Saturday, December 31, 2016

Top Ten of 2016: Ross Brown of Vermilion Whiskey

VW TOP 10 2016 In no particular order here is Vermilion Whiskey’s TOP 2016 albums

Mos Generator – Abyssinia

Straight from the opening riff this album rocks your socks off. Tony Reed is a riff wizard and solo style reminds me of Jimmy Paige. This album is masterfully produced with a killer bass tone, tube amp grit, and great balance. Abyssinia has a great flow and can’t wait to see these guys live. A special treat is the last song Outlander, which to me is a huge homage to Pink Floyd and really done right. - Ross

Friday, December 30, 2016

LP Review: "Sacraments to the Sons of the Abyss" by Ritulization

Sacraments to the Sons of the Abyss
In their fifth season, Star Trek The Next Generation had a spectacular episode called A Matter of Time.

This episode revolved around the Enterprise working as hard as possible to save a planet from imminent destruction, because naturally, the planet's population lacked the foresight to, you know, start evacuation of said planet.

Well, lo and behold a time traveler from the future arrives just as they're working towards saving the planet under the guise of wanting to witness  this historic feat.

As the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise are the best and brightest in Starfleet, they finally ferreted out what was really going on.

The man was in fact a time traveler, but from the past and not the future. This criminal was attempting to rewrite history with his hand being far more deeply involved than it should have been.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Guest Post: Pissed On's Davin Jones's Favorite Record

Davin Jones of Pissed On
When posed with the question, “What’s your favorite album, ever?”, there are many ways to answer.

Many questions arise automatically: Do I pick the album I listen to the most? Do I pick the album I believe is the most impressive from a musical standpoint? Do I pick the album that has affected my life the most?

It’s a very difficult question to answer. Some people would answer without hesitation because their choice is so dear to their hearts. Some people would never be able to answer because they genuinely listen to so much that they have no defined favorite.

So how do I answer this question?

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

LP Review: "II" by Endless Floods

Having recently seen Steve Vai in concert, at the time of this writing anyway, I'm reminded that vocals do not make the song.

Growing up when I did, being in bands when I was, taught me that singers can often times be temperamental, cheap, and unreliable.

The singer in my longest band never bought any equipment save a guitar practice amp and a computer microphone that was plugged into said practice amp.

Many times during practice, said singer plugged his computer microphone into my amp, effectively taking away over half of my stack so he could be heard.

But, my experiences aside, it's important to remember that music is music with lots of vocals, with little vocals, or without any vocals at all. Consider the symphony, how many times have you heard someone complain about the lack of vocals in Beethoven's Fifth?

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Top Ten of 2016: Chad from Iron Whip

The south has it in the bag for me this year.

Metal, rock, noise, doom.... it seems whatever you want Atlanta has it. All in all it's a pipebomb of music. Put this list on shuffle at a BBQ and watch people get angry then sad then party uncontrollably while covered in meat and potato salad. (Did I just come up with a treatment for our new video?....hum)

Anyway, lite a match to your shitty life and start over with some rad new music.

In no particular order...

Album Review: De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive by Mayhem

Perhaps more so than any other album in any other sub-genre of music, Mayhem's De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas is the quintessential album of black metal. You cannot be a fan of black metal and not own this album.  

I would even recommend any fan of metal in general obtain it, since it is entirely definitive of the notorious and still relevant black metal scene.  It is the bible of the genre, often imitated, never duplicated.  It may or may not be the best black metal album, but it is almost inarguably of great significance.  

It included most elements of the sounds which came before it and inexorably influenced all which came after.

It is an album famous almost as much for its creation as its content. Although work on the album began as early as 1987, the release was delayed until 1994 due to several headline grabbing events.  

Monday, December 26, 2016

LP Review: "Without Condolence" by Cowardice

Without Condolence
As a self-described fan of "the other" sports leagues...when St. Louis had our last minor league hockey club, we were there.

The St. Charles Chill of the CHL (earlier WPHL now ECHL..confused? Try following a Silly Season in minor league hockey.)

That night a newer friend was meeting older friends of mine. Both groups liked good beer and hockey, so it was an easy match.

My senior friend tells my junior friend, Nik always told us he was an asshole. He said that on the day we met, I'm an asshole. If you don't like me, too bad.

My buddy went on to explain, Nik wasn't an asshole. He just needed an upgrade on his wife and now he's a joy to be around.

To get a bit serious, yes, I need some life changes and having a hard outer shell was my favorite coping mechanism.

However, here we are and my wife and I have recently celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary. She's not my new wife, my current wife, or anything else that those terms imply. She is simply, she who is my wife.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Exclusive Stream: "Conscripted" by Undrask

Hot on the heels of their critically acclaimed self-titled EP, North Carolina's UNDRASK return with their debut full-length album Battle Through Time. The album is a blistering and catchy concept album that tells  the story of a man lost to eternity - forced to fight and die repeatedly throughout time and alternate realities. 

