Monday, October 23, 2017

Video: "Here Come" by Anima

Here's a new band from a the brothers Triveño. Hailing from...well I don't know where they are from, but I can tell you that they're something interesting.

Check it out and pay close attention to how the majority of the band has covered faces...the brothers are using special guests to help them move along the plot.


XLP Review: "Droner" by Opium Warlords

Truth in this even a saying anymore?

How many times have you watched a commercial and genuinely believed that they were telling you the truth?

What about movie trailers?

Seriously, what's up with these things where you check out a trailer and it looks amazing so you buy a ticket.

But then after you've spent forty five minutes watching commercials, movie trivia, and a bunch of other misleading previews, your movie comes on...

And it has nothing to do with what you paid to see? I don't understand that at all. Wouldn't it be better for the proper audience to go to a movie rather than a misled gentry who's only going to blast that flick on the internet afterwards?

Friday, October 20, 2017

LP Review: "Songs of Snark & Despair" by Seth Kibel

Songs of Snark & Despair
The call from the Right Wing of American Politics for years has been that artists, Hollywood Actors, and musicians should refrain from speaking about politics.

Then racists from Duck Dynasty, has been rockers like Ted Nugent, and pedophiles from reality shows have become hangers on and GUESTS at The State of the Union by Republican Congressmen.

In the truest height of hypocrisy, after hearing for eight years about how President Obama was too inexperienced to be the leader of the free world, the Republicans nominated and the Electoral College, with some help from Vladimir Putin, installed a man who's greatest accomplishment was being a game show host as President of the United States of America.

Video Premiere: "Flaming Earth (Official Lyric Video)" by Cortex Complex

While you're enjoying your tea and coffee, take a moment to see where this world is going.

Imagine the year is 2177 and we continue to tread the path we're treading now.

Cortex Complex would like to show it to you. Their new album, Memoirs of an Apocalypse, drops on 11/24. You can also check out their previous, fully instrumental, record on Bandcamp.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Video: "A Bridge To Further Realms" by Flames of Genesis

There's an album that's coming out in a few weeks by Flames of Genesis.

They're an ambient band of some sort. Minotauro Records is releasing this might slab of well, I'm not precisely sure what to call it. It's a little bit of everything yet none of any of it.

Reviewing this album would be next to impossible for me. So, in turn, I'm asking you to spend about seven minutes of your life with this "song."

Stream: A.N.U.S. by Nihiloceros

Brooklyn based rockers, Nihiloceros are gearing up for the release of their debut EP.

Currently on tour in Canada, but you can check out their first single right, A.N.U.S., right here. Normally, I wouldn't be taking on a single with such a title, but there's a story  here.

Mike Borchardt detailed a conversation about the title being a play on NU Metal, as it was "Another NU Song." The only problem is that this conversation never took place.

He imagined the whole scenario and the title has stuck.


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Stream: "the only reason you want to go to california is that it's the closest thi..." by dreambeaches

Sometimes the anger and the frustration becomes all too much.

There are times when Mighty Tacos, Stinger Pizzas, and University of Buffalo hockey all just come to the fore and .... well clearly I'm reminding myself of my trips to the great city of Buffalo, NY, coincidentally (not really) That's where our new friends, dreambeaches, are from.

Check out a few of their tunes below from their latest release, Disapearing Act.

LP Review: "Time" by StoneBirds

Let's have a very silly conversation for just a moment, if you don't mind.

What's the most important thing you can take away from music?

There are so many different types of music that can take the listener into all sorts of places. In This Modern World, the mash up has been taken to the next level.

This past weekend, we attended the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra's Family Concert and they mashed up athletics and music.

Does a strong tempo and rhythm make a song magnificent to you? What about the spaciousness of of progressive music? Does tightly packed metal and hard rock create the ultimate experience?

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Video "The Theory of Shadows" by The Modern Age Slavery

Modern Metal in 2017.

We are living in an age when anger is more than palpable. In times like this we all need to check ourselves and find a way to relax.

The best way is to push out the negative energy via totally Brutal metal. The Modern Age Slavery has just dropped a painful new track and video.

Check it out below.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Video: "Ferocious: by Lauren Lakis


Tupac Shakur said in 1996 that things were getting boring and it was time to shock the people. Then Kiss came out for the first time in their full gear. It had been 17 years at that point for those particular four men.

Lauren Lakis has chosen to follow in the steps of Shakur. Her new album is full of Electric Doom Folk.

The Baltimore native has lots to say and she hopes you're listening.

LP Review: "Terraforming" by Jupiterian

One of the greatest songs of great songs....we all know it... We've all been subjected to its whims.

Stairway To Heaven.

Robert Plant once said in an interview that he had no idea why it was so popular. There were no verses, choruses, and such. It's a bit of a formless song.

It's more of a poem accompanied by music.

On the whole rest of the album, and the preceding, Led Zeppelin really expanded what a rock band could be. There were no longer any boundaries left to cross. Well sort of.

In the end, it's easy to come back to the question...what makes something a song? What makes a series of noises music?

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Stream: "The Wheel" by Lovely Dark

Check out a new band by the name of Lovely Dark.

They hail all the way from Minneapolis, MN, the Twin Cities as it were. They've got a unique sound and they're not afraid to push the envelope well past established boundaries.

Once that's done, they even have the gall to take it to the post office with only one stamp on!

Check out their single below. They can be found on Bandcamp.

