Monday, August 1, 2016

LP Review: "Chained To Oblivion" by Spirit Adrift

Chained To Oblivion
How often do you think about your education?

There are many things that we receive from our formative years spend in institutions of learning, and some of us in our later years in institutions of higher learning.

Speaking only for myself, my education helped me find my voice. It's very easy to have ideas, morals, and hopes, but being able to speak to them is a very different concept.

Being as my education was comprised of many writing courses, literature courses, and other such liberal studies, what really helped me was the essay test.

Essay tests are when students really show what they have learned and how they can apply their knowledge. They're typically best when application of the material is covered over the course of a few questions.

Phoenix, AZ's Spirit Adrift have definitely been able to find their collective voice.

This album, their full length debut, only has five tracks, but each of them is an essay.

Chained To Oblivion is a grade A essay test.

Fans of Baroness will find a new champion of gloom and doom music.

The songs are riffy, eerie, and slow. It's kind of like doomier version of the aforementioned band, but it never feels like a copy.

Sludgy and truthful is the best way to describe this album. The songs full of languishing chord progressions that feel ever so vibrant and never lack for any power.

This album is thunderous, but subdued.

Harmony solos and solid drumming round out the bottom of the sound. The pain is evident. 

No one is going to listen to this album and bask in the glory of shreds, abundant tempo and key changes, or anything of the like. There isn't any need to impress, there is only the need to speak.

So we  need to hear what they have to say.

Release: 8/12/16
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Prosthetic Records

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