Monday, August 8, 2016

Double LP Review: "Beyond The Veil" by Dark Forest

Beyond The Veil
This year, there has been much travelling in my life. Chicago, Joliet, Buffalo, San Francisco, Honolulu, Birmingham, and more I'm sure.

What all of this consistently reminds me of is how small I am in comparison to the rest of the world.

Not even the world, but just the United States of America.

When people emigrate here, they're typically astounded by the size. The great expanse of our country is something to truly behold.

But take that one step further.

In terms of geographic size, we are a small part of the planet earth and we only have five percent of the world's population. There is a giant universe that we have not even scratched. The immensity of creation can be something terrifying if looked at in the wrong context.

Dark Forest
If one is looking at the world, the galaxy, the universe wondering how do I fit in to all of this?

Oh boy here's an album for you!

Dark Forest is a heavy metal band from Merry Old England who've chosen to revert into the past to bring us a double LP of truly epic, folk metal.

Imagine the melodies of Middle Earth being played on electric guitars backed up by an octopus (with perfect time) on the drums.

That's a pretty good start as to where Beyond The Veil is going to take you. Pull back the curtain and see just how large and wonderful humanity and Earth can be.

Many times we will wax poetic about metal and its influences and is emotions. How often have you heard a metal record that rallies to achieve one's potential? To rise up and meet the bigness of the world instead of being crushed by it?

Dark Forest has done just that with Beyond The Veil. This album will take you back through time and fill up the emptiness inhabiting your soul.

And today this record was just what your friend and humble narrator needed. Listening to this album has brightened my day and improved my outlook in life.

Take their advice, let's all go out and change the world.

Release: 8/26/16
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Cruz Del Sur

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