Friday, November 24, 2017

LP Review: "Blades, Chains, Whips, & Fire" by Magick Touch

Blades, Chains, Whips, & Fire
About five years ago, this guy was standing inside of the Firebird for the first time.

Kill Devil Hills, featuring Rex Brown, was headlining the venue that night. It was actually a large night of firsts for me.

My first interview with a legitimate star, first show in the firebird, and the first time that friend stood me up.

But the point of all of this, isn't Brown, KDH, or whatever, but the fact that this band came out and went crazy town on me for about 45 minutes...they also sold me my first new vinyl record.

Crobot was funky and chunky, lean and mean, surf and turf, and most of all, they were sharp and tarp. I'm also given to understand they have a hot sauce that could be quite tasty.

What they showed me that  night is that we were all missing out on new rockers. If you huck a penny at any of our night club districts, you'll probably wing about fifteen national metal bands....but how many rockers?

Magick Touch
Now, we talked about Crobot in order to lead into these crazy Norwegians, so I should tell you that Magick Touch and Crobot have very little in common.

Magick their video they have a Love Gun-esque Love Gun with Magick Touch written on it...just going to point that out.

If you get it..kudos.

There are times when these brash fellas from Norway do encroach on Crobot's territory, Kiss territory, and just about anybody else's turf.

They're certainly not concerned about being influenced by a single band or genre. They really take it all over the place.

What's absolutely great about this record is it scratches that itch I didn't even know I had.

Cycles are the purview of humanity and it appears that rock might be cycling back. Between Magick Touch, Grand Royale, and Old James....there might just be a nice little resurgence, even if it's being led by northern Europeans!

If you have an'll need a Magick Touch to scratch it just right.

Release: 1/5/18
Genre: Rock
Label: Edged Circle Productions

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