Friday, April 4, 2014

"Infallible" by Fisthammer

Here is another death record from Philadelphia. You may recall my raving about Coffin Dust. It would appear that a scene is developing.

These bands are both full on brutal death metal, but they sound distinctly different from the standard Tampa Bay style death metal that has been so prevalent in the USA and beyond over the years.

Philly's own Fisthammer has been at this as a band since 2008. Their first record, "Devour All You See," was released in 2012 and for our perusal today, we have their sophomore effort.

They have been on tour with bands like Master and Sacrificial Slaughter. Perhaps this has helped them mature far more quickly than had they been left to their own devices.

Long hair and beards is how you metal.
The most readily apparent trait about this band is that, for the most part, their songs do not contain intros. Presumably, John McCarthy, the drummer, counts off to four and away they go pedal to the metal death metal.

After listening to a few songs, their outros become rather conspicuous. Instead of the conventional RAWR growling and double bass/double cymbals and then stopping, Fisthammer actually craft small song within a song outros. In some cases those are truly beautiful.

In those outros, and the interlude, there is some truly inspired guitar work, both acoustic and electric. When was the last time you heard significant acoustic guitar on a death metal record?


The guitar work, at 2,000 miles an hour is truly in the upper echelon of death metal. It's not just the double picked Tampa Bay Riffs, or the powerchorded chugs. It's literally all of it with the closest thing to blast beats that a guitarist can muster.

There are guitar fills where that feel like entire solos crammed into two bars. This band's groove and use of dynamic are second to none in metal.

Because of the aforementioned, their record does not feel like a forty five minute song, but a collection or an album of songs. There is even differentiation in the vocals. With about three different styles of delivery, it does not permeate the entire sound.

If you didn't get on board with Coffin Dust, here's your next chance to catch Philly's death metal train.

This is the best metal you're going to get for $7 this year...or just remove the qualifier.

Release: 3/11/14
Genre: Metal, Death Metal
Label: DIY
Run time: 45:38
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1.Arithmos Tou Theriou
2. Evoking the Wrath of the Revenants
3. Temple of Poseidon
4. Automation of Flesh
5. Doom of the Gods Part 2: Nidhoggr Winged Serpent O
6. Dismal Inveracity
7. Interlude
8. The Coven
9. Thousand Yard Stare
10. Conjuration of the Fire God

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