Interview: Amos and Cody of Death of Kings Break Silence on Mass Destruction Fest

Glacially Musical: Please give us some background on Mass Destruction Metal Festival. How long has it been around? 

When and where will it take place and what types of bands are in the line-up?

Cody: This will be the inaugural year! Putting on a metal festival has been a goal of mine for about a decade, I’d continually find myself thinking about how I could make it happen, which bands I’d like to see, etc. 

It wasn’t until roughly 2 years ago that I approached Amos (who runs A. Rippin’ Production here in Atlanta) about how to put on shows when he asked if I wanted to  collaborate with him on doing this.

We envisioned MASS DESTRUCTION being a beacon for Heavy Metal in the Southeastern U.S. I know Amos was tired of seeing touring bands skip over Atlanta; and I wanted us to offer something for the region so folks who couldn’ttravel very far would be able to experience a metal festival right in their backyard.

This year we focused heavily on Black and Death metal—and tried to do what we could to add some diverse sounding bands within the two genres.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Video: "Hell Moon (We Shall Never Die)" by Eleine

How many different things have told us how small we are? That what we do as humans is frankly unimportant because in the grand scheme of the universe we're smaller than a single atom.

What is rarely explained is though we as individual humans are small, we as cogs in a machine can accomplish a great deal.

The new single from Eleine, Hell Moon (We Shall Never Die) gives me that feeling. This is a band that's able to combine the talents of several members into a huge thing.

Check it out below!

LP Review: "META" by YLVA

It came to my attention recently that my record library and listening to those glorious slabs spinning is my mental floss.

Most days of my life, there is a song in my ear at all times.

The difference is that when it's at work, in the car, or even at a concert, it's a different experience than being at home and watching the rotations of vinyl.

Perhaps it's because this is when I'm listening to full albums front to back and track by track.

There's something a bit magical doing that, especially when it's by masters of the format like Led Zeppelin, Metallica, etc. Sadly, front to back albums isn't as much of a thing as it once was.

Certainly there is a time and a place for everything, but there is something that's wonderful about sitting in a room without a TV connection and listening to music.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Video: "Anathema" by Stillborn

Choose your moment.

Now's a great time to check out a band all the way from the remote lands of Gothenburg, Sweden.

They've just dropped their latest lyric video from their album Nocturnals. It's going to be the best Gothicly made Gothenburg metal you'll hear this fortnight.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Stream: "Godsend" by Northless

There are times when we just get into the thick of it. The full on plastered muck of the world we are living in.

Northless would appear to have had enough. Their new record, Last Bastion of Cowardice, is being released on Halo of Flies next month. Per their usual, there'll be two colored editions, and a black edition.

Click play below and preorder the record on bandcamp. Look for the full review next month.

LP Review: "The Fourth Seal" by Pale Horseman

The Fourth Seal
Recently, I took a trip to Minnesota. Going up to the Twin Cities from St. Louis, MO can take a good long time.

That's actually a trip my family has made a number of times. By car, it's ten hours, plane, 3 hours, and by train, it's about 16 hours.

The last one was my favorite mode of travel. It takes longer sure, but the dining car, the observation car, and beer on had just made it wonderful.

It's a hard trip and those long rides can take a lot out of you.

It's important to have something that can take that pain away and just get you moving over the next hump.

Enter The Pale Horseman.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Video: "Serotonin" by Angel Vivaldi Featuring Nita Strauss

Well, days go by and we're not talking about shredsters on the guitar. Instrumental shredders and death metal guys are in the same sphere, because neither of them are going to make any damned money.

They're playing it because they have to. The idea of a purity of motive is strong in me and Angel Vivaldi appears to be strong with the force.

When's the last time you ever saw a hyper dance scene in a guitar video?

It's time...oh Hai Nita! Vivaldi's latest album, Synapse, is out now via Seek and Strike Records.

LP Review: "The Electric Dunes of Titan" by Motherslug

The Electric Dunes of Titan
Recently, your friend and humble narrator was finally able to acquire most of the Monty Python CD Box Set at an Estate Sale.

Now there's a group of people, yes people instead of Englishmen, because Carol Celeveland was a defacto member along with being a woman, and she and Terry Gilliam were Americans.

(It really freaked me out when I learned that Carol Cleveland wasn't British by the way.)

What made the Pythons so amazing was their ability to basically do anything required of them in comedy. Monologues, musicals, feature films, surreal sketches, long form sketches, and at least forty seven other things that have been left out.

But in the end, even though they used every single tool in the Light Entertainment Department of the BBC and often times their work had nothing to do with what they'd done last time, it always rang true as Monty Python, even if the quality may have been lacking.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

5 Minute Interview With Hallas

Let's check back in with a really cool band from Sweden, Hallas.

These magical metal alchemists gave us a quick rundown of what makes them awesome and apparently it's, Cuban Heels made in Sweden.

This makes me wonder, as I sit in the 18th Century Style Cobbler at Glacially Musical's Fashion Wing...Who made the Cuban Heels The Cat wore on Red Dwarf?

Did the Felis Sapiens make their own clothes or conscript the clothing of the long dead crew? If they were making their own clothes, how did these cats know of Cuban Heels three million light years into deep space?

Food for thought I think.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Video: "This Is Why We Ride" by Body Count

Has it really been over 25 years since Ice-T unleashed Body Count on the world?

Well, decades later, Body Count is both telling stories of what it's like in the parts of the city many of us never see and Grindhouse Violence.

Check out the latest ballad of what's wrong below.

LP Review: "Extraction" by Insurrection

Let's talk about something silly today.