Fans of bands such as Amon Amarth, Carcass and early In Flames will be instantly hooked on Battle Through Time and will undoubtedly name the album as one of the finest melodic death metal albums of modern times.

Battle Through Time will be released on January 27th 2017.

From the band themselves....

Conscripted, the second track from Battle Through Time, finds our hero suddenly in battle again, immediately after a brutal death. Without much time to reflect on how or why this has happened, he throws himself into the fight, letting instinct take over.

 The cycle repeats, and eventually he comes to accept and even embrace this fate. Elating in the thrill of combat, he fearlessly (or perhaps recklessly) gives himself over to bloodlust, confident that this strange new semi-immortality will scrape him away from death's door to find another new battle.

LP Review: "Turm am Hang" by Horn

Trum am Hang
"It's easier if I do it myself."

This is something that my mother said to me every time she critiqued my doing of the dishes. They were never clean enough and never done fast enough.

What in the world did she have me do it if it that was harder?

Until about seven days ago, it was clear to me that this was the greatest lie my mother had ever spoken to me. What I didn't know then, was well, parenting.

Teaching my daughter how to clean her's a nightmare and absolute nightmare and it frankly is just easier if I do it gets done quicker, with less whining, and then I can go listen to records, but that's not right for my daughter is it?

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Interview: Witchmaster

Witchmaster will be releasing a split EP with Voidhanger next month. It's brutal and kvlt and all the things we want out of metal.

Well, Geryon was good enough to answer my questions and the rush of brutal honesty was more than just refreshing.

Check it out before we publish our review of the split next week.

Glacially Musical: Thank you for taking the time to speak to me today.

Witchmaster: Yeah.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

LP Review: "III" by Herem

As someone who's overly literal, the idea of words being used outside of their definitions is something that's often hard for me to understand.

In order to make up for this deficiency, I study etymology as best that I can. It's often hard to understand and explain a colloquialism to my daughter without knowing where it came from.

Think about the, now fairly antiquated phrase, letting the cat out of the bag. There was a scam where people tried to sell a cat in a bag as a suckling pig, but opening the sack, the cat would be let out of the bag, ergo, hidden facts would be revealed. (NOTE: Snopes rejects this...but it's a cool story.)

Now, another term is fast talker. Why do people "talk fast?" Obviously the phrase doesn't literally mean one who's speaking quickly, but one who's speaking deceptively.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Top Ten of 2016: Rich from Warcrab

Hi, Rich from Warcrab here, I’ve been asked to provide a list of ten of my favourite Metal Albums of 2016 for all you lovely readers, so in no particular order, here we go!.

1.       Meshuggah- The Violent Sleep of Reason

I want to start with this latest release from Meshuggah coz I love everything they do! In my opinion they never disappoint and always seem to evolve further with every new release. 

Granted they are not everybody’s cup of tea but I have been a fan since I saw them supporting Machine head on MH’s first Uk headlining tour in 1995. 

Destroy Erase Improve had just been released and I was hooked immediately and still am. Many try to sound like them but EVERYONE fails. And this new record is no different it swallows you whole and spits you out the other side!! 

And the fact that they recorded a lot of it live speaks for itself, complex and sometimes mesmerizing and full of groove and full of awesome drumming, go buy it now!!

EP(sorta) Review: "Via" be Derhead

There are times in life where it's important to remember that persistence is the key to everything.

There is nothing in my life that was done right the first time, save being a father. Seems like I totally nailed that on the first try, somehow.

The following is a list of things that have been done more than once by me: changed jobs, gotten married, purchased a house, tried writing, and be a better person.

It could be argued that every single thing in that list, if you look at only my last attempt, have been successes beyond all measure, but the earlier attempts were not as good.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most awe inspiring natural views in The United States of America, if not the entire world. The Colorado River didn't give up when a great stone blocked its path, but continued to push...

Monday, December 19, 2016

LP Review: Self Titled by Uprising

Are you aware that I keep myself fairly anonymous?

For instance, seeing my face is pretty rare and it kind of kills me that I cannot share with you photos of my daughter. She's my absolute pride and that's only for certain people.

So, yes, there is an amount of anonymity from me. If you really look hard, you can find my face and hear my voice though. Especially in my vinyl reviews.

I can't even tell you why I'm keeping my profile low, just that it sucks that it's become my de rigueur. It is truly for the best, but it makes it hard to connect with my readers on social media.

So, sorry that I'm not more personable. It would be awesome if I could tell you that I live in Dutchtown, St. Louis City. (But I that's not where I live currently, but I did in the past!) Even though, my head's kept down, I'm still a bit of a social media gadfly.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Vinyl Review: "Endless Descent" by Junior Bruce

Endless Descent
Today was supposed to be a really awesome day for my family and I. There were a great many plans that we had made for today. However, Mother Nature decided that all of our plans were mutable.

