Sunday, March 19, 2017

Double Vinyl Review: "otherworld" by eviL tripLet

Please allow me to wax nostalgic for a moment. To most of my readers, and to my most frequent contributor Danny, Glacially Musical seems like an extremely glamorous endeavor!

Well, there was a time in the past, most likely before you ever read the words on this page when I was simply writing about the music I discovered rather than brand new music from the labels, artists, and management folks themselves.

You may notice that this year already has more posts than the first two combined and I'll top number three in a matter of weeks. As we barrel towards our 1,000th post, let me tell you a bit about what it's like to be the gatekeeper of this most prestigious and world renowned blog.

It's world renowned because I get sent stuff from literally every hemisphere. Often times not even swearwords directed at me. When this whole thing started, it was me writing about the music I purchased. So, there were very little negative things to say, because I typically vet my purchases quite well.

eviL tripLet
So, one of the things that became abruptly changed for me was when I was no longer vetting the albums for review more than just reading an email, or once in a blue moon in the early days, opening an envelope.

Naturally, it was satisfying when Steve Vai or Royal Thunder really tickled my fancy.

Though, finding Wax Fang's The Astronaut was more rewarding. Seriously, if you didn't click those lines, thank you. Those were the EARLY days.

One of my greatest superpowers is being able to find things once they've been lost. My wife has referred to me as the Camerons' official finder....and that's true.

Second only to that, is my ability to pair people up to music that they'll enjoy. My current success rate is around 93.8%. My latest failure at pairing my friend to the Vaudevillians  took down my average just a touch. but my friend was wrong, not me.

Let's get to it. eviL tripLets.

Hey, it was spelt that way on the van. I'm very observant! So, you ask them their name, and most likely they'll say....there are some who call us...

eviL tripLets.

They are an unusual bunch. These albums usually come in the aforementioned two flavors. There are a couple of other flavors, but let's just stick with the one flavor that we are tasting today. The music that I totally though I'd nailed, but didn't even come close.

As eviL tripLets were featured on cvlt nation, it's easy to assume they are seriously out there metal, and they are, sometimes. Other times, they're cut from the same cloth as Iron Butterfly, except it's the part of the cloth that's awesome and not just a you know...Iron Butterfly is.

Side A is straight up DOOM metal. It comes across easily as first generation doom metal, or proto-doom metal, but let's not get bogged down in specific sub-genres.

Because if we really wanted get technical, they're Blackened Proto-Desert Rock on Acid...which is a thing right?

Side two is where they depart from that idea and head off into a popper direction. Now, let's think about where this review is going.

Let's leave it at this, eviL tripLets are more than just a group of guys who aren't sure about when and when not to capitalize letters. They're a stripped down group of musical craftsmen who're willing to take you on a musical journey through time and space itself.

If you can achieve an altered state of consciousness during the trip, (see the PUN!) all the better.

Super Secret Records has again delivered packaging that's maintaining their high standard. Though there is no vinyl platter cover, we can deal. the discs are heavy. They feel as sturdy as 78's would be if they didn't shatter on the ground.

But these feel just that substantial. Even with 180 gram being a standard size, many of them don't feel the same as others and some feel of an above average quality. The eviL tripLet discs should be counted among the latter.

Again there is a heavy duty gatefold cover, as it should be if there are two discs in the package. So far, there' are only two in the library that break this rule, and when it's The Coup, it's pretty easy to forgive that.

These discs grooves are clearer than an muddied lake and an azure sky. Time will stand still for you.

Or you'll be back on an alternate timeline.

Either way.

Release: Out Now
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Super Secret Record
Formats: LP/Digital
LE: Unknown

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