Have A Nice Trip by Evil Triplet 10/30/19

Je Suis Africain by Rachid Taha 10/29/19

The Color of Sound In Space by Ghost:Hello 10/28/19

Into The Empty by Lamassu 10/14/19

A Message of Love by Nazi Gold 10/02/19

Beauty Salon by The Crack Pipes 9/18/19

Paws of a Bear by Sofia Talvik 9/10/19

Carmelo Torres y Los Toscos by Carmelo Torres y Los Toscos 9/04/19

This Difference Engine by Graham Reynolds 8/22/19

There Is No Feeling Better by Mike Adams At His Honest Weight 8/6/19

Village Creep EP by Leechfeast 7/29/19

Lebe Dich Leer by Cathedrals 7/8/19

Fallen Cathedrals by Ashen Horde 7/1/19

Fight The World by Motive 6/17/19

Chooch by Walking Bicycles 4/29/19

Punish The Stars by Archons 4/22/19

All Tree by Hexvessel 4/2/19

Victim/Nonvictim Pt. 1 by Quin Galavis 01/28/19

Shadows From The Past by Lords of the Trident 01/02/19

Belly of the Whale by Ambassador 12/21/18

Terasoma by Avantist 12/19/18

Exhalants by Exhalants 12/18/18

Burn Barrell by  Skin of the Earth 12/17/18

Pyramid of Skulls EP by Skeleton 12/10/18

Short of Popular by Cherubs 12/03/18

Smalltown, Midwest, USA by The New Old Fashioned 11/19/18

Dope Rider by Kurokuma 11/12/18

Wants You Dead by Junkpile Jimmy 10/29/18

Top of the World and Confused  by Sam Huber 10/22/18

Impossible Orbits by Dephosphorus 10/08/18

Well Kept Things by Foxhole 9/24/18

Daisy's Beauty Salon by Very Be Careful 8/31/18

Anomie by Violet Cold 8/23/18

The Tomicks by The Tomicks 7/10/18

A Line Cook's Guide To New Satanic Empires by Mike Nicolai 7/05/18

Avantist by Avantist 6/27/18

Sealed Shut by Haunting 6/13/18

Unzip The Horizon by Moira Smiley 5/23/18

Sorry For Being Sexy by Formosa 5/9/18

Long Way Back To The Moon by Galactic Cowboys 1/17/18

Trust No One by The Mons 1/8/18

The LowSwing Sessions by Reema 01/03/18

Last Bastion of Cowardice by Northless 12/15/17

Plays One Sound Then The Others by Knife In The Water 9/29/17

Unlawful Assembly by Dawn Ray'd 9/24/17

The Mess We Made by Tomas Doncker and the True Groove All Stars 9/10/17

Clean Feeling by PLAX 8/27/17

II by Breag Naofa 8/20/17

Errors by Absolutely Not 8/13/17

Split LP by Cloud Rat and Disrotted 7/2/17

The Battery Line by Quin Galavis 6/18/17

Ti Bon Ange by Suspirians 6/11/17

Lunatic Locust Asylum by Sober Truth 6/5/17

You Know I Loved It by Nyiko 5/28/17

Construct by Archivist 5/21/17

2AM. Chinatown by Julian Jasper 5/14/17

Microwave Dreams by John Wesley Coleman III 5/7/17

Hell Comes To Life by Death of Kings 4/30/17

My Life In Steel and Concrete by Quin Galavis 4/23/17

My Bones Hold A Stillness by VRTRA 4/16/17

Reproduction by Knife In The Water 4/9/17

Split by Cloud Rat/Moloch 4/2/17

The Flesh Is Weak James Chance and the Contortions 3/26/17

otherworld by eviL tripLet 3/19/17

Transona Five by Transona Five 3/12/17

Straight To Hell by Horace Andy 2/26/17

Abominable by Telekinetic Yeti 2/19/17

Suna Kulto by Dakhma 2/12/17

Freedays by Tall Tall Trees 1/29/17

Into the Kingdom of Graves by Tyrants Blood 01/22/17

III: Metachthonia by Thrawsunblat 01/01/17

Endless Descent by Junior Bruce 12/18/16

Magician by Vaudevileins 12/11/16 Self Destruct by Metallica 11/27/16

MC Chris Is Dreaming by MC Chris 11/20/16

Where The Merfalo Roam by Into The Storm 11/13/16

The Face of Collapse by Dazzling Killmen 11/06/16

Necronomidonkeykongimicon by Goblin Cock 8/19/16

Blue Funk by Labors 9/30/15

Brace The Wave by Lou Barlow 9/02/15

Totem by Hiders 7/22/15

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