Monday, May 7, 2018

LP Review: "Blood Oracle" by Morgengrau

Blood Oracle
In four or five years, it will be interesting to look back on this time to see what the reviews were like.

Full disclosure, my cat died this past week.

This is the first thing I've written since then. Yes, she was just a cat, but she was my cat. My special cat.

So, there's a hole in my soul that's cat shaped right now.

The best thing right now to do with this information, naturally, is to think about brutal death metal and submerge myself into that realm of black death right?

Well, in true metal fashion, that's precisely what we are doing today. The great beyond and the grim reaper, they can go to hell, fuck right off, or use your particular favorite euphemism.

We're having fun.
Morgengrau is clearly trying to trick everyone that hears their name and their music.

Let's start off by mentioning that these death dealers are from Texas and then they're playing Norther European Death metal.


Now, the name of the band comes from guitarist and vocalist, Erika Morgengrau.

Apparently, they're continuing the longstanding tradition of naming a band with one of the bandmembers' last name. It's impossible for me to say if Morgengrau is the leader of Morgengrau, but I'd stake my reputation on it.

(As a Grade D Nobody, my reputation is kind of worthless anyway, so I can only come out ahead in that deal.)

It didn't occur to me earlier, but naturally, the Texas Quartet is from Austin, TX. Well, Morgengrau is clearly doing their part to keep Austin weird. Frankly, this whole thing is weird.

Erika (we're going to abandon the AP Stylebook here just so you know when we mean the singer rather than fthe full band), like Angela Gossow, doesn't sound any different than any other death metal vocalist, so there's nothing there to give any hints.

Couple that with the lack of a press photo...

Blood Oracle is a thick and nasty album that is just what I needed at the time. There's a mastery of dynamics, a nod to tradition, and some damned fine songwriting over the course of the record's eight tracks.

Don't miss out.

Release: 6/22/18
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Unspeakable Axe Records

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