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Interview: Six-Score Talks Grindcore

There's that oft ignored little chunk of extreme metal, Grindcore or Grind.

Perhaps it's just me that ignores it. In the over 700 reviews, interviews, etc on Glacially Musical, Grindcore makes up less than five total posts.

Well, let's make up for that by hearing what Six Score out of Austria has to say.

Glacially Musical: Guten tag, herren. I hope today finds you well.

Six Score: Hi, thanks a lot for being interested in us! It's a pleasure for us to answer your questions!

GM: Grind is something I'm not personally too familiar with. Tell me what grind is.

SIX-SCORE: Grind is the hard version of Punkmusic. The content of real Grindcore is political and critical and should lead us to think about all different processes which are embedded in this cruel world. 

It breaks with conforming approaches of this capitalist neoliberal system of states with their hegemonial racist, sexist, repressive structures. Grindcore should let us think about alternatives to change this system. Grind is resistance, Grind is riot, Grind is revolution, Grind is not music from musicians. Grind is made by guys who are pissed of this world and not by music students with an approach to make money and earn a lot of attention.  

The sound of Grindcore is hard and a mixture of Hardcore, Punk and Death Metal. But it can cover much more of genres, it only depends on how you arrange the structure of a song. Mostly you combine blastbeats, D-beats and technical demanding catchy groove-parts.

GM: Despite my spectacular greeting in German, my German is quite limited. Tell me the story of one of the tunes that has a German name, and the English translation.

SIX-SCORE: I try to translate the Lyrics from the Song “Stadt der Ausgrenzung”.
Title “Stadt der Ausgrenzung” means: City of exclusion. 

(The neoliberal City in this world - near every city - has processes of social selection. Criterias are mostly racist and economic)

Cities as generators. Scenery of inequality. You are lost. The City - the place of exclusion, not for hope. To force somebody to his or her knees, to marginalize. Filtered into ghettos. Neurotic consumption boosts the machine of the city - the pathologic growth boom.

→ We don’t want to say that it is better to live in the rural area. In this world we have to deal with the process of urbanisation. That means more and more people move into the cities to find their way to live, but in the rural area we speak about urban sprawl. 

That means the people see their self as (urban)citizens but they live on the countryside where one white box (house) stands to the next as far as you can see. Thats causes the consumption of big areas and the people are forced to use their cars to get to their boring jobs in the cities. This acting is polluting our living environment (air, climate,..) and it even needs a lot of area for streets, parking places and small houses where our nature could be. 

The world will be killed by us!

GM: What's the grind album that made you think, I want to do that.

SIX-SCORE: Helvete from Nasum. Nasum is obviously one of the greatest grindcore-band for us because it’s the reason why we all started doing Grindcore and following the passion as a D.I.Y. Band.

Especially the sound of the song “Scoop” from the album “Helvete” which we also covered and released on our album “Lebensräume” as a hidden Track.

Also the album “Remote” from “Gadget” is a genius dark version of Grindcore, which brought us closer to merging spheric dystopian parts with Grindcore. You can listen to this album again and again without getting bored.

GM: When you heard it, was it a case of I don't know what that is, but I want to do it or did you get it straightaway?

SIX-SCORE: It was that moment like you find a secret treasure. We all knew hard music before but this sound was totally fresh for us in extreme music.

GM: Which Austrian bands do we need to know here across the pond?

SIX-SCORE: There are a lot of Bands in the D.I.Y. scene. 

If you like good Grindcore or Powerviolence then you definitely should listen to “Distaste”, “Prosperity Denied” or “Strafplanet” if you like Bands in a more crusty way you will not get past on “Atta”, “Indoctrinate”, “Krösus”.  

GM: What's the farthest you've been from home playing your music?

SIX-SCORE: We were only touring in surrounding countries of austria. In kilometers i think it was Hamburg (Ger) or Amsterdam (NL). 

But we definitely want to leave this continent to tour in Asia, US or for whatever we will get the possibility.

GM: Tell me what the five most important albums of all time are.

Two Albums I mentioned before.
“Helvete” from “Nasum” and
“Remote” from “Gadget”.

Band: Rotten Sound   Album:  Murderworks

Grindcore in your face. Blast-beats without compromise. Kai did an awesome job on the drums, the production is pretty fixed on the drums, the mixture of straight guitar riffing and its rusty tone, Keijo’s lovely singing voice combines this masterpiece to a bomb.


Band: Distaste   Album: Of Abyss-Hearts and Falsity

Our brothers in grind. Armin, an old friend of us - inspired us a lot with his big mouth, many heavy music and band tips when the most of us were young teenagers. 

But his own band with their stunning songs from the album of “Abyss-Hearts and Falsity” was one of the things which accompanied us on every portable music player and I incorporated it on many many ways in our lives for years! And until now, we always love to hear their new stuff too! Great to share the stages with them and getting stupid every time.

Band: Afgrund   Album: Vid Helvetes Grindar

When I saw Afgrund at “Obscene Extreme Festival” 2009 they presented their album “Vid Helvetes Grindar”. 
Finest swedish three piece grindcore and it let me feel like I’m in grindcore-heaven. The perfect mixture of hardcore-punk and insane blastbeats pushed me into the pit. 

I was totally stunned about “Vid Helvetes Grindar” album after I loved their album “Svarta Darga” that much too.

GM: When it comes to rock bands or country bands, I picture parents proudly showing off their kids' music to their friends, but when it comes to extreme metal and rap, it's a bit harder to see that. What's your parents' reaction been?

SIX-SCORE: Hahaha. They always say: the music is good but why must the singer always scream? 

My answer: Hard music need hard vocals. And we do not make music that's the reason why do not need clean singing parts.

GM: Tell us what I didn't ask.

SIX-SCORE: It´s sad to see that the people, which are visiting our concerts are growing old with the bands. Young people are rare to find in the scene. 

That's a problem, because this world need to have new generations which are critical to make our living room (world) to a better place.

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