Wednesday, July 31, 2019

LP Review: "Zarathustrian Impressions" by Polemicist

Zarathustriam Impressions
Once again, we meet a new band from Philadelphia.

When I was there a number of years ago, there was a scene developing, as based on the records I was receiving, but I saw no evidence of it with my own eyes.

But let's be real, Gritty is fucking metal, and I would go to any hole in the wall metal club with that crazy SOB.

But furry streakers aside, let's get on with Polemicist. In the long standing tradition of polysyllabic names, theirs means one who stirs up controversial debate.

That's damned metal right there.

When you listen to the album, you're going to be greeted by an absolute buzzsaw of a record. They hover between Black and Death Metal. Their version of the hybrid is past satisfying. Consider all of the metal technicality of the latter with the abrasiveness of the former, and you've probably got a good idea of where they are coming from.

Polemicist aurally demonstrates why this music is called metal. This record is sharp, heavy, and will slice through human hip bones.


Taco Tuesday with Pinto Graham's Ant

Pinto Graham
I told you all about Pinto Graham's latest album, Dos, a little while back.

Now it's time to talk about Mexican let's have a Taco Tuesday on Wednesday.

Everybody loves Taco Tuesday, but what is the best time to eat tacos for you and how many tacos do you put back in a standard sitting.

Ant from Pinto Graham here and I am super stoked to do an interview on my love of Mexican food! Mexican food has been my favorite cuisine since I could remember.

In fourth grade, my teacher tasked us with a holiday project, “Christmas From Around The World,” and I immediately raised my hand and snagged Mexico. Many tacos were had at that fiesta. I also requested tacos for my birthday dinners many years as well.

I just have always loved tacos!

 The whole band is down with tacos too. Brian is from Argentina so he leans more toward meat dishes. Andre and his family have Taco Tuesday every single week! I, myself, eat Mexican dishes as much as possible.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Pizza Pie Do or Die with Tim of Hound The Wolves

How many times have you thought to yourself...

You know, I am going to start of these things with my friends and then before you know it, you're running an entire enterprise.

(I know that feel personally. That's how this started. It was just me writing about the music I

Well, Hound The Wolves started as an art they're a full fledged experienced based on the occult and other such things that scare baby boomers.

Check out their upcoming SPLIT.

Before we head into the chasms of life...let's talk about some pizza pie.

1. Pizza is the world's most perfect food. This is not up for debate. Please define pizza as based on your geographical location.

Monday, July 29, 2019

LP Review: "Damned In Endless Night" by Warcrab

Damned In Endless Night
There's nothing better than a split LP is there?

The only drawback they have is that you have to double up the hashtags when you're posting your sweet vinyl LPs on INSTAGRAM, am I right?

So this one's a bit of an odd pairing really.

It's also tracked a bit strangely. They don't have separate sides dedicated to each band, but appear to switch it up every few tracks.

On top of that, normally, you don't have these harsh death metal bands playing with grooving sludge bands do you?

Really, Damned In Endless Night is probably the most unique split I've ever... <checks notes>...

...never heard. It's the most unique split I've never heard as it's not a split.

Hailing from the UK, Warcrab appears to have yet to settle on what particular subgenre they're going to focus on. They switch back and forth from a stoner/sludge to a blackened death with alarming regularity.

This changing of styles so seamless that it doesn't give the sense of a parlor trick. We're not talking about Fear Factory's vocal change ups that never felt right. After some time of death metal obliteration, Warcrab moves into something a bit mellower that pulls the listener into a warm pocket.

Then, once that pocket's full...the band goes back into full ground assault and expels all contents of said pocket and the cycle repeats itself an a wonderfully satisfying way.


Vinyl Review: "Village Creep" by Leechfeast

Village Creep EP
It's been a little while since, but a band came along and into my emails by the name of Leechfeast.

If you're listening to The Dumb and Dumbest Podcast, perhaps you heard the episode with The Angry Metal Guy where he talked about hating to do negative reviews.

He discussed how he and his team (aka all of us in the metal blogging universe as well) choose their albums to review.

In the end, for us it's a lot like, just shopping. We know the PR firms, the labels, the genres, etc.

As he said, we want to like what we review. We don't ever want to hit anyone with a negative review.

