Wednesday, March 29, 2017

LP Review: "Sacred" by The Obsessed

Welcome to a tale of little woe.

The best fringe benefit of this endeavor is that every single day I have the opportunity to experience music by bands I'm not familiar with.

More often than not, they are brand new or on their second or third albums. In today's case, we're cranking up an old school doom band.

Funny thing about this review, I asked a friend of mine if he'd heard of The Obsessed, as I hadn't. This unleashed a torrent of his fandom that left me a bit bewildered. This...I was not prepared for.

Two hours after his floodgates had opened, he was playfully calling me out on twitter for not jumping up right then to have streamed old albums on YouTube.

I was not prepared for this at all!

The Obsessed
Let's start off at the beginning.

It's funny that this album is my first impression of a long running band.

They're listed as a doom band, which will always perk my ears.

The Obsessed would be first generation Doom Metal, which would be second generation metal, but not NWOBHM, and certainly not Stoner Metal.

They could be Desert Rock, but no one's really explained to me what Desert Rock is if we're being totally honest.

What The Obsessed do and do well is riff. The Ozzy "inspired" vocals are nowhere to be found. There's not a deluge of psychedelic guitar riffs that'll wear out your Crybaby Wah.

There's beautiful musical interludes, some crying solos, and NWOBHM inspired vocals. All in all th is a bit of a strange band.

They were so early into the game that's it's kind of wrong to refer to them as Doom Metal, because they're more of a seriously sharp rock band than a mellow metal band.

The Obsessed is as much doom metal as Metallica is thrash metal because the hallmarks of both subgenres aren't wholly present in either band.

That's what makes this fun. It's a ride.

Release: 4/7/17
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Relapse Records
Formats: LP/Deluxe DLP/CD/Digital

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