Monday, November 21, 2016

Split EP Review: "Split" by Shroud Eater and Dead Hand

The split EP.

Today we're taking a look at the first of a few of these that are coming down the pipe that, well, even with my personal aversion to them, cannot be passed over.

Doom/Stoner/Sludge/Horror/Whatever Metal is something that's really turning my wheels in this day and age.

Black Sabbath is what started my journey in to metal, well started the serious journey anyway. At the ripe old age of 9, The Road Warriors were using Iron Man as their entrance tune.

Little did I know, my best friend Tom, had Black Sabbath's Greatest Hits on cassette tape. Well, needless to say, hearing that tape really started me down the right path. Though, I'd been a fan of music for a few years prior to that, this awakening is what took me.

Dead Hand
The split starts off with Dead Hand's Guaiacol.

This track is something that goes into strange new places for metal.

Sadly, there is no burping on the tracks, but there are some great thunderous passages and others bordering on the ethereal.

Long time fans of metal won't find themselves missing out on the long shreds of old. Dead Hand gets their point across through melody and dichotomy.

Dead Hand just plows forward and takes no prisoners on their way across the plains.


Side B of this split EP has a feature, and that is Shroud Eater.

Their track, Destroy the Monolith, is six minute masterpiece that goes from shouty, to grindy, and back to shouty.

Many might think they'd head off into a different direction, but they gave us all a miss and went straight back.

Truly great sludge metal  never does anything more than slowly forging the canyon.

That's what this track does. The pauses in the riffs, the pained vocals, and the telegraphing of the music. It's going to bore past your earhole into your brain.


Split Release: 11/25/16
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Southern Druid

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  1. Thanks for the kind words on the split. I'd like to point out though that Shroud Eater are on side A and my band Dead Hand is on the B side.