So, this Leechfeast album hits my orbit. It didn't get my blood moving. It was bizarre.It was lethargic and the songs were amorphous. Essentially, there were four very large amoebas going basically wherever they wanted to.

Friday, July 26, 2019

EP Review: "Possession" by Overt Enemy

Thrash metal is a genre of music that, if you ask me, has kind of been done to death. Meaning, all of the territory has been explored.

How often do I hear a thrash record that really takes me there, back,and forward?

It almost never happens anymore. It happens so infrequently that more often than not, I ignore all new thrash bands.

It's a sad state of affairs to me. Thrash/Speed (whatever) was the third wave of metal and that wave took metal in to strange new places.

Overt Enemy though?

They found somewhere they could take the genre of music. It isn't Neo Thrash, or any other cute title, but it's a new take.

Maybe that's not entirely true, but Overt Enemy has breathed life into an older style. It's never about being the fasted or the heaviest. Skwisgaar Skwigelf wouldn't find a home here.

It's not about being the heaviest and most brutal, Nathan Explosion also would be on the outs, but it's about writing a killer song and crushing your enemies and wearing their entrails as a necklace.


Taco Tuesday with Botis

How many times have you checked in with a new band only to be disappointed by derivative nonsense?

Well, Botis it the kind of band that's willing to pull from every dank corner in order to make some glorious metal thrashing that will also leave you a bit melancholy and perhaps blackened.

We're going with that last bit being a thing.

Did you hear me? Being left blackened by an album is now totally a thing that you, the reader, needs to define.

I am democratizing the phrase coining to give you as much control as I do, and that's not because I don't have a good explanation.

Well, this went off the rails. You can get it back on track by reading about tacos.

But don't forget to pick up Grand Abominations and follow them on FACEBOOK.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

News: Caustic Casanova Announces Tour Dates


Washington, DC heavy rockers Caustic Casanova are preparing for a late summer tour that will take them across the United States.  Says the band,
"We're so excited to hit the road for our longest North American tour since 2016 (and our new guitarist Jake Kimberley's first coast-to-coast run). We'll be bringing you all the prog, stoner metal, psych, and noise rock you can handle, at irresponsible volumes each night, for nearly 2 months. We'll be playing very new songs, an old song or two, plus tunes off our forthcoming Magnetic Eye Records debut God How I Envy The Deaf, out this October."

Video: "Bad Form" by Ganser

On July 26th, Ganser is releasing their latest single, Bad Form, but you're lucky enough to check it out below.

It's kind of like L7 with a bit more melody a bit more laid back. They've got an album coming out in a bit...stay tuned with them on FACEBOOK and BANDCAMP

Classic Spins with Will of Redbait

More and more I feel like Glacially Musical is losing the plot and really I have no clue what I am doing or what I'm trying to bring to the world. I don't know.

What I do know is that metal, pizza, tacos, and such and stuff like that there are awesome and it's important the people who make the soundtracks to our lives need to be singled out based on what pizza they listen to and which concept record they think is the best one.

Redbait has recently released their latest, Cages, which you should probably go check out, like right now.
Now let's talk music.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

LP Review: "Prophets From The Occultic Cosmos" by Excuse

Prophets From The Occultic Cosmos
Being the proud papa that I am, after skating lessons last night, the video of my daughter doing crossovers got spread around.

A friend of mine commented about how much more opportunity there is to play the sport of hockey nowadays compared to when we were children.

He was absolutely correct, but it's more than just hockey...or any other sport for that matter.

Humanity, much to the chagrin of many in the population, has leaped forward. We are capable of improving at dizzying speeds.

Take Excuse. They're a progressive thrash metal band from Finland.

Their debut album is nearly perfect. The musicianship is miles ahead of any thing Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, or even Megadeth did on their first couple of records, and this is a debut.

This record is akin to a goalie tossing a shutout in his first start in the NHL. The last goalie who did that was Jordan Binnington who won the Stanley Cup in the same season. So, no pressure, Excuse. I just expect you to continue making thrash metal masterpieces like this one.


Pizza Pie Do or Die with Hath

It's time to talk about pizza one more time, and then there will be several more times because pizza is delicious.

But going through it all, this pizza column was answered by Willowtip recording artists, Hath.

