Friday, April 25, 2014

Eponymous by Vampire

Here's a band from Sweden. It's a bit hard to believe that death metal records still come out of Sweden, but here we are.

Like Ghost, Kiss, and others, Vampire's identities remain a secret and horror is a very big theme in their writing. Mystique as a thing that can never hurt a metal band.

Remember, there was nothing worse than seeing Ozzy Osbourne taking out his garbage after the mystique was gone.

This album was a recorded in a fully analog studio between September and October of 2013. The place is owned by pop musicians and rarely do they ever work with metal bands. Due to their recording in an old fashioned studio, the music has a warm feel to it that modern day equipment just cannot touch.

Which one is Dracula?
This album quickly leaves the gates as old school death metal, but it ends in more than just that.

The guitars are high gain, but not to the chainsaw level. There is no serious downtuning. They are not playing in Dropped B Flat here.

The vocals are angry and scary, but the listener can hear words being sung, instead of guttural howls that sound like the singer is choking on his own blood...hey it wouldn't be the first time.

The bass guitar features fairly prominently in the mix. It's warm and full. From time to time, the bassist takes center stage with some grooving walking basslines that stay heavy, scary, and keep the songs moving along.

This band stops on a dime and goes full 180 without warning. From thundering chugs to acoustic arpeggios, this band can seemingly do it all. The drumming leads the madness from behind. All the double bass blast beats are organic and not enhanced by synthesizers.

The mixing of this record is stunning. It's warm and full. No one part of the music overpowers the mix. This allows the atmospheric subtleties of the music stand out fully. So many death metal bands fail at this.

Release: 3/18/14
Genre: Metal, Death Metal
Label: Century Media
Run time: 36:45
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Track list:
1) Orexis
2) Howl From The Coffin
3) At Midnight I'll Possess Your Corpse
4) Ungodly Warlock
5) The Bestial Abyss
6) Black Deserts
7) Jaws of the Unknown
8) The Fen
9) Cellar Grave Vampire
10) Under the Grudge

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