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

LP Review: "Of Rot and Ruin" by Hath

Of Rot and Ruin
Today we've got one of those bands that's got the ability to do more than one thing.

There are millions of bands that are able to do one thing extremely well, and some bands (like Slayer) are able to carve out a very nice career for themselves doing it.

Then there are others (like Metallica) who are able to do more than just one style. This gives their career path a trajectory that simpler bands cannot match.

To be nice and clear, Hath, will never find themselves on the same stage as Metallica, much less on the same level, because, Black Metal, but what if a black metal (or blackened death metal if you want to be ever so specific) had a different attitude?

Hath services their songs instead of servicing their genre. Right now, minds are blowing. Hell, it kind of blew my mind a little bit.

How many metal bands service their songs first? Certainly, not nearly enough of them. It's far more common to check off boxes than it is to write amazing tracks. Hath's debut will be heavy enough for anyone and melodic enough for a few people who wouldn't have gotten in otherwise.

Don't miss it.


Foods We Love with Mark Kitchens of Stone Machine Electric

Stone Machine Electric
What do you know about Texas? 

As someone who's never been there other than the airports, I can't tell you all that much really. There's a band from Texas, if you couldn't guess called Stone Machine Electric.

You should probably check out their latest album, a live record called Viviere over there on the BANDCAMP.

Then if you're feeling particularly gregarious, you may wish to invite them to a delightful tea at your place round about 4pm over on FACEBOOK.

In the mean time, whilst you're digging on those live grooves, let's find out about their food schedules and what they think of tea time in general.

Did you know that venerated British Institution could only exist in order to exploit the working class?

Read on about topics wholly unrelated.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Concert Review: September Mourning at Fubar in St. Louis February 28, 2019 - pictures and words by Danny Nichols

It is always exciting, and very rare, when a band decides to kick off their tour in St. Louis.  It is moreso, when the band is theatrical goth rockers September Mourning.  They were completely unknown to me, when I first saw them as the opening act for Huntress back in 2016.  Not only did I enjoy the theatrics and concept of this performance, but their music was powerful and anthemic.  I had to see them again.  

Video: "Glitch" by Absolutely Not

It's time to check out the latest video by Chicago's Absolutely Not.

This is the kind of video that encapsulates the fears of many Americans during our tumultuous times.

Get it on. I'll let the video speak for itself.

Monday, March 4, 2019

LP Review: "Necrogenesis" by Nordjevel

There are a great number of reasons to enjoy metal. When talking to someone that it's important not think of me as some deranged serial killer listening to Mayhem...

Perhaps, casually, it's well, metal has the best guitar players... (and it's true don't @ me. Or do. Whatever.)

The truest reasoning though, is that metal is the scariest of all music. It's the angriest of all music.

Horror and Anger really helped me navigate my teenage years. Even decades later, it's still important to maintain that.

The venerable Osmose Productions is about to release another gem of a black metal record, by Nordjevel.

This band features ex-Morbid Angel, Destructhor. That's the coolest and oddest ex-Morbid Angel member possible. Though, I wasn't a big fan of Ilud Divinum Insanus, Necrogenesis is precisely the kind of metal I want to hear.

It's a strange cross between Black Metal and Death Metal. It's the kind of music that someone should be playing during the good scenes in the old 80's blood and guts horror flicks.

That's why it's great.


Classic Spins with Deathkings

In 2011, the band now known as Deathkings came together. At that point, they were a nascent group of people who hadn't yet fully realized it.

In time, they came together even more, and then began to resemble Voltron, or maybe The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

Let's go with the latter rather than the former, because Voltron is from St. Louis, and Deathkings are from Los Angeles.

Unlike the Rangers and Haim Saban, Deathkings come from the grittiness of the streets of Los Angeles and their music reflects that.

Their last EP, Ex Nihilio, was released in December. Check it out on BANDCAMP and make friendly on FACEBOOK.

But for now, let's check the spins....