Monday, December 11, 2017

Split LP Review: "Split LP/CD" by Bunkur and Mordor

Split LP/CD
Once more we go into our oft tread fields of Splits.

They've become one of my absolute favorite things to cover if we're being completely honest with each other.

Today though, there was a terrifying thought in my head as I was listening to this album.

Glacially Musical is, frankly, a cheerleader website. It's no secret that we only do positive reviews. My philosophy is that quality music is  not only being made, but being made in abundance.

This labor of love was started when it came to my attention that music was still worth a damn and The Big Four weren't the only ones still making music we all need to hear. It's actually a method of keeping my readership lower than it could be. No one wants to read about positive stuff all the time. So thank you for being here.

At the halfway point of the first side, it occurred to me, oh lord, what if side two totally sucks? Then what do I do?

Well, let's start at the beginning. Here we have two unchartable doom metal bands throwing caution to the wind. To begin with we have Bunkur.

They're a veteran doom band from the Netherlands. It seems like we get a lot of the Danes around here. The side they contributed to this endeavor, just like the second side is a cover and a single track.

They chose to put their spin on Carnivore's The Subhuman.

The original release of this one clocks in at eleven minutes, but Bunkur felt like that there was a lot more to explore in this epic track in even more epic fashion and their version clocks in at twenty one minutes!

It's a spacious track filled by wailing howls. It's slow enough that you'd be able to track the growth of a blade of grass to this song.

I cannot even tap my foot as slow as this song. It's also about as heavy as a ton of lead on Saturn.

Filling up the second side is Mordor's cover of the Venom classic, In League With Satan.

Again, this track was expanded and somewhat reinvisioned. It's not titled In League With Wotan. We're not quite sure who this Wotan is, but he's probably a bad ass.

In this case, the source material was familiar to me and it didn't readily stick out as the original tune.

Like Side A, this song is slow, low, and full of twists.

It's even scarier than the original Venom song, which was was made, presumably just to scare the bourgeoisie.

Mission accomplished. This is the kind of record you curl up with on a winter's night.

Release: 12/15/17
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Nuclear War Now
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