Tuesday, August 2, 2016

LP Review: "Predatory Light" by Predatory Light

Predatory Light
The other night, we were assembling a shoe rack for our house.

This is the true tales of a music writer.

There are too many shoes in our house, so we got (another) new shoe rack to clear up some of the clutter. Though it only took us twenty minutes to put the entire rack together (not IKEA), it was certainly a chore.

Counting the pieces, making sure it's not wobbling, and bashing the whole thing together with the flat of my hand.

Though our project could have certainly been worse, it serves as a great example.

Because it hurts to create things. Watch as our children grow. My daughter experiences serious growing pains during her spurts. Let's not even talk about losing teeth, because we haven't reached that stage yet and I'm not prepared to think about it.

Predatory Light
Predatory Light's debut album is a conventional, but avant garde progressive death metal album.

This kind of music is what's really fueling my engine these days.

The songs are long. Predatory Light is not cutting corners on these tracks.

There's an odd sense of melody that comes along with a lo-fi drum sound which has a fresh feeling to it.

The songs do not feature a great deal of vocals and many times, there are primal screams over the melodically dissonant lead guitar riffs. This band is creating something new and it hurts.

In a metal or rock band, the rhythm section has to be the rock upon to build the foundation, and Predatory Light has thunder and lightning below the melodies and the screams.

This is a band who've just begun their ascent. For those of us with a wider color palette, this is someone to watch very closely.

Release: 9/23/16
Genre: Avant Garde Death Metal
Label: Invictus Productions

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