Instead of seeing a movie, going to the Library, and perhaps taking in a hockey game, we have been locked inside of our house...and without bacon.

Considering last evening St. Louis was pounded with sleet and today's no better, it seems that staying inside of our house and enjoying time as a family was better than the solo fender bender I engaged in on my way home from the office last night.

In this spirit, I have spirited away to the upstairs lounge to resume my consideration of Junior Bruce's latest effort, Endless Descent on vinyl.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Stream: "Spiral Sea" by Tyrants Blood

On Dec 23rd, my birthday, Tridroid Records will be re-releasing the debut from the death metallers, Tyrants Blood.

Look for an upcoming vinyl review on the record, but in the meantime stream Spiral Sea below and preorder the album (with a bonus download of Coven, their compilation album) here.

TLP Review: "Coven, or Evil Ways Instead of Love" by Cultes des Ghoules

Coven, or Evil Ways Instead of Love
Remember when Metallica's Black Album hit?

Well, think back before that album to ...And Justice For All and then think forward (but still back) to the press they did explaining why they weren't writing long songs anymore.

Lars explained about how they had taken that whole mini-epic thing as far it could go. This was a statement that had me totally confused.

Those songs were pushing TEN MINUTES. How in the world could these be seen as mini epics?

How little I knew, but let's remember that this was not only pre-YouTube but pre-internet. Prog was a movement whose day had been done for well over a decade so it wasn't like  Yes was being played on the radio.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

LP Review: "This Guitars" by Grandkids

This Guitars
The late, great Mitch Hedberg had this great bit about 2 in 1 conditioner. With his eyes firmly shut behind sunglasses, he explained that 2 in 1 is a BS term because two things can't fit in the same space.

In fact, he lamented, that's why two was invented.

It's easy to see why that's funny, but perhaps Hedberg was a bit off the mark with this, pretty damned funny bit. Think about yourself, in the office, at home, at work...

There's probably two of you. That's how most of us are anyway. We have the public self and the private self.

What would you world be like if your private self and your public self were at odds with each other? Perhaps without realizing it, you're cursing like a sailor while talking to a client at work and at home you're being overly formal and small talky to your kids....

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Top Ten of 2016: Nate from Junior Bruce

"Nate from Junior Bruce was kind enough to take a break from his busy schedule and give us his best of 2016. "

Hammers of Misfortune Dead Revolution

Celtic Power Metal!!!  Even better, 2 of the dudes are also in Slough Feg - which was a favorite of our late drummer Brett Tanner.  (prog celtic power metal)

Concert Review: Steve Vai at the Pageant in St. Louis December 7, 2016 - words and pictures by Danny Nichols

Steve Vai is perhaps the most iconic axe man from the bygone era of the guitar hero.  No time in music has been more closely associated with the prodigy guitarist than were the eighties, and no album more standard bearing and proof of this than Vai’s Passion and Warfare.  After making a name for himself in band’s such as Frank Zappa, David Lee Roth and Whitesnake, Vai began releasing instrumental albums showcasing his immense talents.  

Monday, December 12, 2016

Interview: Spore Lord


As could be expected from the instrumental stoner band, Sporelord doesn't speak too much, but they let their playing do their talking.

But check out what I was able to extract from them.

Glacially Musical: Thank you for taking some time for us today.

Spore Lord: Thank you for having us!

GM: Tell me about why you chose to go instrumental rather than the standard vocal songs.

SL: We were having a difficult time finding a vocalist. After so long, we just went out and played in front of a  live audience to see if people would enjoy our sound. So far, the reactions are positive. So we kept doing it.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Vinyl Review: "Magician" by Vaudevileins

It may have escaped your notice that we have entered the holiday season. Our day today involved a fair few errands.

My personal favorite one was adding to our Christmas music vinyl collection. My daughter and I went to St. Vincent De Paul Thriftshop on South Kingshighway in beautiful Southtown St. Louis in order to bolster our collection on a budget.

Hey, fifty cents an LP can't be beat.

The seeds to my personal vinyl awakening were actually sewn about two years ago while we were decorating the tree in my in-laws' house and listening to the LPs my mother in law has had since she was a young adult.

We put to test what MC Chris said...we jumped so high that the records did indeed skip. Listening to those 40 year old records changed something in my soul. They sounded great. As they were well worn, well cared for, and well kept, there was no scratchiness, no skipping, etc.

I didn't realize it, but my world was changing.

Friday, December 9, 2016

LP Review: "Retro. Revamped." by Whiskey Kiss

Retro. Revamped.
Ice cream is a big deal in our house.

There is absolutely no time that we do not have any and that we are not eating it.

Mint Chocolate Moose Tracks is the preferred flavor in our home twixt myself and the little short girl who lives in my house.

