Wednesday, November 2, 2016

EP Review: "EP 2" by Del Caesar

EP 2
My house is a bastion of nerdy oddities of all stripes. From our classic bookwormishness to my personal vinyl and retro video game collections.

Frankly my daughter has absolutely zero chance of growing up outside of all the nerd cultures.

Lately, my family has been taking in the Harry Potter Universe. My little lovely has finally taken to young Mr. Potter as she has with Star Wars.

After reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, it's easy to be reminded of Delores Umbridge's speech. She explains that progress for the sake of progress should be discouraged.

That speech was meant to turn the reader against her, but have we gotten to the point where we progress solely for the sake of progression? Years ago, the singer in my band wouldn't purchase CDs, because it was too easy to skip bad songs. So, he only purchased cassettes.

Del Caesar
Let's posit that he was correct.

With the Compact Disc and now the digital album, it would appear that we progressed solely to progress.

However, not all is lost.

What made guitar music wonderful is still in existence. It's yet to go extinct.

Enter a group of Brooklynites and suspected hipsters, Del Caesar.

EP 2 is one of those things that feels like a historical document, but unlike those viewed in Galaxyquest, these are from the past and quite possibly our future. Have we just ripped open the space time continuum?

Moving on.

Del Caesar look to the 60's for their inspiration. Remember when Long Playing albums were rare? When rock music was just starting to drop the roll? When San Francisco was the mothership of a burgeoning movement.

Del Caesar remembers.

They're not simply aping Jefferson Airplane or Big Brother and the Holding Company. Much more like Hollis Brown, they're taking a style of music that once was and sorting through their own experiences and fingers.

The slanted vocals, the jangly chords, the subtle feelings of peace and love....It's all here.

Release: 11/11/16
Genre: Jangle Rock
Label: Reheated Spaghetti

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