Friday, November 4, 2016

LP Review: "Księżyc milczy luty" by Furia

Księżyc milczy luty
Your friend and humble narrator, has been married for nearly seven years at the time of this writing. (Just slightly over a month later, on Repeal Day, it'll have been seven years.)

But in the before time, I found myself single, my era of online dating began.

What else is there to do after having been ensconced in a 12 year plus relationship. It's not like I could begin dating friends, a new circle had to be drawn.

If anyone is curious, yes, we are presently living in domestic bliss in the now time and the rest of this is about the before time.

Online dating is essentially setting yourself up on as many blind dates as is humanly possible. There is very little to go on aside from a photo and a few words of whatever.

Well, what's never visible or enumerated in the profile is the author's crazy, though I did try to get a goodly chunk of mine in there. It's only after digging a little deeper do we see what lurks.

Who are these guys?
These days, instead of guessing if an album will be enjoyable, I just preview everything to me which is why I'm so far behind....

Poland's Furia, doesn't show their crazy for the whole world to see either.

For lack of any other terms, and because it's fun to name genres, these chaps are the forerunners of Progressive Avant Garde Polish Black Metal.

They are stream of consciousness prog. There seems to be no path they follow, but where their fingers lead them.

Dulcet tones are interspersed with solos that have all of the subtlety of a car crash.

The vocals are powerful and sparse. When they come in, they do that rare thing, they push the music forward. It takes the strength of Theseus to drive this music.

Furia's latest album covers more ground than Ferdinand Magellan and will never leave the listener bored. Even on the second listen, it's just as unpredictable as the first.

Release: 11/14/16
Genre: Avant Garde Black Metal
Label: Pagan Records
Formats: CD/Digital/Vinyl (released in December 2016)

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