Monday, November 7, 2016

LP Review: "Get Radical" by Turbo Shokk

Get Radical
When my great awakening happened, Led Zeppelin had only been broken up for a year, Black Sabbath was still touring with Ronnie James Dio, and Kiss was still wearing their trademark(ed) face paint.

Five years later, when my music library started, the idea of classic rock began to surface. The canonization of bands was moving forward and growing rapidly.

Jimi Hendrix was no longer just an amazing guitarist and artist, but he was golden god who was taken from us too soon.

During the 80's, there were all sorts of throwbacks to these eras. Poison built an entire career off of ripping off Kiss licks.

Now, as the millennials come of age in the world, who are their elder statesmen? Surely they're familiar with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, but the music of the 80's, that's what the youngers are going to remember.

Turbo Shokk
You'll never hear an unkind word from this blogger about Hair Metal.

This was the current music of my day. Bon Jovi, Poison, Slaughter, Y&T, Warrant, Skid Row, and the rest.

Though my musical focus has always shifted, no matter how heavy, how metal, or how pretentious I became about music, hair metal has always been fun.

As Poison is now reaching pension age and Steel Panther is reaching an audience, it's only fitting that we start seeing others return to this movement.

Steel Panther, admittedly is a parody, has always turned me off because they're a parody. A parody of hair metal is just too silly.

Enter Turbo Shokk. There's no attempt to reinvent the wheel. They're just playing the music that, presumably, they found in their parents' record collection. (My wife's record collection contains at least 2 hair metal LPs...originals, not reissues!)

The vocals are a bit gritty and the tenor notes are pushed to bursting, as the genre requires. The guitar riffs are smooth as a line of coke, and the solos just as manic!

Much like Led Zeppelin playing blues standards, Turbo Shokk is taking the art of the hair band and returning it to the world of the living without making fun of it or pissing on it.

If you've got 80's period attire in your closet, go ahead and preorder this.

Release: 12/2/16
Genre: Hair Metal
Label: Edgewood Arsenal
Formats: CD/Digital

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