Friday, August 3, 2012

Welcome To My Glacier

Good afternoon.

Thank you for stopping by today. This is my introduction to what I am doing with this bit of the web. I am going to begin by explaining who I am and what I do.

My name is Nik and I'm also the author of the 13 Blog. There I review, beers, slingers, fish frys, and other slightly strange food stuffs. Though I am a big sports fan, beer snob, father, and a thousand other things, my first love has always been music. An old friend of mine has always like to throw a quote of mine back into my face in a fairly sarcastic tone..."I was a music buff when I was eight." I suppose music buff was a pretty poor choice of words, but it is an accurate statement. At that very early age, I can remember Kiss taking the make up off and the premiere of the "Lick It Up" video on Friday Night Videos. Iron Maiden, Quiet Riot, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Run DMC, the Fat Boys, Black Sabbath, The Beastie Boys and so on and so forth. Over time, my tastes grew and I now appreciate a bit wider variety of music than I did when i was little, but I still love all of those old bands as well.

Have you ever seen "Almost Famous?" It's one of my all time favorite movies. My wife and I watched the "Untitled" extended cut the other night when it was too hot to sleep here in St. Louis. What's strange is, even though I play guitar, I always wanted to live my life like the William Miller character, even though I play the guitar and had some bands back in my salad days. The idea of going on the road with a band for a week, or less, from time to time is thrilling to me. Partially because I wouldn't be away from my family too much, and partially because I love writing. Now, I'm starting to wax poetic about a movie, so let's cut to the chase. I love music. I love to write about music. So, I have decided to begin this website in the hopes that it leads me to bigger and better things as time goes on.

What this blog will be is a running diary of my life as a consumer of music. As many of my tweeps know, I buy a lot of CDs. It was once said to me that I was driving the economic recover just on the power of my CD purchases! Since then, I have had to become a member of Amazon Prime in order  to save some cash over time and get my orders more quickly. I typically purchase between 6 and 10 albums per month and over the past two years I have been on the look out for new music. For the first time in my life, the majority of my music purchases are either current year albums of established bands, or they're current year releases of new bands. In the past 12 months I have probably picked up on fifty or more new bands.

So, I don't know if I'm out there buying as much music as I'd like to think am comparatively, but I'm always getting something new. Even if like this week, two of the CDs were years old, like when "In Utero" by Nirvana and "Fused" by Tony Iommi arrived. Before I noticed "Fused" in my Amazon recommendations, I had no idea he had even done another solo album, but here we are and that's kind of the story behind one of the columns I plan on having on this blog: "From The Vault." Sometimes I just want have the disposable income to purchase new music because, let's be honest, life does throw out some curve balls and sometimes I need beer money more than I need CD money. So, in those days, I'm going to pick out a CD from my collection that's something I think the wider world may have missed out on, like perhaps "BK3" by Bruce Kulick, or "Get Yo Ass To The Table" by Left Lane Cruiser.

I also try to attend as many concerts as I can. This Monday, I am going to Columbia, MO to see mc chris, which will be my first concert review and I should also have a CD to review from that concert as well. I will also have another show to review this month. In the near term however, I'll be reviewing the CDs that I have gotten over the past few months that are all 2012 releases. I should have my first review up this weekend.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this new endeavor.

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