Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Vinyl Review: "Sorry For Being Sexy" by Formosa

Sorry for being sexy
It's time to bring you into my process a little bit to help differentiate my regular reviews from the vinyl ones.

The vast majority of the albums I review are via digital promos, i.e. downloads, streams, whathaveyou and obviously, that's totally cool as you may have noticed how many have been posted over the nearly Six Years of Glacially Musical.

When the digital reviews are done, I'm sad to say, the records are typically streamed through my shitty desktop PC speakers.

As Glacially Musical isn't paying my bills, concessions have to be made and it's important to balance my life. This site is an avocation and a labor of love.

When we started the vinyl reviews back in 2016, it never occurred to me how different it might be listening to these bands' albums on my personal stereo system. If you've been reading the vinyl interviews, you know about my home setup.

My sitting room is where the vinyls are spun, 99% of the time. Records are placed onto the platter of a turntable manufactured by Pioneer in the 1970's.

The sound then travels into a very modern preamp which was made to power the turntable as it connects into my receiver, which has no Phono input.

My Sony receiver then sends those delightful sounds into a set of 5 way speakers dating back to the Seventies produced by Japan. (I forget the name...sorry!)

It's not the perfect vinyl system, but it's a damn sight better than how I listen to digital reviews. It's important to keep the vinyl reviews pure. When the offer is accepted to review an album via the disc, I refuse to listen to any more of it than I've already heard.

Now, Formosa, to me, they were an interesting band from Germany. They've got accents and a quirky sense of humor.

Their music wasn't bad by any stretch, but was it worth my consideration? As arrogant as that sounds, it's about how an album moves me, affects me, and would I be telling my close friends about this disc?

Sorry for being sexy...honestly was about 50/50. It could really go either way in terms of it. My stance is review the quality ignore the crap. I'm not trying to spread the word of bad music.

So, after getting into a proper German frame of mind, about three beers, I cracked open another beer in order to pair this record Music is best listened to with a beer.

Once the record started spinning...good lord the record sounded amazing. It has the same sort of aural pop as listening to Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd, and Black Sabbath after hearing them for decades on CD and digital.

Sorry for being sexy is the best sounding vinyl album I've heard since the vinyl reviews started. As for the recording, I can't speak to it, but without knowing any better, and we'll find out soon enough, this thing must have been recorded in a dusty old studio featuring an old union engineer named Vito who probably didn't speak the same language as the band.

(Just calling it like I see it....also get pizza at Vito's in St. Louis.)

Interestingly enough, even though I've personally posted TWO videos of their songs, I couldn't place them while listening to this record. This LP sounds so vastly different to the digitized counterparts.

So, what was a possible throwaway band and album, morphed into this amazing, feel good record that soothed my soul and begged me to drink more. After I listened to it, that night, my wife was regaled with tales of how amazing it was.

Me: That was such a great album.

Her: What album?

Me: The one the Germans sent me!

It's hard to categorize Formosa outside of generic terms. They play hard rock. If you like solos, they got solos. In fact, they've got anything you like.

Especially if you like bands like Kiss, but wish they had legit musicianship and a legit sense of humor. Not only are the songs great, but they're funny.

When I first listened to this album, you know what I was going through personally, but the next time life gives me lemons via blowgun to the stomach...

I'm going to pull a couple three beers out of the beer fridge and put this record on the turntable because that'll be enough to pull me out of the dumps way better than cold gin ever could.

Release: 3/3/18
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Sweepland Records

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