On Saturday at my daughter's hockey practice, the team was giving out car decals so the parents can show their pride in their daughters for being on a hockey team.

Now, there's also been a sticker for her school in my car that I paid for back in, well, August.

So, there was a sticker deficit going on. There was already a single sticker on my Toyota Prius.

My Prius, has a Death Metal sticker on it. One that said death metal was chosen over a band's sticker, because, I wanted the people to see my duality. Like The Joker said in Full Metal Jacket. Newer readers will probably notice that not much death metal has been hitting around here though.....

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Video: "Savages" by Cranely Gardens

It's time to take a look into the black mirror that we are all avoiding.

See scenes from the United States and the rest of the world in the modern age of division.

Please note, the video is as violent as the song included. This is a hard video to watch. It's one of those things that we all need to watch and look inside.

Check it out below, you've been warned.

Interview: John Steven Morgan

John Steven Morgan
In the not too distant past, the Glacially Musical team met up with Californian, John Steven Morgan, at the Vegan versus Omnivorous Eating Research Lab, Tunnel 15, Room Value Meal #3.

Stevenson is half of the off the beaten trail black metal band Wreche, with Barret Baumgart. We're not here to discuss this strangely pleasing black metal, but his upcoming album, Solo Piano Works.

Ever present but not present is the partnership between these two men, even though Baumgart isn't a part of this project, or interview.

If your first thought of a metaller playing piano on a record away from his band brought up Nigel Tufnel, well then you're not alone.

Check it out!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Video: "Rest Assured" by Broken Stems

It's rare that we get to see the embryonic steps of a band. The song of the day is Rest Assured by Broken Stems. Now, this band has been around for six years, but a period of, well, let's call it a series of unfortunate events, had rocked them in the past year.

So, in the end, only three of the five fellas were around to begin recording. After a time, the singer returned to the fold, but like The Doors, there was no bass.

As of right now, we are  unclear as to who is playing bass on this record, the authorities are seeking out the correct information and we'll update you as soon as these imaginary folks get back to us.

Today, you can enjoy what's left. The fat has been trimmed. The machine has been oiled. It's time to get it working again. Tell them what you think they should do with cacti on Facebook.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Vinyl Review: "Plays One Sound And Others" by Knife In The Water

Plays One Sound And Others
One thing I saw in a how to PR manual was to let the recipients of your message know how many albums your band has released so that they can get an idea of how far you've come.

Imagine, if in 1991, you picked up a copy of Metalllica and then started moving backwards, but instead of going in reverse order, you picked up their debut, Kill 'Em All.

Most listeners might be a bit hard pressed to see how this was the same band. From that point, Metallica veered off into some very different directions.

It's often left out how those changes started though. The band that recorded that oft-lauded debut wasn't the same band that wrote that album. In fact, it wasn't even until their third album that the band in the photos and the grooves wrote and recorded the entire album.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

LP Review: Self-Titled by High Reeper

High Reeper
Are you guys high on the mary-ja-wanna?

America's love affair for substances is legendary as are the attempts to snuff it out. 15 years ago, the idea of being able to buy marijuana at a store...unheard of.

But now, places like Colorado and Washington State are seeing insanely high budgets surpluses!

Not to sound too far out, man, but if this stuff had been legal this whole time, how many more Jimi  Hendrix's, The Doors's, or Cream's would we have had?

Seriously? We'd have had absolutely zero more of those groups. Though, they and Sabbath, and The Stones, and the everybody else always used large amounts of substances, it's always been about the people taking the drugs and not the drugs taking the people.


Monday, September 25, 2017

Video: "Riding With Zombies" by WarCall

It's September 25th and the Hockey Preseason is in full swing. Did you catch the St. Louis Blues defeating the defending champ, Pittsburgh Penguins, on NBC-SN last night? Sure it was preseason, but it was the opening night lineups for both teams, except the Blues started their back up goalie.

When hockey gets going in full swing, there's only two things I think about: Canada and Metal.

So, with no further ado, here's some Metal from Canada.

Check out WarCall's Riding With Zombies right below.

LP Review: "Nagual Sun" by I Klatus

Nagual Sun
Today before listening to this album, it was time to order Chinese Food for lunch.

My office is situated in a place where there aren't many choices for lunch. Aside from a couple places here and there, it's very limited.

So, as they deliver, the Chinese place is my most oft picked lunch. Well, their menu is rather limited as well.

So, it gets harder and harder to pick out something to eat, even from there. In fact, this place  has been forsworn so many times, it's not even funny.

Every time though, this blogger keeps crawling back for that MSG encrusted semi-awful goodness. The problem is that no matter what I try to order, it's all old hat.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Vinyl Review: "Unlawful Assembly" by Dawnray'd

Unlawful Assembly
This is a hard review to write. The idea that something may be left out, that something may be said improperly, and that offenses will be caused, but I have a choice and my choice is to write what I think and what I feel.

Art is never created in a vacuum. Even bands that claim that they're apolitical, do have political undertones to their music because a single fact: Our politics isn't simply whom we vote for but our very selves in every day life.

Presently the game show host, who's been elected President of the United States of America, is attacking men and women of color for their peaceful protests on fields of play.

Weeks ago, he said, in not so many words, there were some very fine nazis in the Charlottsville, NC protests. He's been attacking American citizens for their use of their First Amendment rights, all the while ignoring the plight of 3.5 Million Americans in Puerto Rico.