This is the supreme flavor of ice cream because it is fully formed. There's no need to add stuff to it, on top of it, etc.

Chocolate sauce, M&Ms, Magic Shell (save caramel), whip cream, or any other thing you put on ice cream is overkill. Mint Moose Tracks are full of every bit of those toppings, but it's all swirled in there ready to go.

My wife, disagrees, as is her wont. Recently, the family had a carton of Mint and a carton of Peppermint Moose Tracks. She put magic shell or chocolate syrup onto her ice cream and then the aforementioned short girl who lives in my house did the same thing....

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Interview: Into The Storm

Into The Storm
Into The Storm has released their fifth album, Where The Merfalo Roam on Living and Breathing records on LP, CD, and digital. It can be ordered here.
Recently, they took some time out to help us get to know them.
Glacially Musical :So, tell me about your new record, Where The Merfalo Roam.
Into The Storm: 'Where the Merfalo Roam' is the most accurate representation of seeing us play live we have ever recorded.
The concept is a journey through discontent, oppressive governments, dystopian eras, and the connection between the cycles societies go through.
The artwork depicts the mouth of a giant mythical creature that devours chunks of societies with bits of them still stuck against it's teeth and the creatures that are still feasting upon them.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Top Ten of 2016: Nikos Mixas of Twingiant

For some of us 2016 has been a letdown of a year. Not only did we see a handful of rock icons pass (Even though Lemmy passed in 2015, it was really the start of this grisly trend…)

We’ve seen an election year turned up onto its head AND…it seems like everywhere you look, something horrible has happened. 

 It makes you miss 2015 in some respects. I feel the same way with regards to the heavy music that was released in 2016, there are some winners but in my opinion, 2015 was a far better year for releases. 

Without further ado, here are my top ten albums of 2016! 

Album Review: "The Underdog" by Four Star Revival

The Underdog
In the years before satellite radio a great metal song finding its way on to the radio was a rarity.

 If the lords of radio did bless us with a good tune, you cranked it loud and certainly did not turn the radio off until it was over, even if you had already reached your destination.

 If the local rock station was actually playing an Iron Maiden song, it was sacrilege to terminate the song before its conclusion. With the advent of satellite radio, there is never a moment where an awesome metal tune cannot be found on the airwaves.

 Still, as a psychological remnant of days gone past, I still find it difficult to change the station when certain bands are on. This is the situation I found myself in on the way to work last week, while Liquid Metal was playing Metallica's "Sad But True".

Monday, December 5, 2016

LP Review: "The Tree of Death" by Condenados

The Tree of Death
Aside from a blizzard that traps me inside of my house for just long enough to skive off of a day at the office in the real world...

The best weather patter is a drowsy rainfall, preferably in the summer because it then will cool down some of the terrible heat we experience here in St. Louis.

The lazy rainfalls are the best for sitting out on your porch listening to a sports game or having a beer.

In my house, it's not uncommon for us to sit out there when it's dark and play cards or whatever.

The constant sound of the rain hitting the roof, splashing the ground, making mowing my lawn impossible, and the smell of everything is an experience that is rarely topped.

Friday, December 2, 2016

EP Review: "Bare Bones Part II: Electric Earth" by The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman

Bare Bones Part II: Electric Earth
The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman.

Well, there's really only one person this could be and that's the man, they myth, the legend.


Seriously, who else is the silver spaceman? Tommy Thayer? I think not.

Just this morning, I was listening to Frehley on the Eddie Trunk show and Frehley mentioned that he had started working on the follow up album, but he didn't say he was ready to go, much less drop an EP!

Wait. This isn't Ace Frehley? So it is Tommy Thayer....god damn it anyway. Well, in the past we've reviewed Tommy  Thayer Cos-Play Tribute Kiss, so I guess I can cover his solo EP...

Split EP Review: "Split" by Twingiant and Into The Storm

My faithful twitter followers will know about my great love of tea.

In fact, I just poured some hot water out of my work electric kettle in order to brew up a strong cup of Japanese Green Tea that I recently purchased at the local Asian grocery store.

Picking out new tea is a lot like picking out music in 2016. Go to Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes, or any place folks pick up music and it's nearly impossible to weed this all down.

Of course there are a couple good ways choosing tea, you could always ask the advice of someone who's had all of those teas. It's also a good idea to pick tea that's made in the same style as one you like. This past trip, I was trying to get a box of Takaokaya green tea that I got in Chicago, but Jay's didn't have it. So I got Tian Hu Shan instead...

It's another Japense green tea. 

But there's also that third option. They also make variety packs of tea. Ahmad Teas has a great 20 pack of afternoon and breakfast teas that I usually grab when I've got go out of town.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Concert Review: Carcass, Deafheaven, and Inter Arma.

Saturday November 26th at 3:02pm, Danny arrived at my house.

