Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"Walking Through Hell" by Hidden Intent

Until very recently, I was rather unaware of the thrash metal movement going on in the Australian continent and islands.

It would appear that thrash metal was placed on a boat circa 1992 and finally copies of Kill'Em All have been circulated to every single guitar store in Sydney, Melbourne, and New Zealand.

So, this is another Australian metal band, Hidden Intent. Hidden Intent formed in 2011 by lead bassist/lead vocalist (very thrash), Chris McEwen, who's supported by guitarist Phil Bennet, and lead drummer Jay Rahaley.

It's very clear that this very powerful power trio has an equally powerful sense of humor as that's how the credited themselves, but the little vignettes and the final track, Bass Wankage, kind of seal it up. These days in the music biz, if you don't have a sense of humor, what do you have?

Only two of these guys play lead.
As they say themselves, this record is very reminiscent of early Metallica, Slayer, etc. There is one big difference between the sound of Walking Through Hell and Show No Mercy: the guitar tone.

Bennet has his under control and already dialed in perfectly. He does not sound like he's playing a rusty chainsaw, but a perfectly oiled, speed metal machine. Both his tone and his chops are equally polished.

From galloping rhythms to orchestral feeling solos, he does it all at the same time the rhythm section plays with him and builds the house high and strong. As the trio appear to be well studied on thrash, they have quickly learned how to make their songs sound different, a trick Slayer might need to pick up soon.

The only issue with this fine record is that McEwen is imitating the Tom Araya scream. Can someone please send this man a copy of Reign In Blood STAT! If the vocals were slightly heavier, this album would be thrash metal perfection, but considering it's a debut record, let's all agree to check back on the next record.

That way we can see what they have in store for us. Hidden Intent is a band with loads of potential and the sky's the limit. They have the talent and the ability.

Release: 4/28/14 (In the States)
Genre: Metal, Thrash Metal
Label: Punishment 18
Run time: 44:06
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Track list:
1. Confession
2. Walking Through hell
3. Trhough Your Eyes
4. Betrayed
5. Die Inside
6. Good Friday Thrash
7. Get What You Can Get
8. Face Your Demon
9. Creature of Habit
10. Black Hole
11. Bass Wankage

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