Friday, September 22, 2017

LP Review: Lords of Light and Thunder" by Archons

Lords of Light and Thunder
For the entirety of existence, I have been a nerd. It's only been in semi-recent  years that this could be admitted publicly.

Dungeons & Dragons, Video Games (often in Japanese), reading (the list of Star Trek books read by me is staggeringly impressive), and any other nerdy thing you can name.

I've done it.

With nerds, yes we can smell our own, but some of us, are spectacular at hiding their nerdiness. Robert Plant is one of those guys.

One of the forefathers of metal was an epic level fan of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. How many different nerdy things did Black Sabbath deal with? (Yes, Mythology in general is another wonderfully nerdy pursuit.) Who can forget, Ronnie James 'MF' Dio...

 The symbol of Dungeons & Dragons metal?

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Video: "Fist From The Grave" by Tulsadoom

Too many times in this world of metal, music videos lack concepts, or anything other than the lyrics. Granted, lyric videos for metal tunes can be quiet useful for those bands who might need an elocution lesson or seventeen.

Fist From the Grave comes from Tulsadoom's upcoming split with Hellrazers on Witches Brew Records.

Check out the latest Game of Thrones inspired video below. Ask them how many wolves they've killed over on Facebook and if you dig this track, get it on Bandcamp.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Video: "Sunday" by Sherry

Sherry is based out of Brooklyn and Austin. Now, is there like a Brooklyn, TX that I'm unaware of or are they Skyping their writing sessions?


Never heard of it. Well recently, they put out Not Brandy, Not Whiskey. Take a look at them while they eat to the dulcet tones of their own damned selves.

If you dig that, download the album on Bandcamp with the "Name Your Own Price" feature. They've also got it on cassette if vinyl's not hipstery enough for you.

LP Review: "Death Revenge" by Exhumed

Death Revenge
It's been too long since death metal has worked it's oily fingers through these here pages.

My twitter followers have already heard this, but it's time to allow the wider universe to hear about it. This year my car situation was upgraded from a dying Honda Civic to a very much alive Toyota Prius.

Not only for the environment, but for my personal pocketbook, having that Prius has been great. My car goes over 400 miles per ten gallon tank.

Now, most folks who listen to my kinds of music don't drive hybrids, and Priuses especially due to the Left Wing Stigma attached to them. Me, I think it's totally cool that my life straddles this juxtaposition.

So, a few days after buying that car, I placed an order online for a Death Metal sticker. Not any particular band, but a sticker featuring several skulls, and the words "death metal" written in a conventional album cover font.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Video: "Monuments" by The Haunted

Long time Gothenburg extreme metal stalwarts, The Haunted have released a new lyric video from their latest album, Strength In Numbers.

As always, they're angry about something.

Video: "Autophøbia" by NØMADS

If there's one band that never fails to get my blood pumping, it's NØMADS. Their debut album, Free My Animal, was one of the best records of  2014 and is still available on vinyl for $1 + Shipping at Bandcamp.

Currently, they're releasing the next album, which is now broken up into two EPs, single by single, by single. They're on the back nine now with Autophøbia.

Check it out below or be forever sorry!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Video: "Time Bomb" by Unreal Terror

This whole week has been waiting until such point that I'd make some pasta. So, by that token, it seems like a good idea to take a look at some Italian Heavy Metal.

Because this makes total sense.

After a long, long, LONG hiatus, Italy's own Unreal Terror are releasing an album with 3/4's of the classic lineup on Jolly Roger Records on October 6th.

Check out the clip below.

LP Review: "No Stars Upon The Bridge" by Hallatar

No Stars Upon The Bridge
The prevailing though in my mind is that there's someone missing from my life.

My cousin died about two years ago now. My facebook "memories" have all sorts of statuses about him.

So, there's certainly a melancholy that's coming over me today and Hallatar have entered in and are drawing me to that time.

The best music, in my humble opinion, is something that will grab you by the scruff of the neck and hurtle you backwards in time...or perhaps forwards.

Then without noticing it, your mind is reliving a moment in your life. It's almost as if you're Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap...but it's within your own lifetime. I suppose, the proper science fiction analogy is About Time.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Video: "Bite The Prey" by Electric Hellride

This is how democracy dies? To thunderous applause... Well, that's from Star Wars, but this track is pure thunder.

It's as subtle as a hangry Godzilla. Crank it up and run through some walls MXC style. Kenny Blankenship will talk you back.

LP Review: "New Beginnings" by Radio Moscow

New Beginnings
Radio Moscow is a pretty special band to me. Around six or seven years ago now, when my personal musical reawakening was taking place, James Leg, formerly of the Black Diamond Heavies, led me to Alive-Natural Sound.

This particular rabbit hole eventually led me to The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz by Radio Moscow.

There's no question that everything they've done since then has been through my ears and blown my mind.

It was always cool seeing them as part of my favorite record label, but times, they are a-changin'.

New Beginnings is Radio Moscow's major label debut. So, the band that only a few of my friends had heard of will no longer be our secret. They're being exposed to the whole wide world now. Before writing this review, I had to listen to L!ve In California on vinyl again....

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Video: "Afterlife" by Metalite

The first thing I noticed in this video that was a little out of the ordinary was the use of an Iceman shaped bass. Whatever you may think of any thing, it's hard to move past that. Then there's a Seven Signature guitar as well.

I'm confused.

Afterlife is the first single from Metalite's debut album, Heroes In Time.

Swing to it and move your groovy self on over to their Facebook page...