By 3:04pm, we were two minutes into a road trip into the middle of our home state in order to see a metal bill of epic proportions. Carcass, Deaf Heaven and Inter Arma were playing at the Blue Note in Columbia, MO, the home of Mizzou.

For the drive, we just spoke and argued about metal mostly. Like how Danny doesn't understand how amazing Lulu is and how he thinks I'm nuts for my espousing of Underdog Albums, like Lulu and Kiss's Music From The Elder.

There was an interesting discussion about how we both used to traverse this drive in our childhoods and that we both made a pit stop in the same place in High Hill, MO. The most interesting thing about our drive though, was the pot bellied stove.

Interview: Six-Score Talks Grindcore

There's that oft ignored little chunk of extreme metal, Grindcore or Grind.

Perhaps it's just me that ignores it. In the over 700 reviews, interviews, etc on Glacially Musical, Grindcore makes up less than five total posts.

Well, let's make up for that by hearing what Six Score out of Austria has to say.

Glacially Musical: Guten tag, herren. I hope today finds you well.

Six Score: Hi, thanks a lot for being interested in us! It's a pleasure for us to answer your questions!

GM: Grind is something I'm not personally too familiar with. Tell me what grind is.

SIX-SCORE: Grind is the hard version of Punkmusic. The content of real Grindcore is political and critical and should lead us to think about all different processes which are embedded in this cruel world. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Top Ten of 2016: CSIGO

This was a great year for music as there was a ton of awesome stuff released. It was tough but I finally whittled my choices down to the following albums.

Mitski – Puberty 2

Mitski’s genre is indie rock, according to Wikipedia. I think she is the new princess of Grounge!

Album Review: The Workhorse III: Closer to Relevance

Sometimes, instead of falling neatly into a predetermined genre, a band decides to focus their energy on just creating great songs, regardless of how they are classified.  This describes Workhorse III, a trio from Philadelphia, who have set about to make an album of infectious tunes, and leave it to listeners and reviewers to figure out how to explain it.  Their self description as "too rock for metal and too metal for rock" suits them well.  

At times I heard punk rock, at other times they were clearly crushing it in the proud lineage of Sabbath.  There were moments when a Motorhead influence seemed clear.  Which is suitable, since Motorhead themselves have often defied categorization.

The dominate theme is songs which, although often containing dark lyrical content, are high energy, catchy, and most of all fun. I listened to it once on my way to work, and already several of the songs were stuck in my head, demanding a second listen on the way home.  In all cases, the riff is king.  It is the prominence of the distorted riff which could earn them a place within metal's hallowed halls.  At the same time there is no denying the strong vocal melodies will also appeal to fans of classic rock.

Monday, November 28, 2016

LP Review: "More Badass Than Half Ass" by Korean Fire Drill

More Badass Than Half Ass
Now more than ever, we need laughter in our lives.

There has been a great deal of ugliness across the United States already and sometimes we just need to be able to just take a moment, breathe, and get back to fighting back.

Anyone out there who needs to hear it...there are lots of us out there who're fighting and willing to listen.

But in the meantime, we all need to be able to keep our chins up and move forward. Because if we stand and watch, we'll all be trampled.

As for Korean Fire Drill's name...interestingly enough, they aren't the first band with an Asian country in their name that we've reviewed. Remember Half Japanese? As I don't precisely agree with John Cleese and political correctness, I can plainly say there is no othering in this record.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Vinyl Review: " Self-Destruct" by Metallica Self-Destruct
There are a great many bands in the world that are referred to as mighty, well in the metal community anyway.

Metallica is one of those bands whose superlatives are many and possibly too few at the same time.

Let's look back to the 90's when grunge and alternative were king of the roost. What a strange time that was.

A large refrain heard over and over again by the likes of Soundgarden et al. was that they couldn't listen to songs about Dungeons & Dragons.

This was something that I really didn't understand in 1992 because the metal in my ears for years had been about serious issues: corruption in the legal system, televangelists stealing from the masses, the death penalty, etc.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Song Premiere: "Strip Sin City" by Turbo Shokk

If you enjoyed their top ten, their interview, and the review of their soon to be classic record, check out the single below!

Because we all know that you're hungry for more Turbo Shokk!

Buy their debut record, Get Radical here.

Interview: Tyrants Blood's Marco Banco

Tyrants Blood
Tyrant's Blood is a busy group of guys. For the past decade plus they've been out making music, playing shows, and recording albums.

Tridroid Records will be re-issuing their debut record on my birthday next month. Thank you for the awesome present!

Today guitarist, Marco Banco, talks the re-issue, Tyrants Blood, and the music industry in 2016.

Check it out.

Glacially Musical: First off, let's talk about your name. What does it mean?

Tyrants Blood: Tyrants Blood means a few different things to people. 

The tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of tyrants for instance. But to us the name described how we treated the band when we started in (20)05.

