Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Top Ten of 2016 #1: Rob Rom of Static Tension

Rob Rom of Static Tension gives us the following:

2016 was a tough year for this topic. This year saw 3 releases that had me begging for more, a few that were good but released so recently that I've had little time to get familiar, and then a handful that were decent but didn't stand up to the band's previous releases.  

This year had me digging and comparing to come up with my results, and this is a list of my results. 

10) Gojira Magma

These guys blow my mind, the older I get. The more I sway towards traditional metal, I make an exception for these guys. Very technical and over-the-top at times, but the vocals are always excellently done and the songs are catchy as hell, although this album cannot replace From Mars to Sirius.

It is still a phenomenal album.

9) Neurosis Fires Within Fires

 I've always loved the feel of this band... 

A dredging desperation pours through their music. There hasn't been a bad album and this years release shows that they still have it.

8) Melvins Basses Loaded

I shouldn't have to say much about the Melvins, they are very important band to me, and they inspired very many bands that we listen to today. 

Basses loaded features 6 bassists, and a few of them are among my favorite bassists. Krist novaselic of Nirvana, Trevor Dunn of Mr.Bungle, and Jarred Warren of Big Business just to name a few! 

More than interesting.

7) Helmet Dead to the World

This band is fantastic, whether it be old stuff like "strap it on" or newer stuff like "size matters", I'm always sold on them. 

A lot of people dislike Page Hamilton's voice as of late, but I still think this band holds their own.

6) Ghost Popestar
 Although this EP contains a song that I can't stand, the other tracks make up for it tremendously.. 

Featuring one original and 4 covers, Popestar was just enough to keep me satisfied between last years Meliora and whatever is to come. 

One of my favorite modern bands, cool imagery, great lyrics and tunes that are catchy enough to grace a pop radio station.

5) Pelander Time

This album may have made it higher on my list and I enough time to listen to it since it's release which was just a few days ago. 

Magnus Pelander of the band Witchcraft pulls out his 70s sound for what is promising to be one of THE best albums of the year for me.

4) Red Fang Only Ghosts

It's hard to go wrong with a red fang album. 

These guys just straight out rock! I have enjoyed every album so far and this one is one of the big releases this year. If you haven't heard this band, I recommend you check them out. 

Enough said.

3) Asteroid III

These guys split a few years back, sadly after releasing one of the best rock albums I have ever heard, but now they are back together and just released one even better than the last. 

They are a bit more obscure in the U.S. Then most of the bands that they came up with. This three-piece definitely deserves your attention.

2) Big Business Command Your Weather

I saw all these guys open for tool years ago and was sorely disappointed in them. 

But of course I was waiting for tool.... Years later I came acrossed a track and have been a fan ever since. These guys are currently a two-piece, a bassist/vocalist and a drummer. 

Awesome songs, unorthodox vocals and a tornado of insane drumming.

Such a great album. I can't seem to turn this one off.

1) Witchcraft Nucleus

My favorite album of 2016 goes to witchcraft, and they blew it away with their fifth studio release Nucleus.  As a vocalist, I cannot say enough about Magnus's vocals. 

The songs have a classic feel with a mix of a more modern rock feel. I still listen to this album at least once a day, well-deserved as the number one spot in my list!


  1. Impressive you're able to reduce down to even this many, Nik, thanks!

    1. Oh, these aren't my words or my choices. There's at least one artist on here that I genuinely don't like.

      These are guest posts.