It was needed to go back and refamiliarize myself with the band and it occurred to me, why don't have I have this on vinyl yet?

Of Rot and Ruin is an album full of black metal that's more about songs than it is being brutal and blasphemous.

Don't be like me.

Get your copy on BANDCAMP today.

But now let's talk about the circled square of (Unless you're talking about STL Style Pizza, then it is a squared circle because the pieces are cut into squares.)

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Video: "Vae Victus" by Dizastra

When's the last time you saw a metal video with a dude dressed up like a young Gandalf?

Well it's time for you to go back to The Shire, or the Colisuem I guess? It's hard to really understand what the inspiration for the visuals are.

But let's give a big thanks for a band making a video again!

You can say to these interesting French Canadians on FACEBOOK.

Classic Spins with KOSM's Erik Leonhard


Once again, we speak with KOSM's Erik Leonhard.

They've been good to check in with us several times now, so it's time we allow them to talk about the one thing everybody in music, except Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, love.


1. My favorite kind of album is the concept album. The Wall is my absolute favorite. 

Beyond the amazing songs, it has spectacular nostalgia for me. What's your favorite one and why?

Given that our debut album Cosmonaut is a concept album, it shouldn’t be any surprise that we’re all pretty big fans. 

Monday, July 22, 2019

LP Review: "Death's Threshold" by Shades of Deep Water

Death's Threshold
It's time for me to meet someone new.

Today's subject is a Funeral Doom Metal band from Finland. When I hear this sub-sub-genre, my first thought is of bands like Un and, to an extent, Ahab.

But these Finns couldn't be further away from those acts.

Their seventh release, Shades of Deep Water, begins with classical strings. Violins and the whatnot. Would this be a good time to point out that once violins were the purview of the drunks and the tavern players?

Probably  not.

Like others in the genre, Shades of Deep Water play slow and morose music. The addition of the strings makes for something that has no reeking of subgenre box checking, but genuine expression.

The other major difference is that our Finnish friends have a nearly instrumental record. It's easy to make someone sad when you're telling a sad story, but what if you don't have any words?

How do you do it then?

Shades of Deep Water has found a way. The entire album is depressing. The cover's depiction of the music within is apt. We are all walking into death's door. Many of us are headed down into the underworld.

This is about how you'd feel as you finished your walk.


Interview with Lindsay Schoolcraft of Cradle of Filth

Lindsay Schoolcraft
The name Cradle of Filth has been synonymous with extreme metal since the late 90's.

Their brand of theatrical black metal has captured the attentions of metal fans the world over.

For the past seven years, Lindsay Schoolcraft has put her stamp on their live performances with her keyboards, vocals, and even a little bit of harp.

After all this time in Cradle of Filth, she's now putting out her first solo album, Martyr, later on in the fall. Rock Gray of Evanescence co-wrote and performed it.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Schoolcraft and touched on a number of subjects including social media and, of course Martyr.

Check it out.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Interview: Ashen Horde Hates Cheese

Ashen Horde
Why not check back in with Ashen Horde?

Well, there's a very good reason to shun them. Trev hates cheese, In fact, he stated that it's a violent hatred for cheese.

How can the world continue if there are people out there who hate cheese?

I'm not even going to mention their latest record, Fallen Cathedrals, I will also not point out that they have a great deal going on right now for a dinged corner version of their debut record, Nine Plagues, that you can pick up on BANDCAMP.

Frankly I'm beside myself at this cheese focused blasphemy. I mean, I'm all for a good bit of blasphemy when it's all in good falling down...and stuff.

But dude...cheese is the on wonderful thing in this world that brings together all of humanity. 

I don't want to live on this planet anymore...

But anyway....

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Eastern Cuisine with Klayton and Sam of Victus

In an effort to continue stumping bands whilst combining some of my favorite things, welcome to the latest column on Glacially Musical. 

The ineptly titled: Eastern Cuisine.

Asian foods have long been a staple in my life. Teriyaki chicken and miso soup is something I've been cooking at home for decades. Though I've yet to really nail it, I keep trying to cook fried rice as well, but I always seem to be missing something.

Japan's take on Curry, Golden Curry, has been something loved by my family, but for the most part, what makes Asian foods so spectacular, for me anyway, is that my ability to cook them is basically nil.

