Monday, December 18, 2017

LP Review: "Sewer Fiends" by Rotheads

Sewer Fiends
In this world there is nothing like personal tradition.

My family and I are making our own traditions and they bring us great memories as we look back on them.

Think about what your grandmother used to do during holidays. Even when I think about her prayer before dinners, I still smile and think that it was just a part of what we did.

The feeling for that which is familiar is a most powerful emotion. It's capable of elevating our mood or it can bring us crashing down.

Music is no different. Many fans reach a point where they're done with new music, because as the epochs change, the styles change and it's no longer familiar. It's this new beast that sounds like muddled noise....crabcore (it's a thing) I'm looking at you....

Romanian death metallers Rotheads have all the power of nostalgia and the familiar in their music.

They play a brand of death metal that's heavy on the Tampa Bay and leans a bit more on the thrash roots.

Firstly, let's give a big amount of praise to the production of this record.

It's absolutely stunning.

In vintage death metal, there was always a tendency to put that snare over the top, which crushed the riffs.

Here, the riffs are on full display. Rothead nimbly switches from classic Tampa Bay style riffs to early thrash and even tosses in a little bit of Pantera in there.

Inspired riffing and doubly inspired guitar solos make these sounds amazing. Not to be content with simply doubling each other, the guitars interact giving the thunderous guitars a touch of depth that many death metal acts don't have.

Rotheads is able to add in different elements into a throwback death metal record to the point that it does sound vintage, but it never feels like they're covering the same old ground.

Release: 1/28/17
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Memento Mori

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