Video: "A New Safe Path" by Onydia

It's time for prog metal. So get out your grammar, musical theory, and metal text books. It's time to study and make some seriously big music.

Onydia is from the far away lands of well, honestly I don't know, but they sing in English and feature blast beats and crunch riffs.

That should sort out any international tiffs. Feast your eyes below and get their music on iTunes, Amazon, etc...

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Video: "Death Coast" by Sinicle

Are you ready for some Death'n'Roll out of the West Coast?

I'm reasonably certain that's where Sinicle hails from. See, Death Coast is a pun like West Coast... right?

Anyway...horns up and get f'ing metal. Be a total bad ass and preorder it on Bandcamp.

LP Review: "S" by Mesmur

Over the years, it's probably obvious that I've spent too much time watching foreign films....most of them being from Japan, Spain, and Mexico.

Kurosawa, Almoldovar, and Miyazaki have all made films that simply have to be seen to be believed.

After watching those, it becomes apparent that the world is a very large place and there's a place for everyone within its expanses.

Though music is the universal language, sometimes it needs to be translated. Because of that need for translation, sometimes it can be hard to really know what music is.

There are Japanese songs on the shamisen that sound amelodic to my western ear. It's that translation that we all sometimes require to hear the inherent beauty. It can be hard.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Video: "Garbage Collector" by OxenFree

Today's a backwards kind of day so we're going to start with dessert and move backwards to dinner. (That's a Ponyo reference.)

Instead of angry metalz, let's check out some happy go lucky modern rock from OxenFree. Their new EP drops in about a month, but they'll give you a lick off of their ice cream cone now.

Check it! Pre-Orders are available HERE.

Monday, September 11, 2017

EP: "Terminal" by Horse Head

Today on the Nerdist Podcast, I was listening to the audio of Talking With Chris Hardwick featuring Dominic Monaghan.

At the end of the episode, they began talking about video games and how as we all age, it gets harder and harder to really play video games.

How many times have we popped in a game and thought to ourselves, ok, enough with the talky talky bits, let's please get to clobbering time!

Honestly, I never did get to clobbering time in Dragon Force on the Sega Saturn.

Their conversation moved towards horror games, like Silent Hill. Monaghan spoke of playing that game with Elijah Wood back in the Lord of the Rings Days. Minutes would go by and nothing would happen, but then BOOOOOOOOM and he was terrified.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Vinyl Review: "The Mess We Made" by Tomas Doncker & The True Groove All-Stars

The Mess We Made
Let's start off at the beginning. Your friend and humble narrator, is a straight, white, male in America who's only recently truly become aware of his innate privilege.

To say anything else would be a lie.

If you look at the cover of this album, you'll see depictions of things that hit very close to home, literally. My neighborhood had protests.

(Trigger Warning: If you support Americans waving the flags of our enemies, you're going to be pissed off in about 25 words or so.)

Donald Trump is the embodiment of all of these things that I'm alluding to. Let's not be so naive to think that he's the beginning of all of this, as Tomas Doncker says, bullshit that we are dealing with in the United States.

Friday, September 8, 2017

LP Review: "Blood Feud" by Twingiant

Blood Feud
Being a fan of a band is a lot like being their parent.

We watch the bands grow up. Look at bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, etc... Those bands' first records are nothing at all like what they became in the future.

There's growth and change in every band, sorry AC/DC.

It can be rare, especially in this day and age, to catch on with a band on their debut album. This is the reason why debut records are mentioned so many times when they're reviewed by me.

It's important to know the growth potential in my opinion. Twingiant, they ended up in my universe when they were doing press for their second album, Devil Down

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Video: "Fantasies Will Never Die" by Sorrows Path

Multinational doom senationalists, Sorrows Path, are returning with a new album.

Their ability to meld the old ways with new technology gives them an age most doom metal bands can't touch. Melodic vocals and crunchy guitars, but with a blade a bit sharper than Iron Maiden ever was.

That's who they do it and simple formulas tend to yield great results. Their new album, Touching Infinity, is out on 9/22 via Iron Shield Records.Missing out on this one is simply not an option.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Video: "Lullaby" by Fall of Man

There are times in this life when there is nothing like a good chunky guitar riff in order to make the medicine go down. That lady, Mary Poppins, she didn't know a single thing about the riff. Sure she played guitar, but not a drop of distortion or even natural overdrive.

Fall of Man is here dropping a video on your very soul that would make those Von Trap children run and hide.

Check it out below and consider picking up the album on Bandcamp if ya dig it.

LP Review: "Zaul Mos" by Syn Ze Sase Tri

Zaul Mos
These days, my life is a primarily urban existence. My home is in the City of St. Louis. My job is in the suburbs, but not in the country.

That's my personal preference as an aging human in the United States. Having a better train system would certainly enhance the experience, but let's not get too greedy right?

My youngest days were spent very differently though. The family is now scouting out Missouri's State Parks and the little short girl who lives in my house is shocked to find out how much of my time was spent in the woods or on lakes.

When I was coming up, my house in Ballwin was surrounded by dense forests that stretched for miles. My cousins and I could actually walk to each others houses via the trails in the woods. The creek, the paths, the snakes...they all left indelible marks on me.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Stream: "Pachacutec" by Wakas

As a little boy, the very idea of The Incan empire always fascinated me. I read and devoured as much of the history as I could. The name Pablo Pizarro still makes me angry.

Interestingly enough, here's a band from Peru who writes death metal about that very civilization.