So in order to enjoy it, we're going to the restaurant.

English band Victus was the first to give their take on the giant family of foods on the other side of Hawaii and let's check it out bellow.

Don't forget to like the boys on FACEBOOK and don't dream of streamin' without heading over to BANDCAMP.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Video: "Strange Attractor" by Leeroy Stagger

Even now well into my personal middle age, the allure of Canada is so very strong that even seeing something called True North Records will catch my notice.

So here we are are and True North Records has put Leeroy Stagger into my vision. Today is a good of a day as any to take an odd left turn. Stagger's new song falls somewhere between The Black Keys Rubber Factory era and The Black Keys El Camino era.

But then there's all the French royals having some sort of strange party. Watch the video, the visuals will hold your interest while Stagger gets his hooks into you.

Strange Path is out this out just before the Autumnal Equinox on 9/1/3/19.

Classic Spins with Kris from Prison

Think about all the great music that's come out Seattle, WA. The Pacific Northwest has been a breeding ground for some truly revolutionary artists.

Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Mudhoney. 

There have been several artists that have ticked off my personal boxes lately as well. Un, Into The Storm, and Breag Naofa.

It's interesting not that how many acts  have made it out of the Sea-Tac Strip (if that's a thing) and into the wider United States, but how vastly different the scenes are up there.

It must have something to do with it raining all the time. I'm looking at you, The Crow.

Today we're getting to meet a new act from the Pee En Dubs: Prison.

You should be checking out their new EP, Annihilation. It's guaranteed to be nothing like you've ever heard before. It's got all the bravado of youth and the anger of those left behind.

For now though, let's talk about music.

1. My favorite kind of album is the concept album. The Wall is my absolute favorite. Beyond the amazing songs, it has spectacular nostalgia for me. 

What's your favorite one and why?

Friday, July 12, 2019

DLP Review: "Void Lustre" by Hope Drone

Void Lustre
One of those many philosophical questions that's routinely asked is which is more powerful the water or the stone?

Well Sludgelord Records and Hope Drone appear to be teaming up in order to do just that.

This record has basically two modes of transmission as it goes one:

1. Hopeless pain.

2. Biting instrumental.

In my life, there have been dark chapters that feel very much like the unhappy ending we are all dreading.

When Hope Drone is screaming, they're playing the soundtrack to those moments. The dismal, unyielding existential dread of my personal adolescence. The long instrumental passages...

That's the counterpoint to the pain. The feeling of relief after submerging your hand in cold water because you burned it on the stove whilst cooking.

The two faces of Hope Drone live up to their name. The melodic, atmospheric movements are beautiful. The savage vocal movements are painful.


Vinyloscopy with Lasse of As I May

As I May
On July 26th, Finnish Metal band, As I May, will be releasing their sophomore record on Rockshots Records.

You can check out My Own Creations via the singles on YOUTUBE.

They're a band that walks the line between metal and metalcore while still holding a melodic edge.

Lasse, guitars and vocals, of As I May took some time to answer our vinyl column. He might just be the first Finn to get in on our Vinyloscopy.

Before we to the records, go like As I May on FACEBOOK.

1. Listening to Black Sabbath's eponymous debut the night I got it blew me away. What's the album that sounds the best on vinyl compared to digital sources?

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Video: "Mamawawa" by Jimbo

Let's talk about some friends from the Great White North. Let's be honest, there's absolutely no nation on this Earth that's better than Canada.

They gave us ice hockey, skunky lagers, and toques. What they didn't know is that we're Americans and when you lend us something, we take it re-purpose it, call it our own, and then pretend like you didn't have a damned thing to do with it.

Also, the St. Louis Blues beat the Winnipeg Jets...the team most pundits were picking for the Stanley Cup.


While we're all still getting chills about the Stanley Cup here in The Lou, maybe you've heard Gloria one too many times because you're not in St. Louis.

Maybe you need some Proto-Post-Alterna-Grunge from Kingston, Ontario. If that's the case and you like your music a bit on the political side, Jimbo has a track you should hear.

Also, they've got a new EP coming out this month. Keep an eye on their BANDCAMP for the info.

Classic Spins with Lords of the Trident's Aki

Lords of The Trideny
It's time to check back in with Wisconsin's own LORDS OF THE TRIDENT!

