Thursday, November 17, 2016

Album Review: On Days Soon To Pass by Tyler Daniel Bean

On Days Soon To Pass
Finding the right music to fit your mood can be a tricky thing. There's SO much variety out there it can be overwhelming and when it seems like the mountain is falling down around you that's not a welcome feeling.

One particularly fascinating aspect of being human is our ability to create, especially out of periods of darkness and suffering.

Music from this kind of place can often be heavy and brooding, but in the case of Tyler Daniel Bean's On Days Soon To Pass we get just the opposite, something instead uplifting and promising.

His second release hits the shelves tomorrow and it's an intimate journey through a period in Bean's life where he was experiencing many types of emotion that can put you down, permanently.

Deeply intellectual, this songs found in On Days Soon To Pass are partly the culmination of the writing he did while battling a major bout of depression.

Tyler Daniel Bean
Tragic loss punctuated Bean's life throughout the years over which these songs came together but even after enduring so much he realized that he had more to give, more of himself he could share that might make it a little easier for someone listening to his songs. He had his own moment of realization a few years ago.

"When I was twenty-three, I decided to live," Bean said, and through this album it's possible to hear that recognition, the fear that threatened it, and the hope of finding solace in the creation of something new.

On Days Soon To Pass features the kind of wistful guitar and moody synth you might expect from an emo-rock album, but for me the true beauty is in the lyrics and vocals,, provided primarily by Bean, accompanied by Jessica Lynne McDermott.

The haunting sound of violin permeates the bass and drum beat throughout and adds character to the theme.

From the opening track, Archibald Street to the closing All At Once it's possible to find new
beginnings of a story that doesn't necessarily end but starts over again as something different and evolved. You'll have to listen yourself to find out what your mind wants to create from it all.

Release: Friday, November 18, 2016
Genre: emo-rock, alt-rock
Label: Skeletal Lightning/Tor Johnson Records
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