Check it out below and check out more of their stuff on Bandcamp.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Split LP Review: "Split" by Hands of Orlac/The Wandering Midget

There have been a goodly number of Split LPs to cross these pages in the past few months.

In a day and age where a band has to basically set themselves on fire in order to get noticed, perhaps this is really good way in order to get on the radar of more fans.

For example, last month we purchased Procession of the Equinox by Twilight Fauna and Evergreen refuge, and yes, I'm interested in Evergreen Refuge now.

The same thing happened while listening to Grim Van Doom and Cult of Occult's split together. The former wasn't part of my world, but now they are.

What makes for a good split really? That's the million dollar question and how well do they sell? The answers to these questions are elusive to me. These are my personal known unknowns.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

LP Review: "The Rabbit Hole" by The Great Discord

The Rabbit Hole
A common trope in comedic movies, shows, etc is to have a character deliver bad news in a funny way, because then maybe it won't seem so bad.

In Robin Hood: Men In Tights, Roger Rees's Sheriff of Nottingham delivered the news to Richard Lewis's Prince John that he and his men were defeated by Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

For Prince John, the news was still terrible and the blow was not softened at all.

When it comes to music, the vast majority of music dealing with dark stuff is fairly morose or extreme. Blues is the king of the minor keys. Metal is often so angry that the subject matter, no matter what it is, cannot be broached by a civilian listener. This raises the question, can dark subject matter be dealt with in easier listening music?

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Video: "Rabbit Hole" by Sinicle

Honestly, right now your friend and narrator is stressing out about this evening.

In the meantime, you should go down the Rabbit Hole with Sinicle. They're a metal fusion band from somewheresville, California that's not San Francisco.

Get with them about that on Facebook. In the meantime, you can pre-order the album on Bandcamp. Now excuse me, I gotta go stress eat a sheet cake.

Video: "Vengeance" by Rig Time!

On October 20th, Innerstrength Records will be releasing the second album from Wisconsin's Rig Time!.

This is a band who's about as subtle as a blizzard. This one is short and it's just a taste of what's to come. Find out which of the Packers is their favorite on FACEBOOK. If this hors d'oeuvre makes you hungry for more...choose your poison on CD or Digital HERE.

Leave a comment and tell us what you think.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Video: "The Painter of Voices" by The Wake

Bi-national Duo, The Wake, have told the world their new record will be entitled Earth's Necropolis. It'll be released by Loud Rage Music sometime during the fall....

In advance of their forthcoming LP, check out the video of The Painter of Voices below. Be sure to ask the band which country is better, Germany or Romania on FACEBOOK.

Preorders for Earth's Necropolis will be forthcoming and be sure to check Loud Rage's BANDCAMP page.

LP Review: "Perfect Patterns" by Dead Stars

Perfect Patterns
Oh my friends. Do you remember High School?

Unfortunately, the median age of the Glacially Musical readers is unknown to me, perhaps some advanced analytics are required...but can even google supply me with that information?

Well, let's all assume that the average reader is at minimum of a junior in high school?

For me, it was hard fitting in until I learned how to be myself. There was a conversation about this earlier today, and it occurred that it was easy for me to like what I liked, because I didn't have many friends anyway and was wildly unpopular.

What every parent tries to teach their children is just that though. Be precisely the person you are inside on the outside and your crowd will find you.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Vinyl Review: "Clean Feeling" by PLAX

Clean Feeling
The Cosmos is testing me. There is simply no other explanation as to why this is happening.

This reviewer is, frankly, a tepid consumer of Punk Rock. That's just the be all end all of it. There are some Punk Rockers out there that shiver me to my very soul, but that list is very short.

You may have noticed the renaissance of punk music here lately. Absolutely Not made it into our vinyl reviews and American Standards did a great interview for us.

Now today, we have Austin, TX based punk band, PLAX courtesy of the Super Secret Records imprint.

My lack of understanding Punk Music probably goes back to the 70's when Punk and Metal refused to co-exist peacefully. Even when punk and metal joined into thrash...there was still strife. So perhaps, my aversion, my personal prejudice, et al is just in my blood....because it goes a long way back.

Friday, August 25, 2017

LP Review: "Kali Yuga" by Maharaja

Kali Yuga
Certainly Mitch Hedberg has been mentioned on these pages before. If not, allow me to pontificate upon the greatest comedian of all time.

Hedberg was big enough to headline theaters and not clubs, but not big enough to star on a sitcom, but no one's really sure if he even wanted to.

He was smart enough to write down his odd views of the world. Like, his great joke: "I'm pretty good at tennis, but I'll never be as good as the wall."

Seriously that's utter genius.

More than just jokes that came out of left field, he strove to perform a different show each evening. He might hide in the curtains while telling jokes, or hang his jacket on the mic stand in order to confuse the spotlight man. He'd kneel down reading jokes out of a notebook.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Video: "Phasmophøbia" by NØMADS

It's impossible for me to not share this with you. NØMADS are on a crusade to release every song on their upcoming album via video ahead of its release. It's hard to not be excited.

Here's their latest which is about fearing ghosts. Their upcoming record is chock full of tracks about all sorts of phobias.

It should do us well really....right?

LP Review: "Deranged Pagan Sons" by Cardinals Folly

Deranged Pagan Sons
It's not like me to tell you how the sausage is made, right? Ok, seriously, that's pretty false.

As of this writing, the total solar eclipse is about to happen in St. Louis, MO.

Everything is wrapped around the fact that we are about to see something we have never personally seen in our lifetimes....well those of us who aren't too old.

