Wednesday, December 6, 2017

LP Review: "Viscères" by Bind Torture Kill

In an attempt to move forward and explore different genres today we're looking at Post-Hardcore.

This is new to me, so an exploration of what all of this is feels essential.

Hardcore Punk is punk rock that's harder and more aggressive than regular punk rock.

OK, this all seems rather simple and understandable. Punk Rock though, is pretty aggressive, so in my head, it would appear that Hardcore Punk is the link between Punk Rock and Grindcore.

Now, let's move onto Post-Hardcore.

It's described as something more creative and artistic than Hardcore and Punk Rock that incorporates essences of Post-Punk and Noise-Rock.

Frankly, these terminologies still confound me. The idea that something is post something brings to mind that these movements are dead.

However, bumper stickers that say Punk's Not Dead are pretty prevalent in my area.

Not only that, but there are several releases sent to me under the hardcore label...

Well, moving on....

Viscères is heavy as is probably to be expected.

It's also more involved than standard punk rock, which should also be expected. 

The only thing remotely noisy about it would be the vocals, but they're hardly constantly noisy. There's even some very strong groove sections in this album.

On this album, it sounds like a group of people who've grown fed up. They've lost their collective temper and they're wailing at the world.

There are passages featuring calms, but they're always before the storm.

There's certainly no guitar solos here, but that hardly seems surprising. This is a band on the edge and they've captured that in the studio.

Release: 1/28/17
Genre: Post-Hardcore
Label: WOOAARGH Records

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