It's been a minute since they've talked us. In the meantime, they've released a new video for their amazing track, Burn It Down With Fire.

You can and DAMNED WELL BETTER check it out on YouTube.

The song comes from their amazing record, Shadows From The Past. If this is your first day, check out my vinyl review HERE.

Now, The Lords have submitted a different member of their group to answer questions about great albums.

Let's get stuck in with Aki.

1. My favorite kind of album is the concept album. The Wall is my absolute favorite. Beyond the amazing songs, it has spectacular nostalgia for me. What's your favorite one and why?

Haha, this is actually kinda funny... I'm really not a huge fan of concept albums. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

DLP Review: "Our Riches" by Under A Full Moon

Our Riches
Do you ever go through a period where a certain kind of metal really catches you and without even realizing it...there are about 15 different Funeral Doom Metal records in the pile?

Certainly I'm not the only one right?

If you ask me, and you kind of did, we're presently talking about the most underrated subgenre in Heavy Metal.

Music falls into two major categories for me: background or foreground noise. Funeral Doom Metal is the only genre of music that allows you both options!

So there's that.

Today's subject, Under A Full Moon, is a side hustle from Evan of FVRLVRN and producer/soundsmith extraordinaire Gjøran. Both of them aren't precisely known for this kind of music. So, it's nice to see another side.

As for this record. This is the best band I've heard since UN fucked up my world. Our Riches is a bleak wasteland of morbid depravity. This record will crush your soul and possible suck out your will to live.

As it should.

Release 7/12/19 BANDCAMP FACEBOOK 

Pizza Pie Do Or Die with Joe Randazza of Eye of the Destroyer

Eye of the Destroyer
New Jersey thrashers, Eye of the Destroyer, have recently released their latest album, Baptized In Pain, and

I'm giving you the urging to go check that out.

It's about time that they unleash a full length into the world isn't it?

I could take this time to go on and on about their new record, why you should be listening to it, and what amazing chord progressions and riffs it has, but I'd rather tell you about pizza.

Because Pizza Pie Do or Die!

1. Pizza is the world's most perfect food. This is not up for debate. Please define pizza as based on your geographical location. 

 Geographically I'm from New Jersey. So I would describe my pizza as the fucking best pizza on the god damn planet.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Video: "Ride of Your Life" by Temptress

It's time to get as big as Texas. It's not too often that Glacially Musical sets its sights upon the Lone Star State, well, the part of it outside of Austin, anyway.

So today, we're showing you all the newest video from Dallas's Temptress. They're hard at work on their debut full length LP, so in the mean time, this will have to do you. Check them out on the FACEBOOK.

In the mean time, I'll leave you with Kelsey Wilson's own words:

“I’m excited, we all are, to be taking the reins on this new project. Our material and lyrics are going to show the true side our nature: intense, sexy, fun-loving rock n roll. We put a lot of meaning and integrity into this new album, which I believe will shine through once it’s all said and done.”  

Classic Spins with Vokonis

If you've ever thought to yourself, Pink Floyd was kind of awesome, but what if they started playing something a bit more on the sludge side?

You might be interested in meeting Vokonis. 

In a couple months, they'll be releasing their third album via Swedish label, The Sign Records.

In the meantime, let's find out what sorts of albums they like listening to.

1. My favorite kind of album is the concept album. The Wall is my absolute favorite. Beyond the amazing songs, it has spectacular nostalgia for me. 

What's your favorite one and why?

Concept albums are very important for me. I think it’s a way to get a deeper sense for the music overall. 

Monday, July 8, 2019

Vinyl Review: "Lebe Dich Leer" by Bethlehem

Lebe Dich Leer
It's a tired story, but a true one.

An anonymous twitter user once stated that the best thing about metal is that no matter how well versed you are, no matter how long you've been in the scene, and no matter how many albums, records, CDs, or tapes you have...

You'll always feel like a newbie.

Well, here stands before you today, someone feeling like an ignorant chud who just bought his first Metallica tape last week.


Why? Because in my lap has fallen the latest release from this legendary band, but they're a complete unknown to me.

Had I known they existed and that I didn't know about them and knew that I was wholly ignorant, that would've been something.