So, please forgive me for being single minded today. Even the album cover is similar to the eclipse. Total blackness, a circle in the middle, and possible Satanic Possession.

Totally eclipse music right? What the eclipse represents is our willingness to experience something, that in many cases, has never been experienced.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Stream: "Communion" by The Dig

Right now we are living in an age of unrest. It's unfortunate.

Floating House Recordings has recently released Philia Artists Rise Against Islamophobia via Bandcamp on both digital and vinyl formats.

All proceeds from this compilation record will go to Unity Productions Foundation, a non-profit that's committed to battling islamophobia.

Check out The Dig's single below and help out a great cause.

Video: "New Beginning" by Radio Moscow

Radio Moscow is about to drop their latest album, New Beginnings, on Century Media Records.

Check out the first single from that album, which isn't precisely the title track, but kind of is, but it's not, New Beginning.

If this is what the upcoming record has in store for us, it would be hard not to be over the moon with it. New Beginnings drops on September 29th.

Preorder it HERE on Mint Green Vinyl with a CD included.

Monday, August 21, 2017

LP Review: "The Room of Shadows" by Pagan Altar

The Room of Shadows
Everybody loves a story.

Longtime readers may recall my attempts to cast myself as a failed musician, but that's akin to Philip J. Fry being a college dropout....very little effort on my part.

Among the band, which played all originals, had very different ideas about how long it should take to write a song. Free Bird was often cited as the gold standard of how long it could take to make a song.

It took Lynyrd Skynyrd a period of years to finish that tune. So, when my complaining that we'd been working on a song for a couple weeks happened...Freebird would be bandied about.

What is the appropriate time to incubate a song? Or an entire album for that matter? Is it of any consequence to the music if the the entire world has changed in the interim?

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Vinyl Review: "II" by Breag Naofa

We are in the summer of Breag Naofa even though we are in the first days of school.

It's still a sweatbox and people were asking me today, how was your summer? Long, busy, and it's time to wish for winter.

On a day when your friend and humble narrator was transported to the snowy land of Arendelle by Idina Menzell, a crushing black metal record landed upon his doorstep...along with another that we'll talk about soon enough.

Breag Naofa...they're slightly unusual and heavy boy. They're as heavy as Mitch Hedberg thought Monster Magnet was.

They can cleanse the palette in a way that gets all of the showtunes out of my head. Though Rent is a spectacular piece of art. Sorry...must think metal...

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Video: "Shine A Light" by Shabazz Palaces

It's pretty normal for me to give you a bit of a write up on the music and video...but this time Shabazz Palaces gives us a dollop of surreality for our collective viewing and listening pleasure.

Just when I thought I'd unraveled the riddle, another pickle came out. It's a riddle wrapped inside of an enigma.

Tell me what you think this is all about in the comments.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Video: "Enemy" by Ivy Crown

It's been a couple months since we've heard from Ivy Crown, but they're back and getting weird with their the video for Enemy.

They're continuing to be bad ass this time crunching cars and then wearing ultra violet paint. It's refreshing to see, at least somewhat of, a concept video in 2017 instead of the ubiquitous lyric videos.

Ivy Crown's first two singles only make me wonder one thing...where in the world is the album?

Become their BFFs on Facebook.

EP Review: "Sign with Blood" by TERRA INCΩGNITA

Sign with Blood
There's nothing better in this world than that feeling of nostalgia.

Of course that's hyperbole, but as this is the internet, and ACTUALLY!!! is totally thing, just go with me and let's move on.

There's a belief that our personalities are cemented around the age of fourteen or fifteen, who knows if that's actually true, but when I was around that age, Iron Maiden was in free fall.

No Prayer For The Dying led into Fear of the Dark which led to Bruce Dickinson following Adrian Smith exiting the band.

The Mercyful Fate reunion came and went....(Let's face fact it degenerated into King's solo band minus Andy LaRoque plus Hank Shermann. My melodic metal heroes were all falling by the wayside. (Of course King Diamond was still going, but that era of his's not looked back on fondly by me...)

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Video: "Here We Go Again" by Six Feet Deeper

Let's introduce a group of Swedes from the town of Stockholm. I think we all know what happens in Stockholm.

After the first two minutes, this video's going to hold you captive, and before the fourth minute you're going to be empathetic to their plight.

All serious jokes aside, this band is from Sweden and they're not metal. Addendum, they do not appear to kill wolves.

Check out their single below and ask them about rail travel on Facebook.

Interview: Brandon Kellum of American Standards

American Standards
One of the kinds of music that leaves me wanting is Hardcore.

It's not something I blame on the bands, but squarely on myself.

When it comes to music that's off the beaten path, like Punk Rock and all of it's many offshoots, it requires a spirit guide to help you hear it and know what it is.

I've never had that spirit guide, so I use my time and my webspace to learn more about it from the practitioners themselves.

Brandon Kellum of American Standards stopped by the Glacially Musical Railway Loan Office, Platform 9-3/4's to answer non-standard questions...

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Interview: Severin Allgood of Namazu

Here's our latest get to know you feature on Severin Allgood of Namazu.

Namazu's a new band made up of veteran fellows from the metal scene of Memphis, TN. It's not often that we get into music from Tennessee really.

What struck me about their press release is that they hate my banjo. If I owned a banjo and was totally metal, I think that might possibly cause me to write a dis track.

In the meantime, it's all good.

GM: What made you want to become a musician?