We were quite rigid in our ideals that we would not be  another hackish photo copy desperately attempting to appeal to any limp scene. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Tour Diary #2: Jagged Mouth

11/01 Seattle, WA
The show was at a small bar called The Kraken in the "U district". We played with only 3/5 of a band called Morrow because the rest of the guys were underaged. A God Or Another played some good local short haired black metal next. Good stuff. Having friends in attendance who had transplanted to the area was a nice highlight. We played next and Ol'Dagger headlined.
So far the formula of having several genres of metal represented each night has really worked out well.
11/02 Portland OR
After all of us spending the night scattered in three different locations, we departed the Seattle area in the early afternoon, stopped at Trader Joe's in Olympia for lunch and supplies, and it was nice to have time to just enjoy the area and travel at an easy pace.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Top Ten of 2016 #4: Turbo Shokk

So you want to know Turbo Shokk's top 10 picks of 2016. 

We can't say that we're surprised. After all, if you want to know what's best, you ask the best - and when it comes to hard rocking heavy metal, Turbo Shokk is it. 

Michael Arcane (Drums), Razor O'Shea (Guitars, Bass) and Stack Manley (Vocals) present their best of 2016. 

You're welcome.

Album Review: "Anathema" by Endemise

There is a tendency for black metal bands to fall into one of three categories, either ambient black metal such as Wolves in the Throne Room, symphonic black metal such as Dimmu Borgir or a modern version of second wave Norwegian black metal such as Mayhem.  

Some bands, such as Ottawa's Endemise, manage to cross reference all three of these.

At first glance, it is clearly symphonic black metal, as an underlying orchestration exists throughout the album, which provides the gravitus and emphasis unique to the genre.  

This is a personal favorite subgenre of black metal, but I was equally excited to find there were so many other elements to enjoy on the album.

Endemise had escaped my notice prior to this review, but I knew instantly I had chosen wisely within the first minute of the first song "Nocturne".  The track opens with sounds of  a forest campfire accompanied by haunting and atmospheric orchestration.  

Monday, November 21, 2016

Split EP Review: "Split" by Shroud Eater and Dead Hand

The split EP.

Today we're taking a look at the first of a few of these that are coming down the pipe that, well, even with my personal aversion to them, cannot be passed over.

Doom/Stoner/Sludge/Horror/Whatever Metal is something that's really turning my wheels in this day and age.

Black Sabbath is what started my journey in to metal, well started the serious journey anyway. At the ripe old age of 9, The Road Warriors were using Iron Man as their entrance tune.

Little did I know, my best friend Tom, had Black Sabbath's Greatest Hits on cassette tape. Well, needless to say, hearing that tape really started me down the right path. Though, I'd been a fan of music for a few years prior to that, this awakening is what took me.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Vinyl Review: "MC Chris Is Dreaming" by MC Chris

MC Chris Is Dreaming
Let's get a few things nice and sparkling clear before we move forward.

There are two things I need to explain before we continue with this particular review. MC Chris is one of my absolute favorite artists.

Aside from the previous revelation, I am a giant nerd. Those of you who follow my twitter account have actually seen that. After all, part of my bio is the "guy wearing a Voltron shirt at a Slayer concert."

So, naturally being a big nerd, I've been familiar with nerd music for quite some time.

As can be seen in the unboxing video below, I received a copy of the standard LP and not the limited edition vinyl. As is common for artists not on a major label, it took some extra time to get a copy of the vinyl after the digital/CD release.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Interview: Turbo Shokk and Hair Replacement Metal

Over the years, many movements have come and gone.

Turbo Shokk has arrived and they're bringing their perfected version of hair metal to the masses.

Normally this intro would be a bit bigger, but our new friends are rather long winded, so let's just let them go at it.

Glacially Musical: Thank you for taking some time for me today. The word on the street is that Turbo Shokk is the real hair metal and everything else is just false metal. How did you become the first hair metal band?

Michael Arcane (drums): Whoa whoa whoa, you got it all wrong. We didn’t invent hair metal, we just perfected it, and are bringing it back. Like, I didn’t invent the grilled cheese sandwich either, but I did perfect it. The secret ingredient? Lots and lots of butter. Same as Turbo Shokk.

Razor O'Shea (guitar): You're close--we're the first Hair REPLACEMENT metal band. We make hard rockin' music for balding people. Every riff I write is like support group catharsis in audio form. 

LP Review: "The Brimstone Aggrandizement" by Echelon

The Brimstone Aggrandizement
Here's a quick preface.

Due to the recent events in America, I have grown angrier. Please expect to see lots of extreme metal.

There was a time, in the not too distant past, when Death Metal wasn't a thing.

Hell, back then we didn't even differentiate between different kinds of metal. Metallica was in the same group as Iron Maiden who was in the same group as Black Sabbath and sometimes Jefferson Airplane.

Yes, I'm old.

