Monday, May 21, 2018

LP Review: "Bones In The Fire" by Thought Eater

Bones In The Fire
Do you ever have the problem of not knowing where to start?

It's kind of like that feeling I have now. In my early 40's, I'm trying to get more active.

After living the life I have, now it's about finding a way to improve the quality of my life without causing serious harm to my already harmed knees.

So, that's kind of where I'm at with my review of Thought Eater's full length debut. (They did a split with Iron Jawed Guru a couple of years go as well.)

Nothing of what I've said up there, to me, is a statement on Thought Eater's record, but it's harder to take my standard approach with this album than with others. Listening to Bones In The Fire is different than most other instrumental albums out there.

The obvious comparison point is Karma To Burn.

Can anyone tell if someone has already made that point?

There's serious riffing that sounds like a Les Paul plugged straight into a Marshall on ten...but then it appears they decided they wanted to do things that Karma To Burn doesn't do...

Like long arpeggio sections.

When you get knee deep into Covenant you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

That extended arpeggio passage really explains what Thought Eater means to me. They're a progressive instrumental band.

So, the long songs, the large amounts of changes, those are there, but it's missing the frequent changes in genre, but we'll accept that.

But let's get back to their passages. They're an instrumental band, so all the parts are conveyed musically.

Have you ever wondered about how an instrumental act names anything? Thought Eater has perfectly named this album. Each song and each passage flow, slowly and hang around just a little bit too long.

There's a discomfort there. Much like watching bones in a fire. Wood burns quickly, Thought Eater would probably tell you that it burns too quickly.

Release: 5/18/18
Genre: Prog Metal
Label: Grimoire Records

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