LP Review: "Excerpts From A Future Past" by Hällas

Excerpts From a Future Past
He may have been spoken of before on these very pages, but his name shall never be forgotten and his legacy will be forever affirmed.

There was once a man whose eyes we've never seen. A man who stood behind curtains on stage as to confuse the spotlight operator.

This giant, also placed his leather coat on the mic stand while stalking the areas of the stage no man of woman born should ever trod.

His name you ask?

He was Mitch Hedberg. Where is he now? He has gone to join his ancestors on the other side or the veil. He was thrown off of the horse. What did he do?

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Video: "Echolocation" by Gone Is Gone

Let's get something quite crystal a music listener, neither Mastodon nor Queens Of The Stone Age do anything for me. However, similarly to Dinosaur Jr. doing nothing for me, both Lou Barlow and J Mascis have released spectacular solo records.

With that in mind, here's a video from Gone Is Gone, featuring members of both Mastodon and Queens of the Stone Age. The video is creepy which harkens back to a time of circus side shows.

Perhaps it's the current affairs news lens I'm seeing this in, but there seems to be a bit about exploitation and empathy here too...

If you dig this, pick up the record HERE and ask them all about the show on Facebook.

Concert Review: Marty Friedman At Fubar

Marty Friedman
As it so happens, this blogger, his friends, and his crew all tend to attend shows at Fubar on Locust St. in St. Louis on a pretty regular basis.

For the past nearly 4 years, Fubar has been some what of a second home to me and mine, though we are not recognized at the bar.

Precious, they should recognizes us's.

After all these shows, The Fubar has become rather comfortable. In fact, there are at least three more shows to attend this year....but that aside...

One thing that's rare at Fubar, is a line.

Upon depositing the Death Metal Prius at a meter, we walked towards the door...and there was something a bit different. There was this line...and it was drawn of people.

In fact, the last time I'd seen anything of this sort at this Midtown St. Louis Club was for MC Chris, and that wasn't even reviewed. This may sound like there's never any quality shows at this little venue, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Normally, it's disheartening to see how few St. Louisans can turn out for a great show.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Video: "Revontulet" by Noituma

Finnish Folk Metallers, Noituma, have released a lyric video for their latest single, Revntulet.

In what's one of the best jokes on Americans who do not listen to extreme metal, the lyrics are completely in Finnish. Even with the words on the screen, it's completely indecipherable.

That's of course ignoring one simple fact: Music is a universal language.

The strings, the drums, and the guitars tell the story as much as do the growled, Finnish lyrics.

Check out the tune below and ask them about Kaalikääryleet on Facebook. You could always go one better and get the album on Bandcamp (name your own price).

EP Review: "Cerebra" by Project Renegade

The world is very skewed again.

When this happens it's best to attempt to find something to distract oneself from the turmoil surrounding us.

There's a constant onslaught of absolute insanity happening in the United States.

It's important that we not bury our heads, but find time in order to stick our heads in the sand, at least for a short while.

As the charismatic, iconic, and beautiful man, Randal Graves put it, down time is very important to me.

Without that downtime, we know what Graves was going to do with the deep fryer. It's best that he and Dante Hickes re-opened the Quick Stop if you think about it.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Vinyl Review: "Errors" by Absolutely Not

After many more "you're going to remember where you were when this happened" moments in the past eight months that anyone has ever thought possible, the fact that there's still emotion in my soul is kind of a wonderful thing right now.

As this is being written, it's 1:08 PM CST in my sitting room in St. Louis, MO on August13th.

Yes, Charlottesville, VA happened over the past couple days and I'm raw. Music and politics will be and have been inextricably linked for the following and preceding millenniums.

As there was a KKK/Nazi Rally in the United States, that President Trump didn't disavow or denounce, it seems serendipitous that on my turntable is a raging, punk record by an LGTBQ group.

It's still infuriating that their not being straight white males is relevant in 2017, but here we are.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Video: "Demon" by M.A.G.S.

So, this email says something about a fuzzrock band from Buffalo, NY. In a previous life, I was an infrequent visitor to that delicious Rustbelt City. Seeing the broken down factories as we drove to the football stadium, well it hurt.

And let's not forget all the commercials on Buffalo Sabres games for the Buffalo Center for excessive sweating. Or the Stinger Pizza, which I've not been able to replicate in St. Louis.

Also, Fuzzrock too I the meantime check out this surrealistic video featuring a neanderthal skull made of cookie dough.

Also, ask them about that dough on Facebook.

Single Review: "He Tried To Kill Me With A Forklift" by Valence

He Tried To Kill Me With A Forklift
Normally we don't do reviews of singles at Glacially Musical, but frankly, the title interested me.

As someone who's logged about 200 hours driving a forklift, this caught my eye.

Thinking back to all of my forklift experiences, the races, the stacking of boxes on the docks at my part time job... All of those months on the forklift.

It was to earn money to get to Hong Kong. There was a man who caused great suffering in my family when he murdered my father. This sort of heinous act cannot stand.

Lan Di will feel the heat of my fists as I seek my revenge....

Wait...that wasn't my life, that was Shenmue.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Video: "Rat In My House" by The By Gods

You might remember my personal ranting and raving over the quality on which The By Gods seem to have the market cornered.

They have a new record coming out on October 20, Move On and like Palpatine with Anakin, I'll be watching for that with great interest.

The band will be doing a run of dates in the US and some spots in the UK. Keep an eye open for the dates soon!

In the meantime quiz the band about their unrivaled collection of fuzz pedals on Facebook.