How so much has changed since those carefree days of youth, back when C# was as heavy and as low as we could go. Later on, Steve Vai would give the tools to Korn who made it easier to take metal into strange new places.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Album Review: On Days Soon To Pass by Tyler Daniel Bean

On Days Soon To Pass
Finding the right music to fit your mood can be a tricky thing. There's SO much variety out there it can be overwhelming and when it seems like the mountain is falling down around you that's not a welcome feeling.

One particularly fascinating aspect of being human is our ability to create, especially out of periods of darkness and suffering.

Music from this kind of place can often be heavy and brooding, but in the case of Tyler Daniel Bean's On Days Soon To Pass we get just the opposite, something instead uplifting and promising.

His second release hits the shelves tomorrow and it's an intimate journey through a period in Bean's life where he was experiencing many types of emotion that can put you down, permanently.

Deeply intellectual, this songs found in On Days Soon To Pass are partly the culmination of the writing he did while battling a major bout of depression.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tour Diary #1: Jagged Mouth Is On The Road

10/27 Albuquerque, NM
This night was the Jagged Mouth tape release / tour kickoff show. In the morning we leave with Ol' Dagger from Santa Fe, NM. The turnout was ok, but I got more messages from friends saying that they WEREN'T able to come than friends that actually showed up. I think we all felt the same way. Regardless, a good night was had by all. Local bands Iceolous, Ronoso and Desmadre from Espanola opened the precedings with verve and aplomb. If Iceolous can get a recording done, you will be hearing more about them.
Ol' Dagger got down in a big way, blending their d- beat style with hardcore, sludge and black metal. They actually are quite adept at blending all of those styles, sometimes within the same song. They played an equal amount of songs from both of their releases, "Bobcat Dynamite" and "Hell Forever". As an aside, I've missed them every time that they've played in Albuquerque and so tonight was my first time actually seeing them. Met them personally, never seen them play. They are KILLER. This I gonna be a rad tour.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Top Ten of 2016 #3: David from Season of Arrows

David from Season of Arrows had a hard time lining up his favorite ten records from 2016, so he pulled a Danny and did 25...
1) Monolord - Lord of Suffering/Die in Haze

Feel the slow sludgy doom fill your soul! Then add crystal clear haunting vocals over it.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Concert Review and Photos: Stryper at the Ready Room in St. Louis November 8, 2016 - Photos and words by Danny Nichols

Guitarist and vocalist Michael Sweet
Thirty years ago Stryper were three albums into a career of producing glam metal with a considerably different ideological slant than their Sunset Strip peers. Their first two albums The Yellow and Black Attack and Soldiers Under Command had sold extremely well.  Clearly there was a market of metal fans who loved the power chords, searing guitar solos and the thundering crack of a snare drum, but weren’t interested in hearing songs about the devil or hedonism.  There was a place for Christianity in the hallowed halls of metal. Still, they had not really achieved mainstream success until their legions of devoted fans latched onto their third album To Hell With The Devil and flooded MTV with demands it be put into heavy rotation.   
Guitarist Oz Fox
This was a band made for MTV with their vibrant yellow and black stripped costumes, choreographed stage antics and a bombastic drummer who plays with his elevated kit sideways, so the audience can appreciate his every move.  The third album went double platinum.  The 2016 tour is a 30th anniversary celebration of Stryper at their loftiest heights.  The album was played in its entirety in order.  The old 1986 stage costumes were dusted off and trotted out.  Robert Sweet pointed his drums stage right and gave us 110% again.

Throwback Review: "Afterglow" by Funeral Mantra

Tonight, the family and I will be watching the returns. (This should let you know what day this is being written.)

Well, while we do that our kind of comfort food will be served. St. Louis Style Pizza, Cheese Garlic Bread, and Toasted Ravioli.

Comfort food is a wonderful thing because it's something that truly makes us feel better. If we're feeling uneasy about something, there it is.

Think about all of the times you've been around around the table with your family eating comfort food. It's a delightful feeling isn't it?

Food isn't the only thing that offers us comfort though. Think about three chord rock'n'roll, 12 bar blues (also three chords), and just straight up heavy metal. These sorts of music have all been around for a very long time.

Video Premier: Eternal Halloween's "Bulletproofed"

Check it out!

Fans of GWAR, Kiss, and Slipknot might just have a good old time with this one.

But we'll just let the video speak for itself.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Vinyl Review: "Where The Merfalo Roam" by Into The Storm

Where The Merfalo Roam
Something that annoys me....

Seattle, WA is not known for its heavy metal and by Seattle, WA, really we're talking about the entire Pacific Northwest, save Vancouver, BC proper.

Now, as I've never visited there, it's totally acceptable for me to now make wild accusations about this area of the world. Clearly it's raining there right now.

Beyond just the rain and the damp, it must be assumed that they have a large mold problem up there too right?

There's also a lot of coffee.

