Monday, February 17, 2014

"This Cemetery, My Kingdom" by Coffin Dust

Ladies and gentlemen, for your consideration, we have a group of death metalers from Philadelphia, PA who've been assailing unsuspecting audiences for the past four years. Today we have their fourth release, but first full length LP.

Sludge. Thrash. Tampa Bay Death Metal. All of these words would aptly describe the aforementioned Coffin Dust. They have developed a new kind of metal, that sadly would go unnoticed by legions outside of the know.

The growls and screams of Deicide, the seriously precise riffing of Metallica, the sludge of High On Fire,  and the punch of Carcass. Things in this world must have names. This new kind of metal will henceforth be known as Thrampa Slay Dudge Core Metal.

They seem like nice, normal boys. (Missi Anne Ferri)
Is that nomenclature a bit too specific? Perhaps a bit too difficult to say? That's how hard it was to find out what this band is all about.

First and foremost, they're a death metal band through and through, but they have the sensibilities and influences from a variety of metal.

They tiptoe on the line between cliche and convention and when you think they'll jump right into cliche, they double back and jump into another kind of metal.

If you're looking for deathly growls, howls, and some strange symbolism, then these boys have you covered. If you're looking for blast beats, searing solos, and a thudding snare drum, then these boys have you covered..

What makes this album a great work is that unlike some of the death metal legends, nothing sounds too reminiscent of you just heard in the previous track, a Metallica calling card. Instead of the power chorded chugs of some death metal, or the single note lines of others, Coffin Dust RIFFS like their lives depend on it. Throw in some Carcass like breakdowns, a few guest vocals, and more groove and sludge than you can shake a fibula at, and you have an idea what this band is like.

Release date: 2/18/14
Genre: Metal, Death Metal
Label: Unholy Anarchy Records
Run time: 55:11
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1) The Obelisk
2) Ancient Rites of Buried Evil
3) Crack Open a Cold One
4) Coffin Dust
5) Homicidal Tendencies
6) Saw-Wolf
7) Sir Doohme, The Coffin Master
8) Mary Jane Rotten Crotch
9) Bone Head
10) Pig Roast
11) The Portal in the Crystal Casket
12) This Cemetery, My Kingdom

Preorder from Unholy Anarchy Records

NOTE: Super extended version of the title track as performed in August 2013.

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