Alas, not the case.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

1 Up with Hosemen

If you're anything like me, right now your entire family is sitting in the sweet (not cheap) seats watching the St. Louis Baseball Cardinals, St. Louis's second best team. 

Yeah, I took the somethin' so called Best Fans In Baseball!

They're at the stadium, and I'm sitting at home listening to Iron god damned Maiden's Book of Souls live record...

And please don't tell my daughter...this is her favorite Iron Maiden album and she'd be straight pissed if she knew I was spinning it without her.

So, I'm doing my best to drink too much beer tonight for medical reasons and catch up on all these interviews I have to transcribe and publish. So many amazing bands have gotten back to me, and I'm still working on getting through.

Today, we're checking in with Stamford, CT's Hosemen. Am I alone in thinking that this is the Hoitiest of Toity cities?

Is it even a city? Anyway, Hosemen get on that stage and punish their guitars for you.

Find out why on BANDCAMP.

Now, let's talk video games, natch.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

LP Review: "The Den" by Freighter

The  Den
My good friends, I stand before you because we are faced with an evil that's been sneaking around the cities.

Downtown shopping areas all across this formerly great nation of ours have been affected and there's nary an Old Navy in sight due to this scourge.

Unfortunately, the drug using youth of the cities is spilling out into the suburbs. What used to be wonderful cornucopias of chain restaurants is now going to beholden to bebop hepcats.

How are we supposed to combat their attractive subversiveness?

Should these San Franciscans ooze west into Nevada, well, after they spend all their dollars at the those houses of ill repute, they'll continue their odyssey east.

Then after they've sinned profusely in Colorado and depleted the evergreens of their godliness, my friends, they'll be in Kansas. The strong and moral folks of Kansas will be of no match for this meth fueled take on The Dazzling Killmen.

Before you know it, they'll be in Missouri and then what will those Midwestern Meth dealers have to sell after their products have been stolen by Freighter.

Let's not even consider what needs to be done in order to save downstate Illinois from the coming of the locusts. Those poor bastards have already been destroyed because of their continual voting for Conservative Legislators who hate them.

Then they'll have to deal with this? Indiana, I weep for your future losses. Ohio... I will not even weep for you as you're already destroyed.


Classic Spins with Mortanius

This column is fun because we get to hear all these elder metal guys talking about what great records Led Zeppelin, Metallica, and Iron Maiden put out.

Before get to hearing about Mortanius's favorite Pink Floyd records, let met tell you a little bit about our new friends.

Their latest album, Till Death Do Us Part, was released in March on Rockshots Records. You might wanna pick that up HERE it's four tracks of progressive thunder that could only have been birthed in the City of Brotherly Love, that's right, Philadelphia.

Guys, thanks for Gloria...truly.


So now, let's get it on with the gents. 

1. My favorite kind of album is the concept album. The Wall is my absolute favorite. Beyond the amazing songs, it has spectacular nostalgia for me. What's your favorite one and why?

Monday, July 1, 2019

Taco Grande with Ian Blurton

Ian Blurton
Some days I remember that this December, I'm going to be in Mexico for my tenth wedding anniversary. Hard to believe it's been that long for me.

But while you're thinking about wedded bliss and all those sorts of things, it's really best to start thinking about Veteran Canadian rockers, like Ian Blurton.

Here we have Ian Blurton talking to us about Mexican food. It's very, very strange how the world works out sometimes.

In the meantime, get in on his latest record, Signals Through The Flames, which you can get in CAD!

Seriously, get in on those CADs.

Vinyl Review: "Fallen Cathedrals" by Ashen Horde

Fallen Cathedrals
Well, let's start at the beginning.

In the windswept wastelands of Hollywood, California, exists a band so brutal, so avant garde, so nouveaux, that they have no idea what they are.

Their story began in December of 2016, or somewhere thereabouts when their debut album, Nine Plagues, was released.

Really, it probably started before that, but our friends here from the most brutal state dropped a double LP to start off their career.

Ashen Horde went straight Chicago on our collective asses.

Not only did they drop the a deuce to begin it, but it was a double VINYL LP.

So, good on you my boys.

Ashen Horde are one of those bands that's hard to pigeonhole into a heavy metal subgrenre due to just how out they are.