I can't help but think....wouldn't all the rain, mist, and caffeine create something more than just grunge?  It really seems like there should be a huge speed metal scene up there, just do you play slowly when you're drinking coffee all day and night?

I mean, do they even have tea?

Friday, November 11, 2016

Interview: Christine Kelly, Owner of Tridroid Records

Growing up, my favorite record label was Elektra Records.

Why? Because my two favorite bands, at the time, Metallica and The Doors were both on Elektra. Back in those days, there weren't a whole lot of indie labels that would be much to talk about.

But nowadays, any record label has the same reach as Elektra Records, worldwide, thanks to the internet. Christine Kelly recently acquired a label that I apparently dig quite a bit (based on my reviews anyway) and she took some time to talk to us today.

Glacially Musical: Thank you for taking some time for me today. It's a first interviewing a label owner here.

LP Review: "Enemy of Duality" by Rudra

Enemy of Duality
In many of my interviews with the metal set, it's always fun to ask them about about which of the many metal sub-genres they would put themselves.

It seems like over and over again, albums show up to me with genre tags that are completely alien to me.

Today, we're enjoying some Vedic Metal.

The Vedic Period.... was apparently a very big deal in Hinduism.

The Vedic Era began over 3500 years ago in 1500 BCE when cultural mores, traditions, customs, etc all began to take shape in Northern India.

For more, and hopefully better information, click on the link I stuck in there. As for what is Vedic Metal well that's a slightly more difficult question isn't it?

The easiest way to consider it would be an Indian version of Pagan Metal.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Album Review: Kill The Ill by Brine

Kill The Ill
Something major happened here recently, something that chills me to my core, something that leaves me huddling under the blankets not wanting to get up in the morning. I'm talking, of course, about the first frost of the season

I know what you thought I meant, but this is a place of creativity and entertainment. Somewhere you can come to get away from all that other ugliness.

Grab some headphones and cue up the next track, sit back and sip on your favorite beverage of choice.

I'd recommend a hot drink now that Fall is truly here though it's been leaf-falling weather for a few weeks already, especially here in this *specific* spot. The new music I've been listening to lately all has a common feel to it, a decidedly autumnal bent.

Concert Photos: Corrosion of Conformity at Pop's in Sauget IL, October 16, 2015 -photos by Danny Nichols

Woody Weatherman and Pepper Keenan of Corrosion of Conformity rock Pop's in Sauget, IL

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

LP Review: "Mors Secunda" by Terra

Mors Secunda
The United States, the country of my birth and residence, is at the same time full of wide open spaces and populations stacks where people are literally on top of each other.

In my state, Missouri, there are just over six million of us, but in the St. Louis Metro area alone, there are nearly three million of us.

That leaves some pretty large swaths of land where there is no one. Recently, we went to a wedding in out state Missouri and on our way there, we stared at a goodly amount of nothing.

Essentially, there are two wholly opposite things existing in the same space. In parts of Missouri, like the rest of the United States, we have people on top of people on top of people and in others, there is nothing. So vast, so empty, and so normal.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Top Ten of 2016 #2: Shawn Pelata of Final Sign

I must confess, I didn't buy a lot of 2016 albums this year. I heard some great music. There are so many great heavy metal bands out there that it gets harder and harder every year to keep up!

Not that I'm complaining, mind you. It's amazing that Heavy Metal's so alive and vibrant these days. 

But I'm an old guy and I tend to gravitate to old bands. Haha! As you will see, there are a lot of familiar names on my list.

These are the 2016 albums that really stood out to me among the ones I did buy.

Album Review: "Cauchemar" by Inire

It is a testament to the complexity of their sound a band named Inire, which is the Latin word for "peace" would deliver a bellicose album titled Cauchemar, the French word for "nightmare". 

Truly the five men of Inire have descended from the Quebec region of the Great White North with the intent of conquering the metal landscape.

Inire has a sound which crosses the boundaries between groove metal, metalcore and nu metal with a distinct traditional heavy metal vibe.  Strong musical similarities can be drawn between Inire and genre giants such as Devil You Know and Killswitch Engage.

Monday, November 7, 2016

LP Review: "Get Radical" by Turbo Shokk

Get Radical
When my great awakening happened, Led Zeppelin had only been broken up for a year, Black Sabbath was still touring with Ronnie James Dio, and Kiss was still wearing their trademark(ed) face paint.

Five years later, when my music library started, the idea of classic rock began to surface. The canonization of bands was moving forward and growing rapidly.

Jimi Hendrix was no longer just an amazing guitarist and artist, but he was golden god who was taken from us too soon.

During the 80's, there were all sorts of throwbacks to these eras. Poison built an entire career off of ripping off Kiss licks.

Now, as the millennials come of age in the world, who are their elder statesmen? Surely they're familiar with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, but the music of the 80's, that's what the youngers are going to remember.