Monday, April 21, 2014

"Warranted Queen" by Arum Rae

Arum Rae (formerly known as White Dress) a singer from Brooklyn, NYC, via Austin, via Boston, and more. Nothing in her story is simple.

Born in New York City, relocated to Austin, and received a scholarship to the Berklee College of Music. This where she learned to play guitar. This is where she learned the inverse of the lesson that so many guitar players learn, you must play and sing in order to never rely on others, but she sang first, instead of the inverse.

She has toured extensively with some very major players including Willie Nelson and B.B. King.

It's a good thing she changed from white dress, because frankly that's a pretty common term for the google and finding information on her in that stage of her career is darned near impossible!

Miss Rae and Friend.
The most used adjective for vocals, that aren't brutal, on this site is most likely haunting. This is most likely the case as I don't pay much attention to vocals and the ones that catch my ear are different...but here we are again with vocals that feel a bit left of center and as I've yet to find another proper adjective, they are haunting.

This is a synthpop blues record with some new school Page & Plant thrown in.There are some very subtle Eastern melodies in the back ground.

Where this album succeeds where a similar artist failed, is that there is more to this record than just the vocals and the drum beat.

There is guitar. There are real drums. There are strange melodies in the background. Toss in a little Jack White reverb, but on the vocals instead of the guitar and you've got a good idea about what's going on here.

It's definitely a fun EP and we'll be watching her to see what comes next.

Release: 4/22/14
Genre: Pop, Synth pop
Label: DIY
Run time: 16:01

1) 2001
2) Warranted Queen
3) Something's Happening To Me
4) I'm Smoke
5) Proof

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