Friday, August 19, 2016

LP Review: "Necronomidonkeykongimicon" by Goblin Cock

So rules pretty much suck don't they?

Normally, bands with expletives in their name, titles, or let's say, colorful cover art, get passed over by me every single time.

However, enter Goblin Cock.

Well, it wasn't spelled out to me precisely enough, but it's far more likely that it's what you think it is rather than a specific Goblin style rooster.

Frankly, what drew me in was the title of the album. Necronomidonkeykongimicon. That's a really cool title.

Then let's really interpret the cover. There's a masked man, holding a BC Rich Warlock whilst casting spells out of the Necronomicon. Granted, we all know what that book really is, but in a fantasy mindset, it's very cool. Just based on the title of this record alone, I needed to hear it.

And the lyrics are printed in Ancient here we go.

Goblin Cock, I guess.
Now, look at the press photo, there are more folks than this guy in the band, but it reads like a kid trying to be seen. Frankly, it reminded me a little bit more of myself during high school than is preferable....

So what is this thing?

Goblin Cock is a metal band of some sort. They're self Described Comic Book Metal.

That in an of itself is cooler than cool. How many bands in the 90's derided metal for that very reason?

Kim Thayil, I'm looking at you.

For lack of a better term, this is doom metal, but on meth. Faster than your average doom or stoner band, but never rising to the level of thrash metal.

Its tracks are heavily riff laden with the tone of the gods. Clearly the book is doing them good. The vocals are somewhere between Ghost and Ozzy, but never sounding like either one.

Gone are many conventional metal trappings. The double bass is rare. The drums won't blast the listener. Guitar solos are barely a concept here. Melody lines, production, and stories are what you'll find in side.

Listen to this album on vinyl. It's bound to brighten your day and smite your enemies. It's truly magical how this record has come together.

I'm not going to give you everything that's in here. Let's leave some of the magic alone. The spells need to be recited aloud to work anyway.

Release: 9/2/16
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Joyful Noise

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