Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"Back From Beyond" by Massacre

First and foremost, I am a music fan and that's why I do this. Sometimes, I'll see the buzz about a record and think, I really need to hear that album. Well, that's how I was feeling about Massacre's first full length LP since 1996.

This band has a very interesting and unique history. The members here have cross pollinated with Death, Obituary, etc. They even did an EP with Cronus of Venom.

That's even cooler than Volbeat doing a song with King Diamond, but they did do a tour with Fate guitarist, Hank Shermann.

Massacre has a very Tampa Bay Death sound and one of the most interesting histories of break ups, reunions, and more. At this point, Massacre has two original members all of the original fury.

Massacre 2014
Like most Tampa Bay Death Metal bands, it's easy to spot them just as soon as they plug in.

Massacre has the appropriate sludge, thunder, and growl. Like many bands in the scene, the singer is nearly intelligible sometimes.

Too many death acts sound like the singer didn't even take the time to write down any lyrics before the red light came on...

As per policy, we won't be discussing lyrical content, but it's nice when you know the singer is actually speaking in words and not grunts like in "The Jungle Book."

Like their brethren, the beats are blasting, the breakdowns are epic, and the solos melt faces. The solos have a really nice Kerry King feel to them, especially with that Floyd Rose dive bombs.

Like many of the old school death metal bands, there is a real drummer really playing the double bass and the fullness of it cannot be touched by 1,000BPM blast beats typed into a MacBook and Protools.

The death metal revival is on and I'm glad Massacre decided to get in on the party.

Release: 4/1/14
Genre: Metal, Death Metal
Label: Century Media
Run time: 45:35
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Track list:
1. The Ancient Ones
2. As We Wait To Die
3. Ascension of the Deceased
4. Hunter's Blood
5. Darkness Fell
6. False Revelation
7. Succumb To Rapture
8. Remnants of Hatred
9. Shield of the Son
10. The Evil within
11. Sands of Time
12. Beast With Vengeance
13. Back From Beyond
14. Honor The Fallen

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