Thursday, November 3, 2016

Throwback Review: "Until Hell Freezes Over" by Eterno

Until Hell Freezes Over
Well, the fight between the mailman and myself has ended.

Upon arriving home the other day, there was a note that a package being delivered to my house required a signature. So, being the adventurous sort, I signed it and taped it to my mail slot.

This is kind of my signature move when it comes to packages and it's always yielded positive results, meaning, the package was on my doorstep the next day.

This time though there was nothing there the next day. After several phone calls to the local USPS office, it came to light the package was in the back and it wasn't the record I'd been awaiting.

So, two days later, it was finally in my hands! These CDs came to me all the way from Latvia. That's a first. As our physical policy is to at least listen to every one, I'm adding a new column for physical promos that aren't quite current, throwback reviews.

This album came to me with no information. No press release.

Nothing at all.

From some detective work, I determined from whence it came.

So, this band was a total mystery to me, apart from a vague release date and a classic looking album cover.

The album cover, turned out to be pretty apt. Musically, Eterno started off pretty hot and heavy...well fast and heavy.

The vocals were strong and that tenor breaking early to mid thrash was well known for, think Exodus.

A great guitar tone is what held my interest, but as the album goes on, there's some mid to low tempo surprise songs there.

The attempted Rob Halford screams are noticeably absent and the guitar solos begin flying. Instead of high octane thrash riffing, there's some nice bouncing grooves.

Eterno is certainly not a one trick pony and they've got plenty up their sleeves. It would sure be nice to hear from them again.

Release: 2013
Genre: Metal
Label: Sliptrick Records

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