Thursday, February 6, 2014

"Rock Them Back To Hell!" by Left Lane Cruiser

Rock Them Back To Hell
It has been awhile since we've heard from the psychobilly Blues duo from Fort Wayne, Indiana (Home of the Komets! The last and only time I was in Fort Wayne for more than a fill up was in April of 2001 to see the Missouri River Otters RIP play the Fort Wayne Komets...good times.)

It's been about a year and a half since any  new music of theirs has crossed my desk and into my iTunes, but it was a killer album with old friend, James Leg. One the greatest things about this band is that they are one of the most hard working outfits in the business today.

When they are not in the studio, they're on the road. These two guys are just a pair of amazing road dogs. In the time that they have been on my radar, they have played in St. Louis at least four times for very reasonable pricing.

Freddie IV and Sausage Paw
Freddie's vocals are well, let's say that they have a John Lee Hooker level of musicality to them, "Boom, Boom, Boom" era John Lee Hooker, or maybe " Hooker n' Heat" era. In the past they sang about such important topics as twenty four hour restaurants, pork and beans, and the Waffle House....which I think we can all get behind these, but on this album there's a bit more meat to the songwriting. The track "Coley" really comes to the fore here.

Not only are the lyrics, well, a bit heart wrenchingly beautiful. That song really shows how far these two guys have grown, now their fifth studio album, if you count "Painkillers," and you should. Not only are the lyrics more mature, but this song is in twelve bar blues. They are showing musical and lyrical growth on this album. They haven't strayed so far from the formula as to arouse disdain, but they are adding colors to their palette so they can paint more types of pictures. It was also really nice to hear Freddie's resonator on this record.

I'm not going to say it's their best effort, or they're definitive record, but that's just because they haven't made it yet, but "Rock Them Back To Hell" is the first step to them making that record. Get it.

Release date: 9/17/2013
Genre: Blues
Run time: 40:54
Label: Alive-Natural Sound

1) Zombie Blocked
2) Electrify
3) Neighborhood
4) Juice To Get Loose
5) Overtaken
6) Be So Fine
7) Jukebox
8) Coley
9) Paralyze Ya
10) Righteous


  1. Thanks for sharing. Sent this to my bro who lives up in FT Wayne, sure he has seen them :)

  2. Thanks! I have only been inside Fort Wayne once for more than a gas fillup. I had driven up to see my favorite minor league hockey team play there. It was an interesting experience to say the least....

    I've had the pleasure of seeing these two live in a very small venue as well. I would totally recommend it if you like down and dirty blues. This enterprising pair has released now 5 full albums in their career...

    And they don't appear to be slowing down at all.