Wednesday, November 1, 2017

EP Review: "Archaic Malevolence" by Infected Dead

Archaic Malevolence
How's your day going?

Is there any chance there's been some news of developments that your friends are in big, big trouble?

What about someone who worked for you going to prison over the way he conducted himself?

There are times in this world when it feels like everything is against us. How many times did Jay Fatbuds scream that very thing in the View Askew movies?

Now, here's some good news!

Whens things come crashing down on you, there's always somewhere you can turn. Music will be your only friend until the end....even if you go to federal prison.

Infected Dead
Infected Dead's upcoming EP is the perfect soundtrack to destroying every single breakable thing in your home.

They're a modern death metal band with a metalcore edge.

Imagine kind of Carcass on crystal meth and you'll get a hazy picture of what this five piece can do.

Now, when I say a metalcore edge, don't expect any of the silly clean singing, never ending breakdowns, but do expect some extreme brutality.

Because our friends from Kent do play at Slayer speed, but on a bit of uppers, it's something that can be a bit difficult for the unaccustomed ear. There's a reason why they play jazz slowly, because the listener can adjust.

When you change this much so quickly many listeners can be turned off. So be among the brave and listen to the searing metal of Infected Dead.

Release: 12/08/17
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Hostile Media

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