Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Top Ten of 2016 #2: Shawn Pelata of Final Sign

I must confess, I didn't buy a lot of 2016 albums this year. I heard some great music. There are so many great heavy metal bands out there that it gets harder and harder every year to keep up!

Not that I'm complaining, mind you. It's amazing that Heavy Metal's so alive and vibrant these days. 

But I'm an old guy and I tend to gravitate to old bands. Haha! As you will see, there are a lot of familiar names on my list.

These are the 2016 albums that really stood out to me among the ones I did buy.

Metal Church XI

- Mike Howe returns and the band is once again firing on all cylinders! Definitely my favorite album of the year!

Helstar Vampiro

- James Rivera and Larry Barrigan continue their streak of stellar metal releases...love this album!

Vicious Rumors Concussion Protocol

- New singer, same VR attitude! Love this band and this album slays!

Bewitcher Bewitcher
- Raw, Venom-infused thrash from the Pacific Northwest! Surprise of the year for me.

Widow Carved In Stone
- Fellow NC headbangers! Love these guys and this new album is a fantastic display of true heavy metal!

Sorcerer Black EP
- Swedish doom metal monsters! Amazing vocals from Anders Engberg!

Spellcaster Night Hides The World
- Lots of heavy metal bands from the Portland area these days, and Spellcaster is among the best! Excellent album!

Fates Warning Theories Of Flight
- Long running favorite band of mine. Truly one of the last prog metal bands I give any real time to anymore and they always manage to impress. Great album!

Candlemass Death Thy Lover EP
- Love Candlemass and have for ages! This EP with Mats Leven on vocals seems a bit more upbeat (for Candlemass, anyway), but that could be due to Leven's penchant for melody.

Cauldron In Ruin
- Canadian NWOTHM band once again proves its mettle! Killer album!


  1. Hey man, some really good stuff. Do check out this year's Necromancing The Stone! You'll be amazed! Death Angel's The Evil Divide is also worth listening to. Cheers, Paul