Tuesday, August 30, 2016

LP Review: "The Night Has A Thousand Eyes" by Chicken Diamond

The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
My apologies for my absence as of late. Life has a way of throwing you curve balls when you're looking for the heater.

It's easy to think about childhood. It's a care free time that many of us look back to as we inevitably age.

Personally, my life has been an interesting series of twists and turns that has led me to something that was simply unfathomable in my twenties and early thirties.

Keep on, keeping on and we can all improve our stations in life.

But all daily affirmations aside, during my halcyon days, the thing that really turned my crank for music was the quality of musicianship. Things like garage rock, punk rock, and even blues never were really on my radar, which is funny considering the company I keep in 2016...

Chicken Diamond is from France.

Which makes him not the first lo-fi blues act from France that we've talked about.

There must be a scene over there.

To begin with, I'm very confused by the name, but we shan't be covering that too deeply. It's not like this is the first artist's  name that hasn't been readily apparent to me.

Let's focus on the music itself.

This record has been spun three times, including twice today. Over and over it goes and the better and better it gets. Though minimalist, it's as big as life. Frankly, I cannot tell you what instruments are on this record.

In the simplest terms, Chicken Diamond sounds like The Doors (live not studio) being beaten up by Metallica, but not fancy high fallootin' 2016 Metallica, like 1982 Metallica with Ron McGovney.

This album does not feature long epics, pure blues, or surgically precise riffs. The Night With A Thousand Eyes is just a romp in the mud after drinking one too many.

So, it is quite like The Doors, at least in spirit anyway.

Release: OUT NOW
Label: DIY
Bandcamp (Digital, CD, Vinyl)

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