Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Top Ten of 2016 #3: David from Season of Arrows

David from Season of Arrows had a hard time lining up his favorite ten records from 2016, so he pulled a Danny and did 25...
1) Monolord - Lord of Suffering/Die in Haze

Feel the slow sludgy doom fill your soul! Then add crystal clear haunting vocals over it.
2) Oathbreaker - Rheia

Hands down great album, think PJ Harvey meets Deafheaven
3) Russian Circles - Guidance Masterpiece of rhythms and precision as we expected. The emotional connection and musicianship is unreal!
4) Neurosis - Fires Within Fires Somehow they still continue to draw from the creative well. It's not their best album, but it's still really good!
5) Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas - Mariner This is a special record to me.
Many times when two unrelated bands get together and form a new band, it sucks. This is as dark and heavy as Cult of Luna's body of work, them you add the visceral screaming and singing from Julie Christmas. She was in Made out of Babies, Battle of Mice, and then went solo.
This is not an album for the faint of heart!
6) Every time I Die - Low Teens These dudes have been rejecting the underground hardcore scene for 15+ years.
This album takes all the things they have learned over the years and brings it together. It has your classic hardcore breakdowns, frantic fast party riffs and elements of good ole rock''roll too with melody.
7) True Widow - AVVOLGERE Cold. Slow. Hopeless. Desolate. It leaves you empty and wanting more. Love it when he harmonizes his voice with hers too. For fans of Low, Codeine, etc.
8 Graves at Sea - The Curse That Is Sludgy evil doomy creepy madness with thick as guitar riffs for days!
9) Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard - Y Proffwyd Dwyll Heavy slow doomy band, with sinister pleasant girl vocals laid over massive open riffs and hard hitting beats with some tasteful samples and noises to add an interesting layer to their sound.
10) Mantar - Ode to the Flame
Crazy German 2 piece band. It has a guitarist and drummer. Blends doomy, black metal and rock'n'roll and takes it to a new sounding place.
11) Meshuggah - The Violent Sleep Of Reason Doesn't stray far from what they have done on the past, but it still accurately slams.
12) Scorpion Child - Acid Roulette High energetic hard rock music the way it's supposed to be played. Led Zeppelin like feel to the vocals at times to me.
13) Slomatics - Future Echo Returns Dirty thick sludgy sound, for Fans of Electric Wizard, Weedeater, Bongzilla.
14) Sumac - What One Becomes

When you have Aaron on guitar/voice from ISIS & OMG, Brian Cook on bass from Botch, These Arms Are Snakes and fucking Russian Circles and Nick on drums from Baptists... you just can't go wrong. This record smashes you in the face over and over again like Negan!
15) Thrice - To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere

They have been blending rock, punk, hardcore, and incredible melody for years. This album is proof of that.
16) TYCHO - Epoch
Ambient down tempo music with slow hip hop influenced and 80s influenced beats. Awesome record to chill out at night.
17) Aesop Rock - The Impossible Kid
A slice of hip hop that stands out from the rest. Dude has been in the scene for years and deserves his props!
18) Inter Arma - Paradise Gallows Great metal record, balances the slow with the fast black metal like parts well. Very serious sounding album. Plus Mikey who recorded our album, made it sound HUGE!
19) Gojira - Magma France answer to innovative metal, lots of intense off time riffs.
20) Cough - Still They Pray Features members of Windhand and it's great.
21) Nails - You Will Never Be One Of Us One of the harshest albums I've heard in a long time. No frills just full total onslaught.
22) Conan - Revengeance
23) Sub Rosa - For This We Fought The Battle Of Ages Pounding early slow Melvins riffs with delicate female vocals over the top. Sad and heavy album as the title suggests.
24) Amon Amarth - Jomsviking Tried and true master of melodic harsh Swedish metal sound, been a fan for years of these guys!
25) Boyfrndz - Impulse Their sound is kind of hard to describe, think early At the drive-in, Jawbox meets radio head sounding vocals at times. Busy sounding with creative song writing arrangements.

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