Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"Reflections" by Ferium

For today's consideration, we have the latest album by an Israeli band, Ferium.

Ferium was formed in Hafia, Israel in 2006. "Reflections" is their full length debut LP. They did release an EP in 2009, and a demo of this record in 2013, but this is their first full length ablum.

For me, it's always very important to put into context what a band is, where they have come from and whom I think they are.

For Ferium, it's not as simple as all that. For many bands, they are death metal, or English metal, or stoner metal, or blues, or delta blues, or like others, they weave in and out of many styles in order to achieve what the song can achieve.

This is the best way to describe Ferium.

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Ferium is not trying to win the heavy metal arms race.

Their guitars are not supersaturated with distortion. The drummer is not doing blastbeats constantly through every song.

The vocals are not completely growled for every verse and every chorus.

The guitars are big and full. They chug along with groove and power. Leads and melody lines are played when they are applicable.

The drums, the traditional backbone of rock, act as not only the foundation, but the central nervous system. Every zig, every zag, and every breakdown is led by the drums. Expertly played and wonderfully dynamic.

With each successive track, the music changes. From old fashioned heavy metal to serious death metal. Ferium really has a lot of personality issues, but doesn't that just make for a wonderfully uneven record?

I think so.

Release: 4/8/14
Genre:  Metal (All)
Label: Transcend Music
Run time:
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Track list:

  1. By the Book
  2. DownHill from Nothing
  3. The Very Existence
  4. Mirror
  5. Side Effects
  6. The Black Eyes
  7. Lust Fool
  8. Caustic Value
  9. Change of Winds
  10. Business on Demand
  11. Blood
  12. Reflections

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