Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Top Ten of 2016 #4: Turbo Shokk

So you want to know Turbo Shokk's top 10 picks of 2016. 

We can't say that we're surprised. After all, if you want to know what's best, you ask the best - and when it comes to hard rocking heavy metal, Turbo Shokk is it. 

Michael Arcane (Drums), Razor O'Shea (Guitars, Bass) and Stack Manley (Vocals) present their best of 2016. 

You're welcome.

 Megadeth  Dystopia

Michael Arcane – Badass album, to the max.  Dave keeps coming out swinging, dude is a bottomless pit of killer music.  RIP Nick Menza.

2 Daughtry It’s Not Over, The Hits So Far

Michael Arcane – I’m a huge fan of The Who, so I’m really looking forward to hearing a Greatest Hits album from Roger Daughtry.  

I just picked it up, it’s still in the plastic wrap, but I’m sure it’ll be a favorite, because I love the Who that much.

3Mogwai  Atomic

Michael Arcane – So this groupie actually gave this to me backstage and we listened to it.  

I have to admit, I have no fucking clue what is going on with this album, but it does remind me of this thing she did with the fruit tray in the dressing room, so I’d have to say this album was highly influential.

4Hannes Grossmann   The Crypts Of Sleep

Michael Arcane – Hannes is absolutely insane.  

On this album he offers up yet another masterclass of progressive technical deathmetal drumming.  The songs are engaging, and while things pass by at a million miles per hour, it is never for the sake of speed alone…everything sounds heavy, beautiful and interesting.  

This album is an absolute monster.

5Soilwork The Ride Majestic

Razor O’Shea - Soilwork is one of those bands that have earned my respect enough that I will buy every album they release before hearing it. 

Lately, that hasn't always been a great thing, since I have never really liked the synthetic sound they cultivated after Henry Ranta left the band, though Stabbing the Drama and The Panic Broadcast were mostly exceptional releases. 

The Ride Majestic balances both approaches, with a big, dumb, modern sound, with the songwriting they've come to embrace, but they've got riffs again. Big, hooky, catchy riffs, and they're glorious. 

Combine that with Speed Strid's consistently great vocals and you've got a winner.

6Nails You Will Never Be One of Us

Razor O’Shea - Nails plays grind the way Rotten Sound used to, something that's sorely lacking in today's metal scene. It's really direct, punishing stuff, definitely worth a listen.

7Gojira Magma

Razor O’Shea - If you've followed Gojira's trajectory, Magma fits in perfectly as a follow up to L'enfant Sauvage. 

There's no dramatic shifts in tone, feel or songwriting, but that's not to say it's stagnant or redundant. It's still heavy as hell, it's still catchy, it's still trippy in all the right ways...it's still Gojira.

Avantasia  Ghostlights

Stack Manley- As usual Tobias Sammet releases a big hard rock and metal concept album full of great melodies and killer vocalists. 

You've got Jørn Lande, Ronnie Atkins from Pretty Maids, Geoff Tate, Dee Snider, and as usual Bob Catley and the great Michael Kiske. 

You know, for someone who kinda looks like my Grandma, Bob Catley has some rockin' pipes.

Lords of Black - II

Stack Manley- Goddamn! These spaniards ain't tilting at windmills in their quest for metal. 

Vocalist Ronnie Romero has a killer voice that reminds one a bit of Dio without sounding like an impersonator. Listen to the track "Everything You're Not" and just try not to get into it when that chorus hits - you will fail.

Eden's Curse - Cardinal

Stack Manley- This album picks up where the band's previous effort Symphony of Sin - their first with vocalist Nikola Mijic - left off. 

Songwriting is much in the same vein but the band seems to have really settled in with Mijic on this one, allowing him to stretch out a bit vocally. A solid effort. Plus check out those chicks on the cover dressed like inquisitors or something...they can torture me any time, 

I have a lot of sins to admit to if you get me...

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