Thursday, May 10, 2018

Video: "Eternal Clash" by Ancient Oak Consort

In times such as these, it's critical that we are able to turn off our negative feelings.

Were you aware that science has concluded that metalheads are the most rational, best smelling, and best handlers of their negative emotions? Well, it's true, because of science.

If you're thinking about how you don't like metal as much as others, but you'd certainly enjoy being one of the best smelling people on planet earth, here's a great way for you to improve your personal musk: Ancient Oak Consort.

This song is appropriately metal and exceedingly melodic. Also, for you Literature Majors, I'm going to give you a hint, the change from color to black and white footage, that means something.

In the meantime, PREORDER Hate War Love.

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