Monday, June 1, 2015

Album Review: "Stories From A Fallen World" by Carnival of Flesh

Stories From A Fallen World
Let's talk about Black Metal.

I'm sure that some of you realize that I really don't much care for this particular genre of music.

In terms of my taste, I would liken it to country music. Yes there is some country (black metal) that I enjoy, but I find that too much country (black metal) today falls into certain genre stereotypes that just really turn me off.

So I find myself saying that I do not enjoy country (black metal), but of course there are always exceptions.

Today we review the latest album by Carnival of Flesh out of Belgrade, Serbia. I do believe this is the first time I've written about a Serbian band, but not the first time that I've written about Serbian Culture....

Carnival of Flesh
The album starts off with a slight introduction to who they are.

Upon first listen, this album sounds a bit like death metal. The brittle overdriven guitars, the double bass, though not blast beats, but then something else appears underneath...

A keyboard, but it's  not riffing, just playing some slow melodic lines underneath the music.

As the record continues to unfold, other talents of the band are loosed upon the listener...

The string section, the melodic riffs of the guitars, and the man of a thousand voices on vocals. That's what really caught my attention.

Extreme metal vocals can grow a bit tired after 30 minutes if nothing's changed up and there is nothing of that here. From "operatic" anthemic, to death metal growling, and yes, even some black metal vocals. This man does it all.

The guitars, though never flashy contribute melody lines to the strings and the keys.

Carnival of Flesh just goes to show that it's probably impossible to completely hate a genre of music. There's a gem for everyone in every genre.

Release: 6/2/15
Genre: Black Metal
Label: DIY
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